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Austin Daye’s terrible season puts him in awards discussion

Austin Daye is a contender for a few anti-awards, honors bestowed by Ian Levy of Hickory-High for “the most miserable and discouraging achievements in basketball”:

The Darrick Martin AwardThis award goes to the player with the lowest FG% and a minimum of 150 attempts. The award is named for Darrick Martin, a career 38.2% shooter who played 514 games over 13 NBA seasons.

Austin Daye has set a torrid pace, shooting just 30.5% from the field. Home/Road, Day Of The Week, Western Conference/Eastern Conference; any which way you split his numbers an epically bad shooting season rises to the surface. They have a lot of ground to make up, but Toney Douglas and Metta World Peace are still in the race.

The Matt Bullard AwardThis award goes to the player 6’10? or taller with the lowest Total Rebound Percentage. (Minimum 300 minutes)

If not for the minute requirement Steve Novak would have already won this award multiple times. Finding a spot in the Knicks rotation make him a legit candidate this year, with a TRB% of just 6.4%. All the usual characters, including Hedo Turkoglu, Danilo Gallinari, Rashard Lewis, Matt Bonner and Austin Daye, are right there as well.

The Andrea Bargnani Award (Formerly the Darius Songaila Award)– This award goes to the player who has provided his team with the least overall production. I use Wins Produced to determine the winner here. (Minimum 300 minutes)

At the end of last season this award was renamed, after Andrea Bargnani finished his second consecutive season as the wire-to-wire leader. Bargnani is due some serious recognition for actually moving his production into the positive range. That leaves a giant mess at the bottom with Austin Daye, Corey Maggette, Sebastian Telfair, Toney Douglas and Shawne Williams all doing way more harm than good. Each has brought their own unique negative contributions, but Daye really seems to be working on something special this season. At this point, the smart money is on him.

Check out the other awards. They’re a barrel of fun


  • Feb 23, 20125:30 pm
    by Jacob


    He was even the feature picture on the article – that is really sad. Ben Gordon was also mentioned in the Jason Kidd award for his 9 turnover game.

  • Feb 23, 20125:41 pm
    by David


    Finally Daye is getting his well earned recognition.

  • Feb 23, 20128:00 pm
    by Max


    @Austin Daye, You’ve got skills but……………Manja! Manja!  Frank isn’t playing you so this your chance to gain some weight.  No run, no excuses.   Sorry Frankie and Laser, but Austin can gain something from sitting–weight!

  • Feb 23, 20128:31 pm
    by Tiko


    Trade Tayshaun at the deadline for a late 1st so Austin can get more pt to boost his trade value for the offseason.  Joe cant possibly want Tay around the rest of his career, right?

    • Feb 23, 20129:44 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Even if there was a market for Prince among contenders, and I’m skeptical there is based on his performance so far and the length of his contract, they can’t simply trade a late first rounder for him. Virtually all contending teams are at the cap or over, so the Pistons will undoubtedly have to take a contract back in return, and probably not a good one, to move him.

      • Feb 23, 201210:13 pm
        by Tiko


        Tayshaun for Walton and a 1st

        • Feb 23, 201211:04 pm
          by tarsier


          If only. But LA would be stupid to do that. By the way, the Lakers are one of few teams who could take him back for nothing if they wanted. Because they could just use their Odom trade exception. But I would happily do Prince for Walton straight up if I were Dumars.

  • Feb 23, 20129:46 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Dan’s last line is right on though, seriously click through and read Ian’s entire post. His awards posts are some of my favorites of the NBA season. You’ll discover gems like, amazingly, Kendrick Perkins is turning the ball over on 34 percent of his possessions this season. 34 percent!

  • Feb 24, 20124:38 pm
    by frankie d


    this is the last line of the post from above, on rodney stuckey, from “shaky ankles”:

    “And things would look even brighter had the Pistons selected someone like Taj Gibson instead of Austin Daye in the 2009 draft. But as we’re beginning to see with Stuckey, before we judge a young player who’s yet to find his way let’s not jump to any conclusions.”

    well said, and exactly what i’ve always tried to argue.  let daye play, and either succeed or fail.
    about as simple as imaginable.
    i wanted several other players from that draft year – ty lawson, eric maynor, james johnson, roddy buckets – but he’s a piston, so i’d hope that the team would try to develop him adequately.  so far, that has not been done.

  • […] because you’re as bad as Austin Daye has been this season doesn’t mean you can’t win an award or two. It starts to make sense when you consider how bad the Pistons’ trade assets […]

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