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All-Star Weekend Futures Game a ‘carrot’ for Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press asked Joe Dumars about having two young players in the Futures Game this weekend:

“It’s a nice carrot for them to be in the atmosphere down there, to be in an atmosphere where the best players in the world have been chosen — just to be in that atmosphere,” Dumars said last week. “It’s a great carrot for those guys. If they want to continue to be invited to that weekend, they are going to have to continue to get better.”

Dumars isn’t wrong at all here, but I have to say, I don’t like Monroe and Knight continually lumped together as future cornerstones/potential All-Stars. Monroe certainly is a cornerstone player and he’s damn close to being an All-Star right now. Knight has a long, long ways to go yet. I love his upside, love his attitude, love the fact that he seems to be a really hard worker, but he and Monroe aren’t in the same conversation yet when it comes to being impact players. Just feel like it’s important to continually make that distinction.


  • Feb 22, 201210:58 am
    by John


    I agree that they are not on the same level, but at this time last year, I was still dreaming about what would have been if we had drafted Cousins instead of Monroe.  It was post all-star break that Monroe nearly averaged a double double.  Looking at stats in February, Knight is at 1.9TO/game, up to 3.9 assists per game from 3.4 and his percentages are improving.  I can see Knight having a breakout post all-star break, maybe 15-16 ppg, similar turnover numbers, .450 fg% with 5 apg.

    • Feb 22, 201211:05 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I hope so, and you’re right, he’s improved over the last few weeks. But the Pistons have also played weaker competition and had more rest. The schedule toughens up again in March. Should be a good test to see where he’s at.

  • Drew Sharp was on the radio in Chicago this morning and referenced the two as a tandem, citing Knight’s 20+ point effort last night.

    • Feb 22, 201211:32 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, people get distracted by his scoring. I actually don’t have many complaints about Knight as a shooter, he’s better than I thought he’d be scoring the ball this early in his career.

      But the mistake that Sharp and others make is leaving out a pretty big detail: Knight is a point guard in name only right now. Really four players — Knight, Stuckey, Monroe, Prince — are sharing the “point guard” responsibilities. Until he can shoulder more of that responsibility on his own, he’s a pretty one dimensional player. I’m a believer in his talent and think he’ll get there, he just has much longer to go than what is being reported most places right now.

      • Feb 22, 20124:31 pm
        by gmehl


        Your right that he has while to go before he reaches his potential and hopefully once his body matures when he reaches 21-22 years of age you will see all of his game come together. Another thing i hate is when people feel the need to compare rookies to star players. I am pretty sure i have heard Knight  compared to everyone from Isiah to Rose.

  • Feb 22, 201211:26 am
    by brgulker


    I agree with you 100%, PH, but I don’t think Dumars does. I think he lumps them together because he values them the same.

    • Feb 22, 201211:35 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      You’re probably right. It’s weird that I actually hope he’s just lying to send the message that he has two legit future all-stars instead of one. Lying is preferable to not knowing the difference between what both players have accomplished, I guess.

      • Feb 22, 20121:09 pm
        by steve battle creek, mi


        why dont you give the rookie pg a chance to have 2-3 seasons under his belt instead of 30 games before you say he will never be an all-star.   what is dumars supposed to say good for monroe to be at all-star weekend keep striving for more, but that knight guy dont know what he is doing there, he doesnt have to worry EVER again about all-star weekend.  WHAT IS HE SUPPOSED TO SAY??? just disregard knight ?? im racking my brain trying to think what dumars said wrong?  now you say he is lying?? knight has incredible work ethic and the god given natural talent, usually that translates to all-stars or very close to it.  you would have been one of those coaches/gm’s who said billups would never be all star too.  check billups first 5 year stats, not excatly all-star and identical to knights current stats.  smh

        • Feb 22, 20121:46 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Oh good, it’s been a while since I’ve had awful comments to tear apart. Thanks for this.

          “why dont you give the rookie pg a chance to have 2-3 seasons under his belt instead of 30 games before you say he will never be an all-star.”

