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Ben Wallace sets games-played record by undrafted player in loss to Wizards

Ben Wallace played his first NBA game Nov. 1, 1996. In a very Wallace-like fashion, he had 10 rebounds, three steals, zero points and zero assists in 19 minutes for the Washington Bullets.

Today, against Washington, Wallace tied Avery Johnson for the most NBA games played by someone who went undrafted in the NBA and ABA (1,054). Only Moses Malone, who was drafted in the ABA, has played more games without being drafted by an NBA team (1,329).

Unlike that 1996 night in Orlando, where Wallace helped the Bullets to a four-point win, he couldn’t do much tonight. At 37, his best days are nearly as far behind him as they were in front of him in 1996. Wallace grabbed seven rebounds in 12 minutes, a skill that still at least resembles its place in his heyday. But Wallace’s defense has left him.

On a night he needed his teammates as much as ever, they came out flat. In a 98-77 loss, the Pistons play was the antithesis of Wallace’s prime.

The defeat will improve their lottery odds, a decent consolation. The draft, especially at the top, is still the best place to find talent.

But as Wallace reminds us, there are other ways.

Sluggish Greg Monroe loses battle of fundamentals vs. athleticism

Greg Monroe scored 27 points, the second best total of his career. He made 9-of-9 free throws, a personal-high for attempts during a perfect game from the line.

He obviously played well.

But he didn’t play as well as his numbers indicate.

He turned the ball over six times and allowed JaVale McGee (22 points on 10-of-13 shooting with 11 rebounds) to dominate. McGee is way more athletic than Monroe, so this was a tough matchup. But when Monroe plays lifelessly, as he did for much of the first half, he has no chance against someone like McGee.

Monroe didn’t grab his first rebound until 10 seconds remained in the first half, and he finished with six in 33 minutes.

The Wizards are one of the NBA’s most athletic teams, and that’s why the gave Monroe so much trouble. He played his usual fundamental game, and that allowed him to assist a few baskets on simple passes. But as the Pistons’ primary big man, he was overmatched against an above-the-rim opponent.

The Pistons need a player more capable of matching up with someone like McGee. I doubt Monroe grows into that role. The best bet is in the draft.

Terrible guards

The Pistons’ guards – Brandon Knight (1-of-9), Rodney Stuckey (2-of-9), Ben Gordon (2-of-9), Walker Russell (1-of-7) and Will Bynum (0-of-2) – combined to shoot 6-of-36. Aside from Stuckey (7-of-8), Detroit’s guards shot just 2-of-2 from the line, both other attempts by Gordon. It’s really hard to win with a backcourt shoots so poorly.

It’s even harder to win when allowing the other team’s guards to constantly get to their spots. Nick Young (22 points on on 8-of-13 shooting) and John Wall (15 assists) looked way more athletic than their Detroit counterparts.

Austin Daye struggling again

If you’re noticing a theme, it’s the Pistons’ lack of athleticism. Austin Daye (2-of-9) was never supposed to be a top-end athlete. But if the Pistons can’t count on him to make shots, he’s a liability on the court.

Daye followed his breakout game against the Heat with a couple good game. But since then, he’s regressed to his early season production.

In his last eight games, Daye has shot 10-of-49, including 1-of-12 on 3-pointers. He’s averaging 18 minutes per game in the span, so that’s not really an excuse. The Pistons have given Daye plenty of minutes to prove himself. Until he plays better, they shouldn’t give him any more playing time per game.

I’m not as down on Daye as Patrick is. I still have plenty of hope Daye can turn into a useful, and maybe even a good, NBA player. He’s shown the potential. But, man, he’s got to start making some shots.


  • Feb 12, 20129:36 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    I think the Wizards just proved how old and unathletic the Pistons are all around. Thats exactly why they need to go BPA in the draft.

  • Feb 12, 201210:17 pm
    by Tiko


    Wall and McGee looked great tonight why can’t Washington win more with those two?

