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Austin Daye’s ankle still not 100 percent

It’s safe to say Austin Daye still finds himself out of the rotation largely because, with a few exceptions, he’s played really poorly this season. But apparently, an ankle injury that he sustained early in the season still could be bothering him. Daye sent these two tweets before last night’s game:

Gunna get back to the hotel and get a pool workout in to try and get my ankle better!

On the way to Arena early gunna get some treatment on my ankle and get up some shots #clearingthemind

Hopefully the All-Star break gives Daye a chance to fully heal. The Pistons are certainly in a position to try and give him ample opportunities in the second half of the season to get his shot straightened around if he can get his confidence back up.


  • Feb 22, 201210:15 am
    by Steve K


    With the way Tayshaun shot the ball, the Pistons surely could’ve used him. 
    2-15? Really?

    • Feb 22, 201212:17 pm
      by rick77


      It’s funny how everyone on heer always cherry pick the stats that they want to in order to preseve their particular argument. I mean yeah he shot poorly but what about the teams entire defensive strategy in the fourth quarter? What exactly did that have to do with his poor shooting? Again I am not an apologist just someone trying to figure out a fickel fan base. One whom is willing to turn their backs on the ones who got them a title not so long ago. I mean man what do you expect from him? Is the man not allowed to have a bad game? I did not exactly see the blog talking him up the other night when he scored an efficient 20 against the Kings,but then again we won that game. So I guess from heer on out anytime Prince shoots poorly we should expect to lose. Forget about the fact we just let Cleveland score 35 points in the fourth guarter and Irving had 17 alone and Gee 13. So again I ask why dismiss Tay when you know Austin Daye is not gonna bring it unless he hits his first shot. All of a sudden his ankle hurts but was it hurting him this past summer when he was playing street ball with all the other NBA players? I just know that Daye is soft and to say he would have done better than Prince is a joke. If that was thwe case he would be playing and he is not because the coach cannot depend on him. Guarantee everyone in the league is not 100 percent but that does not stop them from going balls out if they can for their teammates. 

      • Feb 22, 201212:29 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        For me, my issue with Prince isn’t that he shot poorly. Guys have off nights, no big deal. It happens (although, at 40 percent, Prince is having an awful, awful season shooting the ball overall) to everyone.

        My issue is that he still acts like a focal point of the offense. He shouldn’t be. He was off against Cleveland, fine. But why does he still have to get his 15 shots, especially when players like Monroe and Knight in particular, and Gordon in the fourth quarter, had it going? Why can’t he defer to others and just simply shoot less? Percentage-wise, he’s the Pistons least efficient scorer in the starting lineup, yet he’s taking the most shots. How does that make sense? Stuckey, Knight and Monroe should all be getting more shots than Prince, that’s been a huge problem for the team in my eyes.

        Do I think Prince is a worthless player who brings no value, tangible or otherwise, to the table? Absolutely not. There are still things he can help this team with. But scoring and shooting is just not one of them right now. He should be, at best, a fourth offensive option on this team.

        I do agree 100 percent with you that Daye is terrible, BTW. I’m all for playing young guys, but if Daye can’t play well enough to take minutes from veterans in Prince and Damien Wilkins who honestly have not played very well this season, then he doesn’t deserve minutes at this point.

        • Feb 22, 201212:33 pm
          by domnick


          what if we Package Daye and Tay for a young SF..?

    • Feb 22, 20126:29 pm
      by Steve K


      I stand by my statement. With Prince shooting 2-15, the Pistons could’ve used Daye. That doesn’t diminish Prince’s accomplishments in prior seasons. Nor does it ignore his fine shooting during this mini-run. Daye’s role should be to provide some offense at the 3-spot. Prince did not provide that offense last night. Would’ve been nice for Daye to step in.

      Is Prince the better player? Of course.

  • Feb 22, 201212:24 pm
    by domnick


    Just Trade Austin Daye before anybody wants him no more…
    We are on Rebuilding mode… so we need to keep on rebuilding and get some good pieces to build on… Austin, for me is not a good piece to build on.. because… 3rd year in the league and he hasn’t shown any promise… so i give up..
    we need to build on guys that are proven and useful.. and its not time to hope anything from young guys who can’t be even useful at this stage…. liability on Defense.. inconsistent scoring.. those are the things that annoy anyone.. no IMPACT!

  • Feb 22, 201212:34 pm
    by domnick


    btw…. if we can get kyle singler next season then its really time to give up Austin Daye..

  • Feb 22, 20124:38 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Wow, to think I was actually happy when they drafted this guy.  I feel betrayed.  This is precisely why athletes dont need to tweet or facebook or any of that stuff, but you cant tell kids anything they already know it all.  Dude you cant even get garbage time in the blowout of the year for the Pistons.  Was your ankle hurt then as well?  Shut up and get better.  You dont need to say anything. Your fans/followers on twitter dont need to know this.  Your play should be and currently is saying everything we need to know.  You suck right now.  How about more film study? How about getting with the coaches about defensive rotations?  How about increasing your bench press from 100 to 110lbs?  How about anything that will increase your chances of getting and staying on the floor?  Why dont you tweet about that?

  • Feb 25, 20128:51 am
    by jay wierenga


    my question is who exactly is following austin daye on twitter? i have never heard him say anything that interesting in interviews, his game is terrible, and he plays for a team in the toilet. what is the appeal?
    regardless, the real issue is getting him on the court to help enhance his trade value. same goes for charlie. we need to showcase these guys so that we have a shot at getting another first round pick in this very deep draft.

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