          I didn’t necessarily say he will “never” be an All-Star. My point is there is evidence that Monroe is really really close to producing at an All-Star level right now. In fact, with all the injuries in the East, you can make a legit case that Monroe is deserving. His numbers are right there with Hibbert, who made the team. So to lump Monroe and Knight in the same conversation about their potential down the road to be all-stars does Monroe a disservice. Yes, down the road, Knight could improve significantly and become and all-star level player. Monroe, on the other hand, could be one right now, and his organization should be screaming this fact from every mountain top.

          “what is dumars supposed to say good for monroe to be at all-star weekend keep striving for more, but that knight guy dont know what he is doing there, he doesnt have to worry EVER again about all-star weekend.”

          Why does he have to talk about them both the same way? Why not say, “This futures game is really good for Brandon, hopefully he is motivated by the experience and comes back next year and makes a giant leap forward like Greg has done this year. The experience will benefit Greg, but honestly, he could be on the All-Star team right now. Hopefully that snub will keep him motivated.” Something like that works.

          “now you say he is lying?”

          No. I said I hope he’s lying. Because if he legitimately thinks Monroe and Knight belong in the same discussion talent-wise, then I would seriously question his basketball judgement. I don’t have any proof that his above quote is just spin, but I hope it is.

          “knight has incredible work ethic and the god given natural talent”

          I have never said anything different than this on this site. I’m a huge Knight fan. That said, he still has significant hurdles. Namely, he hasn’t proven he can run an offense and he turns it over way too much. Yes, he’s young, but so is Kyrie Irving, and Irving is already among the most efficient PGs in the league. It’s not unreasonable to say that Knight has a ways to go as a point guard.

          “usually that translates to all-stars or very close to it.”

          In the East alone, Derrick Rose and Deron Williams are virtual locks to be All-Stars every year. Then there’s a slew of young PGs just below them in Irving, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday, Jeremy Lin and John Wall who have immense talent and could be All-Stars.

          Brandon Knight could develop into a really good player and never sniff an All-Star game because of the talent at his position. It’s just the reality.

          “you would have been one of those coaches/gm’s who said billups would never be all star too.  check billups first 5 year stats, not excatly all-star and identical to knights current stats.  smh”

          Or I would’ve looked at the advanced stats that suggested that Billups would flourish if given more minutes. I don’t know that I would’ve predicted he would become an All-Star in Detroit, but there were pretty easy indicators that he’d perform at a high level in a larger role.

          • Feb 22, 20124:19 pm
            by steve battle creek, mi

            pt1  — yes monroe if on a better team would be an all star this year, but REALITY is both are participatin in all star weekend and if knight makes the same leap that monroe did he will be in All star conversation as well next year, so again dumars says he has 2 young potential all stars, i think if he said anything different the bloggers would go crazy and say he made a mistake drafting knight
            pt. 2 — the reason he speaks about both is because they BOTH are participating in the same event the rook/soph game.. DUH.   i dont see anything wrong with what he said.  you are trying to nitpick every word..smh.  i know your role as blogger is to review these things but joe has to look at the future, not just present. i mean he said its a “carrot” for both to be around other great players to continue to get better and mybe they both will be there one day…. its a CARROT patrick.  not a write in ballot for knight to be in the game geez
            pt. 3 — before the draft for the first part of last year NO ONE thought monroe would be at all star level the next year..NO ONE!  so for you to act like you knew monroe had this in him all the time is a LIE, so again if knight makes the leap next year you again will eat your words Also from D. Thorpe chat 2 weeks ago
            Tate (Motown)

            Hey Thorpe….tell me what’s going on with Brandon Knight. He’s playing well, for the most part, but is really turn-over prone. Why do you think that is, and what can be done to help him in this area? Also do you think he has “star” potential? Thanks!
            David Thorpe
              (12:04 PM)