  • Feb 12, 201210:25 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    I can’t believe we lost to the Wizards tonight!..Frank and Dumars, you two have a lot of work to do…#smh

  • Feb 12, 201211:01 pm
    by Alex


    ‘t While I agree that Monroe was a bit sluggish, but the majority of McGees points were the guards’ faults and came as a result of dribble penetration by Wall especially.

  • Feb 12, 201211:08 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    What makes this worst is unlike OKC and the Clippers who built around the draft, we wont have a high enough draft pick to find a difference maker.

    We’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot of scouting and cross our fingers we pick a great player out of this years draft. I know we need a big man but Davis is likely out of the question and Drummond is likely staying put…Thomas is good but under sized, Sullinger is about as athletic as a snail and Perry is passive.

    If we want our superstar we’re going to likely have to go with Harrison Barnes or Michael Kidd and draft a big man in the 2nd round and hope they pan out, maybe Melo if he’s still there?

    I’ll probably get chewed up for not wanting a big man, but excuse me if no one outside of Davis wows me. Barnes and Kidd would help our offensive game greatly and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to trade Tayshaun for either a big man or a late 1st round pick. Daye could be a trading chip too if Kyle ever decides to play for us instead of staying overseas.

    • Feb 12, 201211:31 pm
      by Nick


      I agree besides Davis I’d rather roll with Barnes or Kidd-gilcrest. Maybe we can get McGee from Washington.I been hearing trade rumors that the wizards would consider trading McGee.With Monroe passing skills he would be a perfect fit and he is a Detroit native.

      • Feb 13, 201212:00 am
        by Jodi Jezz


        @Nick, I totally agree with that…I think a Monroe and McGee front-court would be young and dangerous…

        • Feb 13, 201212:20 am
          by Daye and Knight


          McGee is better than any other big man not named Davis in this draft

          • Feb 13, 20121:40 am
            by tarsier

            Even if that’s true (which is unlikely, but it’s hard to know which big in the draft will be better so there’s a good chance of drafting a worse one), McGee will come with a hefty price tag starting next year. Much of the value of young talent is that it is cheap. You are completely ignoring that aspect of the value of the pick.

      • Feb 13, 201212:57 pm
        by sebastian


        tarsier is right McGee will command a nice payday as a RFA, but remember WE can always amnesty Ben G. his salary could go along ways to acquiring or retaining McGee.
        I say “retaining” McGee, because I would offer OUR 2012 1st Round Pick for him, today. Here’s what Joe should do: Move the 2012 1st Round Pick to the Wizards for McGee and Singleton.
        Also, move Tay (on March 1) to the Lakers for their 2012 late first round pick. The Lakers have two picks and will probably swap the later of the two picks in exchange for Tay. The Lakers are a slower paced team that Tay’s game could adapt to. Also, the Lakers are in dire need of veteran leadership coming off of their bench.
        Lastly, I would move the rights to Kyle Singler to the Rockets for Hasheem Thabeet.
        Each of the suggested moves are transactions that even Joe should be smart enough to pull off.

        • Feb 13, 20124:49 pm
          by tarsier


          Two big problems with the Tay trade. First, we don’t know whether Prince holds that much value to the Lakers. Second, who are they gonna end back to make salaries work? I guess the Lakers could use the Odom exception. but they would make damn sure first there are no better options with it. Heck, I’d take the exception and a second rounder for Prince. Alternatively, the most obvious guy to send back would be Walton. But that, of course, won’t clear up much cap room until summer of 2013.

          And if the goal is to make cap room for McGee, I would defintely not trade for him. Make the space and give him an offer. If the Wizards match, then you consider trading for him. Until then, conserve your assets. Part of the reason for trading for him would be so you could sign him even without the cap room.

          • Feb 13, 20125:04 pm
            by Joe Dumars

            I don’t think theres a even a 1% chance Tayshaun gets traded, let alone to LA. Some LA beat writers reported Tay felt it wouldn’t be a positive thing to go back and play in LA. It sounds like to me has personally issues back home. No way would Dumars trade him someone he wouldn’t want to go.

