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Charlie Villanueva expects to play this season and start practicing this week

David Mayo of MLive.com:

Detroit Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva said tonight that his ailing right ankle has improved significantly since he was ordered into partial immobilization and that he expects to play this season.

Villanueva said he expects to start making “basketball moves” later this week at the Pistons’ training facility.

“I didn’t think the chances were good that I’d be back this year at all,” Villanueva said. “But I’ve made a lot of progress.”

I wonder whether Charlie Villanueva still believes he’ll need surgery.


  • Feb 15, 201211:28 am
    by RyanK


    Anytime I him or read his comments, I just think: what a piece of @#%$
    I can’t stand him, his game, or his attitude.  Joe D really screwed it up signing him.  He’s taking the season off after a mysterious ankle injury…  You know he’d be out there if this was a contract year.
    I wish they’d figure out it was done with a contract voiding activity.  Step number one to improving this team is get rid of CV and use that money toward finding a defender/rebounder who can help us win games!

    • Feb 15, 201211:29 am
      by RyanK


      Anytime I SEE him or read his comments….

    • Feb 15, 201211:44 am
      by Dynamizer


      IIRC it’s not a mysterious injury. I was under the impression it was a combination of bone spurs and stretched ligaments in his foot. Bone spurs aren’t really something you can do to yourself, they grow on their own I believe. They can also be very painful. Could he play through it, maybe, but I’m not sure. It’s been a little bit since I read the article about this so I maybe off in my statements.

      That said, I don’t care if he plays at all this season. He adds nothing of what we need, which is a Unibrow of course.

  • Feb 15, 20121:30 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    YES!!!! Our bench offense is going to be deadly when Charlie V comes back…

    • Feb 15, 20122:06 pm
      by Tiko



      • Feb 15, 20124:19 pm
        by Laser


        Jodi Jezz was not being sarcastic.

        Meet Joid Jezz.

        • Feb 16, 201212:05 am
          by Jodi Jezz


          @Laser, you know me too well

  • Feb 15, 20123:01 pm
    by tarsier


    Should Detroit swap Charlie for Blatche?
    Should Washington do it?
    Blatche is undoubtedly more talented but is renowned for a bad attitude and both are on similar bad contracts but CV’s runs out sooner.

    • Feb 15, 20123:24 pm
      by neutes


      which one is signed longer? i don’t want that one.

      • Feb 15, 20124:21 pm
        by Laser


        I couldn’t care less. I’d swap ‘em.

      • Feb 15, 201211:48 pm
        by tarsier


        Wow, I love how you reply to a comment you can’t even take the time to read in entirety. It was part of my very, very brief trade analysis that Blatche is signed longer.

  • Feb 15, 20123:32 pm
    by Amin


    They should trade this piece of shit for Dwight Howard. this why the pistons could go back how they used to be in 2004-2007.
    starting line up:

    • Feb 15, 20124:22 pm
      by Laser


      Somebody make this guy our GM!

    • Feb 15, 20125:02 pm
      by Steve K


      CV for Howard straight-up, or do we also throw in Austin Daye?

      • Feb 15, 20125:19 pm
        by David


        Obviously we wouldn’t throw in Daye. We don’t wanna get shafted here.

        • Feb 15, 20126:26 pm
          by RyanK


          Maybe we can get their first round pick with the CV for Howard trade.

        • Feb 15, 201211:41 pm
          by tarsier


          yeah, can’t throw in Daye, but may have to throw in BG for Anderson to make salaries work.

    • Feb 15, 20125:50 pm
      by MrBlockedShot


      Okay, but next one should be Prince for Durant. It´s obvious  it makes sense. I´m wondering what the hell are the Thunder waiting for?

      • Feb 15, 201210:33 pm
        by gmehl


        Have i just stumbled across the puff puff give of reply comments here or what??? I was thinking after we trade CV for Howard and then Daye for Durant then the next logical move would be to trade Stuckey for Wade and there 2012, 2013 1st rounders.

  • Feb 15, 20125:06 pm
    by Sean Corp


    I’m not sure “basketball moves” is equal to “practicing.” I think it goes something like “basketball moves,” “basketball game shape,” “full-contact drills” “practice” “playing.”  

    In other words, I think he’s still got quite a ways to go before he steps onto the floor. I hope i’m wrong, though.

  • Feb 15, 20126:24 pm
    by Youssif


    A building block like Daye, with his ceiling, in addition to CV?? I knew Orlando’s asking price was high, but… we’re getting a little ridiculous here. *Maybe* we throw in BG with CV to make contracts work, but even that’s a bit lopsided in favor of Orlando…

    • Feb 15, 20126:27 pm
      by Youssif


      That was in reply to Amin.. comment got moved around in the back/forward process. 

      In all seriousness though, I hope this injury turns out to be contract voiding. And if it isn’t, I hope Joe D plants a mole within CV’s inner circle who gets him to do something contract voiding (but not threatening to CV’s overall well-being, of course). That would mean two bad contracts (Rip and CV) cut and we’d still have the amnesty left for this summer. Honestly, JD would deserve GM of the year if he managed to lose Rip, CV, and BG/Maxiell’s contracts within a year.

  • Feb 15, 20127:19 pm
    by frankie d


    scariest headline ever!

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