            He’s a rookie on a terrible team. Turnovers are expected. I think he can be very good, maybe even a star. His work ethic is amazing.
            so Dumars is not the only one who thinks he has Star potential

            pt. 4 — knight DEFINITLY has a ways to go to be an all star pg, my point is he has the TALENT AND WORK ETHIC TO GET THERE.  irving is SUPPOSED to be there he was the no. 1 pick over EVERYONE…hello?!? but in your posts about knight you always seem to think he cant ever or will never get there. 
            pt. 5 — totally can never be an all-star definitly agree and be a very good player, BUT the point is he has that type of talent, work ethic, skill set.  so it could happen(my point) and if he is even in the coversation for all stars ALL PISTONS FANS WILL BE HAPPY
            pt. 6 — so you were looking at advance stats in ’98?? when billups was drafted? really?? so 14years ago patrick you were looking at advance stats??  come on smh! and (btw Stuckeys advance stats suggest all star ask espn guru hollinger)

          • Feb 22, 20124:45 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            “i think if he said anything different the bloggers would go crazy and say he made a mistake drafting knight”

            If Joe Dumars was worried that things he says would make bloggers go crazy, he would’ve stopped talking years ago. Seriously … the Detroit Bad Boys guys are on life support because of things Dumars has said over the last few years.

            I simply don’t understand why the team undersells Monroe so frequently. That’s the extent of my point. That’s it. They have a legit all star caliber big men and they undersell him.

            “its a CARROT patrick.  not a write in ballot for knight to be in the game geez”

            Again, it has nothing to do with Knight. If that comment above was only about Knight, I’d be 100 percent fine with it. I want him or someone in the organization to stump for Monroe. I want them to say Monroe has made a huge leap this year and is deserving already, although everyone certainly hopes he continues to improve as well.

            “so for you to act like you knew monroe had this in him all the time is a LIE”

            How am I acting like that? I said very clearly in my comment that Monroe exceeded my and just about everyone’s expectations. Incidentally, though, I was very high on Monroe before the draft and wrote as much way before the Pistons picked him.

            “knight DEFINITLY has a ways to go to be an all star pg, my point is he has the TALENT AND WORK ETHIC TO GET THERE”

            Good. So you agree on the exact same thing I’ve written on this site like a thousand times? Seriously, I have no idea what you’re arguing about here. That’s essentially a version of how I’ve described Knight fairly often. You just spruced it up with some typos and all-caps.

            “but in your posts about knight you always seem to think he cant ever or will never get there.”

            Point me to one place where I’ve ever said Knight ‘can’t’ or ‘never will’ become a good point guard in this league. I’ve never written anything like that.

            “so you were looking at advance stats in ’98?? when billups was drafted? really??”

            His stats were available when the Pistons signed him. You could look back at his per-minute numbers and very easily conclude, “Hmm … this guy is going to be good in bigger minutes.” Billups just didn’t get a good opportunity at consistent minutes really until he got to Minnesota. Then once he became a full-time starter in Detroit, he took off.

            “(btw Stuckeys advance stats suggest all star ask espn guru hollinger)”

            Hollinger has never called Stuckey an all-star that I’m aware of, although he certainly is a fan of Stuckey’s game. The difference between Stuckey and Billups, though, is that Stuckey has played big minutes in his first four seasons. He’s been a full-time starter. Billups didn’t have those luxuries.

          • Feb 22, 20124:58 pm
            by steve battle creek, mi

            you keep saying they need to stump for monre, well EVERY thing they say about the guy is he is a special special player.  thats dumars, frank, the assitants, etc.   where have they slighted monroe at the least??? so they cant put knight and monroe in the same sentence??  thats your problem?? the PISTONS HAVE NEVER “STUMPED” TO GET GUYS IN THE all star game.   AND if you check every nba sports site, espn, si, blogs, everywhere the same thing was said, MONROE IS DESERVING BUT HE IS ON A LOUSY TEAM.   so when the team is better and he keeps producing he will be an all star… again i dont no whats wrong with saying there is a carrot for BOTH guys. 

          • Feb 22, 20125:03 pm
            by steve battle creek, mi

            and funny how you completly skipped over david thorpes chat comment….

          • Feb 22, 20125:06 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            “where have they slighted monroe at the least?”

            They’ve sent out about a million press releases about Vanilla Ice performing at halftime of games. Why can’t they put together one “get Moose to the AS game” promotion? I mean, when your product is a basketball team, when you have a basketball team that isn’t drawing well, I would think a cool marketing strategy would be to try and get fans interested and engaged in things like a Greg Monroe all-star campaign rather than hyped about a Morris Day and the Time concert.