    • Feb 13, 201212:09 am
      by tarsier


      How do you know the Pistons won’t have a high enough pick? They’ll probably at worst pick sixth. Can’t see them catching more than one of Toronto, Cleveland, Sacramento, and Golden State. And New jersey should end up with a better record too. Washington’s record vs Detroit’s is probably 50/50. So that would leave the Pistons with somewhere between the 3rd and 6th worst record. I suppose there’d be an outside shot at falling to 7, but probably less likely than of bouncing up to 1. And there are lots of potential difference makers in the draft–mostly the 5 bigs and 2 wings you mentioned, plus Beal (looks about like Eric Gordon). And no more than 2 of those are gonna decide to stay in school another year. Obviously they all have flaws and won’t all pan out. But say 3 do, I guarantee it won’t be the top 3 picked, whichever ones those are. So odds are pretty good that Detroit will have a high enough pick to get a big time player. Whether they can correctly assess which player that is will be another matter (not a knock on Detroit’s scouting, that’s just a tough task for every team every year, one that many fail at more often than not).

      • Feb 13, 201212:34 am
        by Daye and Knight


        It’s highly unlikely we’ll end up with the top pick because the Bobcats have got to be the worst team I have ever seen in my 22 years on this planet. They are the new meaning of SUCK (I wasn’t alive when Philly reached their all time low)

        That means Davis is a clear lock for them, unless luck really isn’t on their side…but for now let’s just assume he’ll go there.

        We end up somewhere between 3-6 in a deep draft which would be fine if the players available could give our front court a boost. Thomas is a nice player, but he and Sullinger are undersized so Monroe would be forced to play…gulp…center.

        Jones is a PF with a SG mentality and on top of that is too passive and doesn’t back down on offense.

        I would like to draft a center so we could move Monroe so that he doesn’t get bullied down low cause “quite Frankly” it’s too sickening to watch.

        However, given our chices at the top of this draft, we might have to settle for another undersized or shooting first PF

        OR we can draft a scoring machine in Barnes and hope to move Tays contract for a late first round pick and draft a Center that needs a bit more polishing there, or with our early second round pick.

        We can’t afford to screw this up, one wrong move and we’ll be stuck in basketball purgatory for another decade

        • Feb 13, 20121:47 am
          by tarsier


          A lock? The Bobcats have at best a 25% shot at the top pick. Let’s assume they are terrible and lose all the rest of their games. I’m gonna have to go out on a limb here and assume you’re not a huge NBA fan because you appear not to understand the concept of the lottery. If you do, I apologize, no offense meant, but let’s just get it clear that it is objectively a bad assumption that Charlotte will get the top pick.

          I, however, am all for drafting a wing over a big if he is clearly the better prospect. I highly doubt, though, that Tay’s contract can be moved for a late first rounder. Which contender will give that up for him with the big new contract he signed? And who will they send back to make salaries match? Odds are he is a pretty small upgrade over most of the players they already have making over $5M.

          But the beautiful thing about the draft is that one wrong move does not destine a team to a decade of basketball purgatory. It gives bad teams the opportunity to improve. The closest you can come is the “mediocrity treadmill,” but most teams don’t actually stay there very long, they just look like they have the potential to.

          • Feb 13, 20128:24 am
            by Daye and Knight

            I’m very familiar with how the draft works, and clearly the Bobcats have the best shot at taking the #1 pick because
            A) They have the highest odds
            B) it would be messed up if somehow they didn’t get the 1st pick cause God knows they really need it more than anybody

            They’re almost a lock (to me) because the stars are aligned for them to get it. If not them then maybe the Hornets or Wizards

            And don’t forget Stern owns the Hornets…he’ll be damned if anybody outside his hornets and a sorry bobcat team gets their hands on him

          • Feb 13, 20129:10 am
            by Steve K

            Thank God you brought this up!

