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Brandon Knight has changed Rodney Stuckey’s mindset for the better

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News wrote a fantastic article on Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight that, even a few days late, is still worth reading:

basketball has seemed like a chore to Stuckey. He didn’t really enjoy the game. After all, nobody likes losing and combined with the turmoil he had a part in last season, it’s easy to see why there wasn’t much to smile about.

He was at odds with previous coach John Kuester, and there seemed to be two different yet distinctive teams in the Pistons locker room last season.

But Knight seems to have lit something inside Stuckey — in a positive way. He readily admits Knight has had an effect on him.

But there’s a more positive spirit, an infectiousness Knight has carried with him since arriving here. Knight is enthusiastic while not being braggadocios or disrespectful. It can’t help but permeate the rest of the team.

Perhaps Knight showed Stuckey how to be a consummate professional, simply with his work ethic.

"He’s a lot happier, and I think everybody can see it," one teammate said about Stuckey.

Stuckey speaks of Knight in a big-brother type of way, one that’s surprising considering Stuckey has seemingly shied away from being a leader.

Stuckey has already planned to workout  with Knight this summer. The pair has played pretty well together this season, even if Knight’s heavy minutes put more on Stuckey’s plate. Now it makes a little more sense why Stuckey hasn’t complained about that. Hopefully, the duo continues to grow together.


  • Feb 28, 201211:52 am
    by jake


    i had to look up “braggadocios” to make sure it was really a word hahaha.
    anyways, there definitely is a different feel to this team as a whole, not just stuckey. i think that has a lot more to do with frank moreso than knight, but even in their losses, it’s just nice to see a team that will compete to the end and have fun doing it.

  • Feb 28, 20122:22 pm
    by Max


    I didn’t know why but I’ve never seen Stuckey smile so often on the court as he does this year.

  • Feb 28, 20124:05 pm
    by Mark


    I had a dog once that was very energetic and lively when he was around a year old, but by the time he was 5 or 6, just got bored and probably a little lonely. Pretty much just layed around and did nothing. We then got a new puppy, and the 6 yr old dog was rejuvenated again.

    Not calling Stuckey/Knight dogs, but for lack of a better comparison, I see Knight having the same effect here on Stuckey.

  • Mar 2, 20128:46 pm
    by robertbayer


    You know …. Brandon Knight does play point guard .. and Stuckey does play shooting guard more this season .. and this could be why Stuckey is playing better?   … PSST .. Dont pass this comment on to Patrick Hayes .. He does not think Knight was drafted to be a point guard because Stuckey was not making it as a PG, and will get upset if he even hears this bit of reality. And the Pistons still do not have a Point Guard is his belief. And I could not help but noting that even in this little bit of blog, this relevant circumstance is not mentioned.   Come on Reporters,,, Report the truth .. and stop trying to hide  bad move Joe Dumars made such as being afraid to acknowledge Stucky is playing better as his role phases into more of a shooting guard role because
    Brandon Knight is getting better and better as a point guard (not without ups and downs but in general, yes, improving) Anyway,  I would like to assure Piston Powered readers
    that Brandon Knight is a point guard, and that is why the EFF he was drafted,
    because Rodney Stuckey has not worked out as a point guard, but is apparently
    playing better overall because he plays more of a shooting guard role this
    season. Why would it be so hard to say something that simple and that true?
    Because someone is afraid to
    make Joe look bad for not getting a point guard sooner. Good journalists are not
    cowards about reporting the truth. And our Piston team would have been better off if
    our Piston writers would tell it like is so Joe D would feel more pressure to
    fix mistakes and to not eff up in the first place.

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