        • Feb 22, 20125:50 pm
          by gerdz


          @ steve agreed 100%

  • Feb 22, 201211:55 am
    by Shane


    When is the name of this site going to be changed to KNIGHT SUCKS AT BASKETBALL?  Am I the only one who picks up on this vibe?

    • Feb 22, 201211:58 am
      by Dynamizer


      Come on now Shane, PH praised Knight saying he is a much better scorer than expected and that he “loves” a lot of things about him. He is correct in saying Kinght’s PG skills aren’t quite there yet. I like Knight but absolutely understand what he is talking about.

      • Feb 22, 201212:08 pm
        by Shane


        20 pts 10 asts ZERO turnovers in a win over SAC. First NBA rookie to have a stat line like that in 12  seasons. CLEARLY, Knight is nowhere near an impact player.

        • Feb 22, 201212:14 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Are they giving Rookie of the Year awards based on one game against a lousy team now?

          • Feb 22, 201212:25 pm
            by Shane

            Your reading comprehension ain’t stellar either, Patrick.

        • Feb 22, 201212:43 pm
          by tarsier


          3.5 assists/game
          2.7 TO/game

          One 10 assist, zero turnover night factors into those numbers just as much as every other night.

          Also, the only player the writers on this site hate on is Prince. And that is wholly justifiable. For all the other players, please understand that being a fan of a player does not mean you can’t see the holes in his game.

        • Feb 22, 20121:14 pm
          by Dynamizer


          @Shane It’s not that Knight isn’t an impact player. It’s that the impact hasn’t been consistently coming from PG duties.

    • Feb 22, 201212:02 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “When is the name of this site going to be changed to KNIGHT SUCKS AT BASKETBALL?”

      As soon as you change your commenter ID to “Shane sucks at reading comprehension.”

      Seriously, I’ve been pretty effusive with my praise of Knight. Love the guy. I’m just not sold that his ceiling is as high as the organization and many fans think it is.

  • Feb 22, 201211:56 am
    by Dynamizer


    PG is a harder position for a player to learn than center, to the point where some people claim it’s a skill you’re born with and it can’t really be learned. I expect Knight to progress a little bit slower than Monroe in respect to his positional duties.

    • Feb 22, 201212:05 pm
      by tarsier


      People sometimes say things like that, but do you know of any evidence? Please understand that I am not saying you are wrong, just that I have no reason to believe you are either right or wrong. Has anyone ever tracked young players over like 20 years or something and seen whether there is a faster rate of development at one position than another?

      • Feb 22, 20121:06 pm
        by Dynamizer


        Besides anecdotal evidence I’m not sure tarsier. From watching a lot of Bball, in my perception PG has a lot of responsibilities and in order to master all of those it seems to take a lot of players longer to do so than other positions. That’s not saying some very gifted players can’t step into the PG position and thrive but that with as much as it takes to run the point it seems to be a slower learning curve.

        Bgulker probably has stats someplace to either refute or back me up, heh.

  • Feb 22, 201211:59 am
    by Shane


    there you go having some perspective

  • Feb 22, 201212:03 pm
    by tarsier


    I think at least some of it comes from the fact that Knight was not infrequently projected to be taken third overall. Dumars (or at least Langlois who I usually take to be the public voice of Dumars) sees a lot of comparisons between Monroe and Knight. They are both heady players. They both have big upside. They both fell to Detroit (relative to most predictions). They both started slow. They both (like every other Detroit pick ever) are apparently high character guys. They were both taken with a similar pick, etc. Also, with how Monroe has been, he may as well hope Knight does the same. But yeah, I think he honestly believes they are on a similar level.

    • Feb 22, 201212:11 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I’m not so much bothered by them talking about Knight, even if I think their assessments of his development as a PG aren’t necessarily based on reality. What bothers me is I think they are selling Monroe short with the comparison.