            I was beginning to think I was the only one who understood the NBA has a lottery. The Pistons may lose a few percentage points, but it’s largely down to luck where they end up.

            In 2011, the odds broke down as follows: (for getting the #1 pick)
            1. 25%
            2. 19.9%
            3. 15.6%
            4. 11.9%
            5. 8.8%
            6. 6.3%
            7. 4.3%
            8. 2.8%

            My guess is the Pistons will finish around 3rd or 4th.  If they tank the entire season (not going to happen) and they overtake #1, they only increase their chances to 25%. Not worth it.

          • Feb 13, 20124:27 pm
            by tarsier

            Ok, I just wasn’t sure because of your mentioning the Cats being a lock. At best they can be a lock for a 25% shot. And your (B) point has no merit. Needing a pick does not factor into the lottery–unless of course you assume benevolent divine intervention. Stern can be as damned as he wants, he doesn’t control the lottery. I guarantee when the Spurs won Duncan and when the Bulls won Rose, they didn’t “need it most.”

    • Feb 13, 201212:27 am
      by Mark


      I disagree. We got arguably the best player in the 2010 draft. What difference does it make if he were taken #1 or #7, if he’s still the best player in the draft?

      Point is, we did get the best player from a draft, like you say we need to be like OKC/Clippers. Not sure why you want to be like them anyways, 2 teams that’ve never won anything, but whatever.

      Give Monroe time, he’s only 21. He could be the next Tim Duncan. I think anyone would take Duncan in his prime over Durant/Griffin.

      We may already have a superstar. And Knight my end up the best player from the 2011 draft. Don’t be greedy. We got two potential stars already, they just need time to grow, and we’ll get a great player from this draft as well. Just need to build around them now.

      • Feb 13, 201212:41 am
        by Daye and Knight


        OKC/Clippers will win one before we dream of another one, I can tell you that much. Idc how many we won in the past, I live for the present and right now we suck.

        Btw sorry if I’m a bit confused but what do you disagree on? The fact that we need to get this draft right? The fact that after Davis every other big man is undersized or passive? What, my friend, do you disagree on?

        What does Monroe have to even do with anything? I swear all you talk about is Monroe man lol I’m talking about the draft and you bring up what we have now. That’s fine and all…good for you but I honestly can’t see what you disagree on…if you wanted to praise Monroe like every night before you go to sleep be my guest (lol) but he has nothing to do with me wanting us to get the best player available

        • Feb 13, 20126:23 am
          by oats


          Okay, for everyone who thinks Drummond is staying in school, I am really confused why you would think that. While working out before getting to school he was asked if he would go pro early if he was a lottery pick, and he answered something along the lines of, “Who would turn down a lot of money?” I think the video is on his DraftExpress.com page. On top of that, UConn is facing NCAA penalties and won’t be eligible for post season play. Why stay in college if you won’t be playing in the tourney? Essentially he’d be deciding it’s worth staying 2 years to try to win a championship in his junior year, but he has no way of knowing if that team will still have talent in 2 years. Frankly it is not a smart risk for a guy who doesn’t have much room for his draft stock to go up. I’d really be surprised if he stayed in school. So I disagree there is only one big man that isn’t small or passive.
          I’d also like to add that Robinson is athletic, supposedly 6’10″ in shoes (the NBA lists players in shoes, and 6’10″ is the height people usually stop talking about the guy being small), and has a 7’1″ wingspan. In other words, Robinson is pretty much an ideally sized PF when you consider his athletic ability. Monroe is 6’11″, 250 lbs, and Robinson is 6’10″, 240 lbs. While not a huge front line, that is more than adequate. Detroit would have (assuming Robinson isn’t a bust, but that caveat goes with any draft pick) one of the better offensive front lines in the game. Plus, Robinson cleans up on the glass and that might actually be a strength for Detroit.
          I really don’t understand this obsession people seem to have with Monroe being a power forward. There aren’t many real centers that are also good. Howard, Bynum, Chandler, Hibbert, Gasol, Bogut, maybe Kaman, and Nene are pretty much it. Dalembert wouldn’t kill you, but he isn’t a particularly good basketball player, so I’m leaving him off the list. Nene could totally play power forward next to one of the other guys on that list, and honestly Howard is athletic enough that he could do it too. There is no good reason Monroe can’t be a center in the NBA, especially since some of those guys aren’t exactly offensive juggernauts (and being able to defend the position is the real concern). Other than Monroe playing center, I don’t see why you’d have a problem with Robinson. I guess Robinson isn’t the shot blocker I’d like, but you can be a good defender without being a shot blocker (Chuck Hayes really needs more credit for what he can do. He is 6’6″ tall and one of the best defensive big men in the NBA despite not being much of a shot blocker. Admittedly you don’t want to have him out there for 30 minutes a game, but the guy is a freak). Robinson does look like he’ll be an average shot blocker at least. I’d take that over Barnes/Kidd-Gilchrest, and then I’d take either of them over trading the pick for McGee like some people seem to be suggesting, if such a trade were even feasible.

