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Charlie Villanueva could play again soon, unless he doesn’t

Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press:

Monday night, Villanueva practiced with his teammates after not doing any running for two months and could be available by next week.

“I’m feeling real good; I went through the first 20 minutes of practice, non-contact, and felt pretty good,” said Villanueva, who has not played since a Jan. 4 loss against Chicago. “I’m taking it day by day from now on. I’m not trying to speed things up. I’m just working my way back into things.”

Dave Mayo of MLive:

Charlie Villanueva updated his personal health status on Monday, although there weren’t many new details and there remains no timetable for the Detroit Pistons forward to return.

Villanueva on Twitter:

Felt good earlier today being back in practice. I’m still not 100% but slowly getting there. Looking forward, staying positive #godshands

So … so much for a definitive update on his status, I guess. Villanueva certainly hasn’t endeared himself to Pistons fans since his arrival here, but with the Pistons in a position to use their amnesty clause next offseason, they will probably give Villanueva ample opportunities to play in the second half of the season to see if he can build up any semblance of value. If he can’t get back on the court, he’s making the amnesty decision a relatively easy one for the team, I would think.


  • Feb 28, 201211:53 am
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Charlie V is garbage.  I’m glad that the raptors got rid of him when they did.  It’s kind of messed up giving him the amnesty b/c he’s be taking the money and running.

  • Feb 28, 201212:13 pm
    by Gurman


    Hopefully we can trade Gordon at the deadline. Maybe package him with maxy or daye and then amnesty this bastard

  • Feb 28, 20122:02 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I wish we trade or amnesty him, we need somebody better for our roster. In my opinion he has not proved anything here but being a big with a decent shot from the arc (but the package comes with no defensive effort and no rebounds) I have not missed him since the start of the season and have the feeling there´s much more we can get if we trade him than if we keep him. Looking forward the deadline. But I wouldn´t surprise me if Dumars doesn´t make a move…

  • Feb 28, 20122:48 pm
    by Laser


    There are no easy amnesty decisions with this team. Not by a long shot.

    Our cap situation is so messed up that amnestying our largest contract (Gordon) doesn’t even give us any flexibility. So unless we clear cap space by trading whichever guy we don’t amnesty (between Gordon and Villanueva) or Tayshaun or some combination of players, there’s no point in paying somebody to go away. Better to hold onto them until they’re expiring and can perhaps offer something in that last year of their contract.

    I maintain that as long as we have Gordon on this roster, he’ll always be the leading amnesty candidate, just because of the sheer bulk of his contract and abject inability to earn all that money. The argument could be made for Villanueva, but a seven footer with his shooting range will always have some value, and his contract isn’t a killer. Shit, we’re paying Rip as much over this and next year TO GO AWAY as we’re paying Charlie in that same span.

    Still, I think that even though we have two of the worst contracts in the league on our books and two PRIME amnesty candidates, the most likely outcome is we amnesty nobody. It’s too much of an admission of Joe’s own failure by handing out those contracts and crippling the franchise, and there just isn’t much of anything to gain unless we move some other guys too.

    • Feb 28, 20123:01 pm
      by Tiko


      trade BG to Cavs for Hollins and Parker maybe throw in our 2nd
      trade Tayshaun to Lakers for Walton and a 1st
      amnesty CV

      our cap situation gets much better. this is a dream btw I will wake up once I click submit

      • Feb 28, 20124:23 pm
        by tarsier


        First trade should be worthwhile to the Cavs, although they may demand to 2nds. But they are being smart, being willing to acquire bad deals i fpicks come with them while rebuilding.

        I can’t see why the Lakers would take the second deal. They might give up a 2nd rounder or two for Prince because their window is now. But his contract is worse than Walton’s so they’d be idiots to give up more than that.

        I’d look for Prince for the Odom exception straight up. I’m not sure if that’s legal so the Lakers give the Pistons the option of swapping 2nd rounders (which they obviously decline).

    • Feb 28, 20124:19 pm
      by tarsier


      Well I guess what it should come down to (unless a move is really in the works) is whether Gordon earns the difference between his contract and Charlie’s (~$4M) more than CV does. If CV does nothing (worth $0), yeah, I’d take BG at a rate of $4M/yr. That’s a good deal for a player like him, not overwhelmingly so, but still worthwhile. Yeah, if you think Gordon is worth less than $4M then he should be the leading candidate. But I’m guessing the man most worth cutting is Charlie.

      • Feb 28, 20126:04 pm
        by swish22


        Charlie V,  what a signing!!   I’m not sure if I was in charge what I’d do with this guy!  Saw him play in the McDonalds all-star a number of years ago.  Not sure he’s improved anything but his 25 foot shot since then!  I guess you’re supposed to amnesty him but maybe you should let him shoot 15 times a game and try to create some value!  Watching him play is always torturous so a blindfold might be required to watch him on the defensive end.  Wins will be tougher to get with him in there but maybe that’s not all that bad draft wise!
        Our three guards have played pretty well together  and I’m not thinking were at a big disadvantage there against most teams.   Our weakness is still the same.  The front line is physically weak! with very little upside.  Those 3 guards haven’t had the luxurey of having a solid interior offense that helps loosen up the D for perimeter open looks!
        The obvious guys that should be shopped are Tay and Maxiel!  Certainly teams should have some interest there and we can only hope the GM makes a move that will actually help us in the future!  Jason has done a great job of getting fitter and playing hard this year but now is the time to get a younger asset!   Tay just doesn’t fit at all with our other pieces and his defense has slipped the last couple of years possibly because the physicality in the league is just so much higher than it was 4 or 5 years ago!!   Peace and…………………  
                                       RON PAUL!!!  2012—  The only honest guy in the hunt!!

      • Feb 28, 20126:27 pm
        by Laser


        I wouldn’t just boil it down to the difference between CV and BG’s production relative to their contracts. Neither one of these guys will ever produce enough to justify their paychecks, and neither one is going to be a part of the team’s future, so realistically they both gotta go. The real measure of which contract we should amnesty (if at all) is which one will be harder to move.

        And don’t forget that our depth is all at guard, and Gordon’s production is more easily replaced with the other itty bitty guards on the roster. Charlie might be a waste of skin, but at least he’s a 7 footer you can throw in a game for a few minutes here and there and see if he’s got it going. At his best, he offers something no other Piston does. And Gordon eats up so much damn cap space.

        Neither of these guys offers us cap relief, so I’m not sure there’s a pressing urge to amnesty them at all. Once Joe manages to figure out other ways of freeing up cap space, it makes no sense to amnesty anybody. No sense at all.

  • Feb 28, 20124:46 pm
    by Mark


    This just seems like another installment of the Pistons stalling tactic. They are just trying to get through the season w/o him and then amnesty him. Which I have no problem with.
    For him to miss all ths time with a sore ankle is absurd. He cant be injured still. This is just some periodic spin machine for those fans questioning where he is. I dont expect him to play for the Pistons again.

    If lucky, he gets traded, if not he just sits out and they amnesty him/

    • Feb 28, 20126:29 pm
      by Laser


      Well, you’ve certainly got it all figured out. These conspiracy theories are usually VERY sound.

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