      Like I’ve said many times before, it was an absolute PR fail by this organization that they didn’t do a Monroe for All-Star Game campaign. Even if he doesn’t necessarily deserve to be on the team yet, he’s close enough that you could make a legit case he belonged. That’s usually the types of things team PR departments do for their players. But when you have 1980s one hit wonders to promote, who has time for All-Star campaigns?

  • Feb 22, 201212:30 pm
    by domnick


    until the Pistons come back to the playoffs… then Monroe will eventually become an all-star..
    right now, i don’t really think about All-Stars.. coz… i’m much excited about our future.. I got high hopes on Knight.. coz he will eventually become a very good player… i don’t wanna look at the negatives… coz its the only way to improve… and to me…. he is doing good at it… so i would say that.. these guys should be all-stars in the near future… maybe if we are playing like Sixers (under the radar teams) or becoming like OKC Thunders with the exception of Durant…

  • Feb 22, 201212:58 pm
    by steve battle creek, mi


    it seems to me the point is Knight has all-star ability and not to settle for less.   This is all dumars is saying, the same w/ monroe all-star ability dont settle for less.   Patrick looks at things as “RIGHT NOW”.  if the guy is not performing “right now” he cant improve and will be the same player forever.  smh, you said before season started monroe “at best” would avg approx. 13pts 9rebs.  Dumars job is to constanly prod his players to strive to be better.  DUH.  what would you have him say “um monroe needs to keep trying to be here all-star weekend, but knight umm we wont talk about him coming back to all star weekend.  lol  you have 2 excellent young players why not talk about future all-stars for BOTH?!?   

    • Feb 22, 20121:59 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “Patrick looks at things as “RIGHT NOW”. “

      Sorry for not living in the future. I look at things ‘right now’ because that’s part of covering the team as it exists right now. And as it exists ‘right now,’ Greg Monroe is an exceptional player. Knight may be an exceptional prospect, but there is a huge difference between production and prospect. That’s the only point I’m making in this thread. Monroe has played at a high enough level that he deserves the front office and coaching staff and fans who choose to be informed ones to make that distinction. He’s one of the best offensive centers in the league RIGHT NOW. Knight very well could develop into a great point guard someday. Right now though? He’s not even producing at an average level compared to other starting PGs. Doesn’t mean I think he has no shot of ever getting really good, but it’s also the reality of the present.

      “if the guy is not performing “right now” he cant improve and will be the same player forever.”

      Bullshit. When have I ever written something like that? Certainly guys can improve. I expect Knight will improve a lot. Right now? He’s not in the same class as Monroe, not even close production-wise. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

      “smh, you said before season started monroe “at best” would avg approx. 13pts 9rebs.”

      Haha … 13 and 9 is really good! But seriously, he’s averaging 16 and 9. So I was off by three points. All in all, that’s not a bad prediction for Monroe’s season. I think Monroe has clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations offensively this season. I’m not afraid to admit I undersold him in that department. I hope he keeps exceeding expectations.

      “Dumars job is to constanly prod his players to strive to be better.  DUH. “

      Why can’t he prod them to be better by talking specifically about one player being already super good and nearly All-Star worthy and the other having some really good flashes of potential but needing to get more consistent and continue learning how to be a full-time PG?

      “what would you have him say “um monroe needs to keep trying to be here all-star weekend, but knight umm we wont talk about him coming back to all star weekend. “

      See above.

      “lol  you have 2 excellent young players why not talk about future all-stars for BOTH?!? “

      Because you should be talking about how one is pretty much all-star level right now! That’s the issue! They can promote the hell out of every washed up musical act they bring in to perform at halftime shows, but they can’t launch a marketing gimmick touting Monroe’s legitimate all-star credentials? And you know the reason they don’t? Because they don’t seem to understand how statistically close Monroe is to producing at the same level as Roy Hibbert, for example, who is an all-star. Instead, they say things like, “yeah, maybe someday Monroe and Knight can keep working at it and get there.” Yes, that would be an accurate statement with Knight. With Monroe? A more accurate and definitive statement would be, “You know what? In my opinion, he should be there now. doesn’t mean he doesn’t have things he needs to improve, but in case you haven’t noticed, he’s out-producing all but just a handful of centers in the entire league this season.”