          • Feb 13, 20124:00 pm
            by tarsier

            Agreed that Monroe works fine as a C. But lately I’ve come around a bit to the idea of wanting a “true C.” It’s not that the Pistons need one. Lord knows most of the league doesn’t have one. It’s just that it would be advantageous. The Pistons, as built, are perfectly capable of playing small, which is good to be able to do. But it would be nice if they were able to play big as well. It just gives them one more option that can, at times, be a big advantage.

            So, if you have good players at PG, combo G, wing, hybrid F, FC, and C, you end up with two lineups with the capacity to exploit other team’s weaknesses. Pistons who seem liable to be major parts of the future: Monroe, Knight, Stuckey, Jerebko who can be the FC, PG, combo G, and hybrid F respectively. That just leaves a C and a wing (SG/SF). Since the latter is probably the most prevalent and easy tog et position in the league, I can understand the fascination with getting a “true center” even if it is not entirely necessary.

        • Feb 13, 20123:59 pm
          by apa8ren9


          Wow, did you honestly say that the Clippers will win an NBA championship.  Last time I checked they were not giving them away.  Just because they are the hot flavor right now doesnt give them anything.  This is not 2K12.  You have to earn it.  They havent even been to the playoffs as an organization since Larry Brown coached them.  Lets not get ahead or ourselves. Hell Im waiting with baited breath to see how they screw this up.  Lets not forget who owns the team.  I like that they are exciting and competitive but hold your horses a bit. We still got to lace em up.

      • Feb 13, 20122:01 am
        by tarsier


        A) Highly unlikely Monroe is the next Duncan. He looks really good, but come on man, you’re talking about a top 12 all time guy.

        B) Unless Griffin improves more than I expect, yeah, I’d take Duncan’s prime over his. But I like my odds saying that Griffin’s prime will probably be better than Monroe’s. Again, I love Moose, but  Blake did 23 and 12 as a rookie. Durant is also better than Monroe, and smart money says he will be better throughout his prime. But it’s a real testament to Monroe that he has a shot at being better than KD.

        C) Sure, Knight could end up the best guy in his draft, but it’s incredibly unlikely. He appears to have about the same ceiling as Irving, but is much further from reaching it and has a much lower floor. As of yet, he looks like a fairly equal prospect to Kemba (though I’d rather have Knight). And that’s just two guys. Williams, Kanter, Thompson, Valanciunas, Vesely, Vucevic, Morris, Leonard, and even Biyombo all have a real shot at being better.

        D) You’re right, getting the best player from a draft is what you want, not drafting really high. But the higher your pick, the better your odds of getting the best guy. In other words, scouting is a non-random process.

        E) Why would anyone not understand why somebody would rather their team be like the Clippers or Thunder than the Pistons? Both of those teams could easily be contending for much of the next decade. Sure, something could screw it up, that’s always a possibility. This Pistons team needs a lot to break right to end up in nearly that good a situation in the next couple years.

  • Feb 12, 201211:52 pm
    by frankie d


    mcgee would be a great fit for detroit.
    a frontline with mcgee and monroe would, imho, be dominant.
    i can just imagine monroe passing to mcgee, high post to the rim…
    that would be fun to watch.
    mcgee is going to be a restricted free agent next summer.  imho, i think that he is probably more available, by way of trade, now, then he will be or has been. 
    the wizards are sort of PO’d at him, disappointed in him, and the right package could probably pry him away from washington now.  they are, according to reports, not really sure whether they want to continue to deal with him, long term.
    smart franchises exploit the kinds of fissures that exist right now, between mcgee and washington, and find ways to steal good young talent that may not be fully appreciated.  lord knows other teams have done it to the pistons.
    and mcgee would compensate for monroe’s almost shocking lack of athleticism. 
    the game against washington showed how desperately detroit needs to get a true big man – maxiell is a lesser version of what is actually needed – and how detroit will not be a competitive team until they do acquire that big man. 
    mcgee is a guy who just might fit the bill.  he’s certainly a gamble, as he’s obviously shown that his BB IQ is not as high as it should be.  but his talent makes a gamble on him worthwhile.
    i hope joe d explores the possibilities.

    • Feb 13, 201212:28 am
      by Mark


      Unless we get a top 2 pick to take Davis or Drummond, I’d trade the pick for McGee. I agree he would be a perfect fit with Monroe.

      • Feb 13, 201212:43 am
        by tarsier


        While McGee may be a nice fit, much of his value comes from the fact that he is on a really cheap deal. Over the summer, he will get paid, and there is a real chance that unless he continues to improve significantly, his new contract would soon become an albatross (because young players tend to get paid for their potential). My point is basically, Dumars would be an idiot to part with a high lottery pick for the rights to match whatever deal McGee might get. Better to let free agency kinda play out and then if a palatable contract seems likely, try to execute a S&T with Washington, possibly for the new draftee, but probably for less.

    • Feb 13, 201212:37 am
      by tarsier


      I’d love to get McGee, but I don’t know what the trade would look like. The Pistons basically have 4 assets (Monroe, Knight, Jerebko, Stuckey) plus picks.

      Stuckey is untradeable (temporarily–because of CBA) so he can be ruled out.

      Obviously, Dumars would be an idiot to part with Monroe for McGee unless he was also getting back Wall, which in turn would probably be a non-starter for Washington.

      I doubt Jerebko would be enough for Washington to part with McGee. Maybe if he was bunched with Daye, the rights to Singler, and a 2nd rounder. Probably Turiaf or Blatche would have to be sent back (or Lewis for some BG/CV/Max combo) to make salaries work.

      Knight and McGee probably have close to equal value, so that would be a good starting point for a deal. I’d consider Knight slightly more valuable because there are a couple more years before he can get a bigger paycheck. So maybe Washington is willing to throw in Mack, Singleton, Crawford, or a second rounder of their own to make it work. Still a couple problems though. First, I doubt Dumars is even willing to consider trading Knight for anything less than a king’s ransom (which Knight’s play has yet to warrant). Second, you’d probably need a third team because Knight, as a PG, has less value to the Wizards than a guy at another position. And most teams have their PG position pretty well shored up. There are tons of good PGs in the league. Lakers, Hawks, Jazz, and Heat could all use an upgrade at the point. But most of them don’t have much to offer in return, and the Lakers, Hawks, and Heat are looking to compete right now so they can’t wait around for a young guy like Knight to develop anyway. Younger, worse teams in need of PGs are basically the Hornets, Raptors, and maybe the Bobcats. We can probably rule Charlotte out until Knight somehow shows he really is a better NBA prospect than Walker.