      Monroe has earned that.

      Also, your comments are gibberish.

  • Feb 22, 20123:08 pm
    by Andrew


    Perhaps I’m missing something, but to me it doesn’t look like Dumars said anywhere that Knight was an all-star caliber player.  He said he’d have to continue to improve to get invited to the weekend – that is, to get back in the rookie/sophmore game next season.  He says Monroe will need to continue to improve to get back to the all star weekend.  Monroe needs to get in the actual all-star game next year.  So both need to improve to get back next year.

    This seems kinda like what you are saying?

    • Feb 22, 20123:14 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      He’s not saying that Knight is an all-star caliber player. I’m fine with that part of his comment. But he’s also saying that Monroe isn’t yet an all-star caliber player. I’m not really fine with that.

      My issue is the organization treats both guys as if they are at similar points in their development. The fact is, Monroe is far ahead in his development (and that’s not a knock on Knight, he’s doing fine, he’s just not there yet), he’s already a viable all-star candidate (although I certainly understand why Hibbert was picked instead of Monroe as the backup C) and it would be nice for the organization to say anything really along those lines. Most teams do — Kevin Love’s all-star candidacy last year was a good example. The T-Wolves PR team played a big role in the Love as All-Star campaign. Just wish the Pistons would’ve done something similar to back Monroe.

  • Feb 22, 20123:37 pm
    by Laser


    Patrick, I bet I’m a ray of sunshine compared to these guys.

    Also, I still can’t understand why anybody would bother to sit Joe Dumars down for an interview. Wait until he makes a trade or something, then he may have something useful to say.

    • Feb 22, 20123:56 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      You know what is most confusing to me? How many times in the past has Dumars or others associated with the team spoke and completely over-sold a player? Pretty frequently, right?

      Here they have a player in Monroe, whose improvement on offense can’t be over-sold enough, and they are silent! Monroe is literally the only credible thing over the last whatever years they can point to and say, “See! Look what we developed here!” and they aren’t doing that. And it’s compounded by the fact that they spent the last three years comparing Rodney Stuckey to everyone from Chauncey Billups to Russell Westbrook, yet you actually have a case of a young player shattering expectations and now, suddenly, you take a muted tone about it? It just baffles me. Even from a marketing standpoint — Minnesota was terrible last year, but how much good news/PR did they get out of Kevin Love’s (ultimately successful) campaign to make the all-star team? There are tons of examples. I think Indiana did something similar with Danny Granger a few years back, although I don’t think he ended up making it that year.

      But still … it’s credible — Monroe is every bit as good as Hibbert, his team is just way worse, it’s something to pass the time (because what else are you going to market/write about here?) and, as Love proved last year, if you do it well enough, you might even successfully lobby to get him a spot despite the badness of his team. I would think that Monroe making an all-star team this early would be quite the significant ‘carrot’ for him. Love went from a guy who an incompetent coaching staff struggled to figure out how to properly use to an all-star to a near-max contract player in a couple years. Monroe could be on that same trajectory.

      • Feb 22, 20124:50 pm
        by steve battle creek, mi


        your comparing kevin love 20pts 15 rebs games with a 30 and 30game,  to monroe 16pts 9rebs?  wow!  lol.  i know monroe will be a future all star and his numbers are better than hibbert, but come on comaring him to love??  THATS A STRETCH

        • Feb 22, 20125:02 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Comparing their situations is different than saying, in steve from battle creek language, “dErp SMH lol greg mONroe is better than kevin love rofl”

          Love went from a guy who was getting benched by his coaching staff, to a guy who surprisingly made the AS team despite the disadvantage of playing on a horrible team in a small market to a guy who has improved again this season and earned a max extension.

          Is Monroe the same type of player Love is? No. But could Monroe have gone from rookie whose incompetent coach didn’t play enough early on to second year all-star to franchise cornerstone big man? Yeah, he could very well be on a similar path, even if he doesn’t put up numbers as good as Loves.