      So to make a deal work, you gotta either find an extensive package built around Jerebko or come up with a three team deal that has Utah, New Orleans, or Toronto giving up enough for Knight that Washington would give up McGee and some sweetener. All I can think of is Al Jefferson (although I’d rather try to get him than McGee), Gordon Hayward, Ed Davis, or Minny’s first rounder (maybe plus Aminu, Henry, or Kaman).

      • Feb 13, 201212:47 am
        by tarsier


        No guarantee those teams are real high on Knight either. Though probably at least one of them would like him a decent amount. But it is worth bearing in mind that both Utah and Toronto passed on Knight in the draft. And I think his stock has pretty much stayed level since then.

    • Feb 13, 201212:39 am
      by Joe Dumars


      So why exactly PO’d at McGee? Are people just assuming that because they didn’t give him an extension before the deadline do so? I read a couple weeks ago they were still high on him, and planned matching any offer he got in free agency

      • Feb 13, 201212:44 am
        by tarsier


        It has long been thought that his attitude is less than Stellar and that their is friction between McGee and the Wizards.

        • Feb 13, 201212:56 am
          by Joe Dumars


          Found this little nugget trying to see if thats true, but nothing reallys come up.

          “Will the Wiz extend JaVale McGee? Do McGee, Young, or Blatche have ANY trade value?

          Chad Ford
          I wouldn’t. They’ll still own his restricted rights this summer. Why overpay now? I can tell you that a lot of these guys are asking for a ton of money. McGee thinks he’s a near max player. But he’s not helping the Wizards win. The one complicating area for teams is that this summer, there will be a lot of teams with cap space. They do run the risk that a team will swoop in and offer McGee a ridiculous deal that they don’t want to match. But given McGee’s questionable attitude, I’d probably say good riddance.”

          No thanks.

          • Feb 13, 20121:38 am
            by tarsier

            I have no idea where I’ve read such reports on the relationship between Washington and McGee. I’m sure it wasn’t coming from the Wizards (true or not, they’d be stupid to publicize such a thing). But it has come up a few times. If they do really like McGee then whatever ti would take to pry him away is not worth it. If they don’t then that snippet would apply to anyone trading for him. There is real danger of some team overpaying the man in free agency. If it’s too high a price, you cut your losses but you gained nothing by trading for him. If it’s a high price but still worth keeping him, then you’ve lost most of the gain of trading for him, because he is not likely to exceed his contract. He’s only a highly desirable asset if he can be added for the right price. This is really the only reason I think Knight has some more value than McGee.

  • Feb 13, 201212:51 am
    by Nick


    I not sure but I think McGee is still under his rookie contract,so we probably could get McGee for little or nothin. We dont have to offer our lottery pick for him. We could give the Wizards Austin Daye and a 2nd round pick.The sad part about it is the Wizards are stupid enough to take that deal LOL.

    • Feb 13, 20121:32 am
      by tarsier


      Why do you think the Wizards would be stupid enough to take the deal? I mean, if they were, Dumars should be all over that action. But I can’t imagine that deal actually taking place. At the very least, they should easily be able to get a comparable young guy and a better pick from a contender.

  • Feb 13, 20121:11 am
    by Nick


    And I wouldn’t worry about McGee’s attitude.We all would have any attitude if we played for the Wizards.At aleast the Pistons have a history of winning.He also went to school in Detroit.So he maybe one person that would actually like playing for Detroit.

  • Feb 13, 20121:41 am
    by Nick


    I think they stupid enought to take it because they were crazy enough to let Rip Hamilton go for Jerry Stackhouse LOL.

    • Feb 13, 20122:07 am
      by tarsier


      A) You do realize that was a long time ago under different management, don’t you?

      B) That was a much less stupid move. Sure Stackhouse was an inefficient scorer but he had real value. Hamilton was a largely unproven rookie. That trade was a gamble on Dumars’ part that happened to pay off well. But at the time, it’s not like you could have gotten an 80% consensus on who won the trade either way.

      C) Even if it was a really stupid move by the same people, that doesn’t mean that they are stupid and will do every stupid move that is offered them. Think about the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. Now do you think it would be fair of everyone to expect you to do something equivalently stupid regularly? No, that’s why it’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.

  • Feb 13, 20128:58 am
    by vic


    we’re not trading any picks for mcgee. i’d love to have him but giving up a pick is dumb. hes not a star.  there are u potential stars and 2 potential superstars in this draft, one of the deepest in a long time.  at worst we get Perry Jones, not  the defense we need but could develop into an unduardable nba player. at best we get ad1 or ad2.    More likely we get Robinson who is better thann ad1 on offense, and Fab Melo, who is 90% of ad1 on defennse, and stronger, and Scott Machado, a pass frist pg

    • Feb 13, 20124:04 pm
      by tarsier


      I’d have nothing against including a 2nd rounder in a package for him. But I don’t think he will be worth what his price tag will be. So I’m not really on the McGee bandwagon. Giving up a first rounder in the deal would also be fine if along with McGee, one of Vesely, Wall, or Washington’s first rounder is coming back to Detroit.

  • Feb 13, 20121:43 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I think it has been one of our worst game of the season. It remembers me of the first time we played host Cleveland this year. Our game was totally awful…Take apart Monroe and the rest was terrible, starting with guards and following with our forwards. I can´t belive Washington beat us by 20+. Okay, they have Wall, and MacGee. And got some talent on Young. But no way we got battered by so many points by them at home.  It will be long time till we get to March and can make any trade: Prince to Utah for a big man and Daye/Bynum for some additional draft pick? What do you think? Utah has a lot of bigs, I even would get Flavors or Kanter, but my favorite is Jefferson.
    I wouldn´t trade for Macgee any of our draft chances,just  take a look to his stats this season. I think he´s very limited at offense: has no shot range, bad free throw % and very few movements. Practically all he does is dunking and tipping shots. Box him out and keep him out of the paint and he will be able to score only 8-10 a game. That´s my opinion and what stats say. Although he´s an awesome athlete we can get something more interesting in the draft and a lot cheaper.

    • Feb 13, 20124:22 pm
      by tarsier


      McGee’s certainly not a do-it-all player, but that’s ok because he’s not a superstar. He is however, quite valuable, because of how good he is at what he does. Although, that’s why I wouldn’t trade the first rounder for him. The best way to compete is to get a superstar and build around him. Until, Detroit is sure they have one, best to look for one instead of getting complimentary pieces.

  • [...] tied Avery Johnson’s mark of 1,054 games in Detroit’s lopsided loss to Washington yesterday, and now has a chance to put a little bit [...]

  • Feb 13, 20123:09 pm
    by Jack


    If we don’t get the first pick, how about we take barnes/Kidd-Gilgrist and then since nerlens Noel has reclassified, wait till next years draft and nerlens Noel…

    Lineup in 2 seasons

    Barnes/Kidd gilcrist
    Nerlens Noel

  • Feb 13, 20124:10 pm
    by Jack


    I don’t think anyone actually knows how statistically good a season Greg Monroe is having..




    Still he gets no media coverage outside of pistons fans

    • Feb 13, 20124:24 pm
      by tarsier


      I dunno, he doesn’t make a lot of highlight reels because that’s not his thing. But he is starting to get pretty widespread recognition. I haven’t seen many articles about him. But he is often mentioned in articles about other players/occurrences as one of the more underrated players in the league, especially in places like all-star snub lists.

  • Feb 13, 20125:30 pm
    by Jack


    I think he has 2 big games this season to get some national attention.. The rookie/sophomore game and the game vs the bucks on espn

  • Feb 14, 20121:23 pm
    by RationalSportsFan


    Moses Malone was actually drafted twice into the NBA.  Once in the 1975 supplemental draft and once in the ABA dispersal draft.

    • Feb 15, 20123:22 am
      by Dan Feldman


      Good point. Though, I think it’s commonly understood that “undrafted” refers to the amateur (and international pro) draft.

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