  • Feb 22, 20123:38 pm
    by Michelob Mike


    oh jeez, Joe just lumped them together because he considers them the two most important (thus far) building blocks for the future and because they’re both going to be a part of all-star weekend, he wants that atmosphere of being around the best in the league to rub off on them both. You’re reading too much into this.

    • Feb 22, 20123:43 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I read too much into everything.

      Also, it’s a stretch to call them the two most important building blocks for the future. Monroe is the most important. That’s a given. But at this point, Stuckey is also an important building block, and at this point, he’s also better than Brandon Knight.

      Like I said, the comment itself is no big deal. The larger issue, to me, is just that the organization absolutely should have been stumping for Monroe and his all-star credentials for weeks now and they never did a thing.

      • Feb 22, 20124:59 pm
        by steve battle creek, mi


        point guard and center are the two most important postions in the league.  so to say they are the two most important is very accurate

        • Feb 22, 20126:45 pm
          by tarsier


          How are PG and C the most important? The two players who have done the most to raise their teams to contender status over the past decade are Kobe and Lebron. Teams need good players. Most championship teams have good PGs and Cs, but they have good players at most every position.

          And to further argue against your rationale, more commenters than not seem to think that Monroe is a “natural PF.” Either you concede that C and PF are pretty much the same so C can’t be particularly more important or you claim that Monroe is not suited to playing the 4. And while Knight is pegged as a PG, right now there are so many good young PGs, it would not seem very difficult for the Pistons to replace him with a better one in the next couple years.

  • Feb 22, 20124:35 pm
    by Scout


    Knight was the 8th best prospect in a weak draft. People need to calm down with their praise and expectations of him. Yes, he seems like he’ll be an exceptional scorer. However, people need to realize that he has shown pretty much no playmaking instinct on a consistent basis. I can’t think of anyone who just magically gained that instinct and became an elite point guard. Really, that means the best Knight can do is be a point guard in the Chauncey vein and understand how to run an offense and be a great leader. However, Brandon is really shy and quiet and not a leader type. And to be on Chauncey’s level, in the understanding of running a halfcourt offense, takes years to develop and a lot of advanced knowledge. So, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be able to do this.
    We’ve got a pretty good sixth man though.

    • Feb 22, 20126:49 pm
      by tarsier


      A) How are the attributes shy and quiet the antithesis to leadership?

      B) Can someone please explain to me what this mysterious quality people refer to as leadership is? I know what leadership normally looks like, but on a basketball court? Coaches and officials have leadership. And a player can, but what does that do for a team? The team needs a bunch of guys who work hard and play together. Why does it matter if one of them is the leader? And why should a leader be a PG?

      • Feb 22, 201210:59 pm
        by Scout


        Because being a leader requires taking charge and communicating with others? How is shy and quiet not the anti-thesis to that?
        Also, do you really not see the value of quality leadership on a basketball team? You ever watched the Wizards? And it’s important for a PG to have these traits, because they run the offense. It’s also why having a bigman with leadership is important as well, as they are usually the leader of the defense.

  • Feb 22, 20127:06 pm
    by Jeffrey


    I would take a different line of reasoning as to why the organization didn’t unveil a media driven Greg Monroe hype machine. Rather than the organization being unaware of his statistical parallels with the league’s other top centers, I believe it more likely that the organization cares little to see its players involved in All-Star Weekend at all. I did a modicum of research to find that in 2004 and 2005 (the Piston’s best years under Dumars) the Pistons had one All-Star, Ben Wallace. In 2006 the Pistons sent four to the All-Star game, and would never duplicate their previous success. What I’m trying to get at with this is, but for a few exceptions, the more a player feels he has achieved in his career the more his hunger for greatness fades. My guess is that its not so much that the organization is unaware of Monroe’s value, but that they want to keep their second year center as hungry for success as possible.

  • Feb 23, 20122:57 am
    by Max


    I only read the article so forgive me if I repeat someone’s point, but Dumars said they will have to work hard if they want to continue to be invited to the weekend.
    In Monroe’s case, that mean’s making the all star game.
    Knight however, has to work hard to be invited to the rookie sophomore game again to continue attending the event so Dumars wasn’t necessarily grouping Monroe and Knight in terms of all star potential.

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