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Tayshaun Prince offering advice, most recently to Austin Daye

Terry Foster of The Detroit News:

Prince’s advice is to not worry about the shots but to do other things to help the team.

"I got my chance by not scoring at first," Prince said. "It was on the defensive end and everything came off that, and then it was all she wrote from that point on. I try to tell him to focus on the little things and worry about the offense later. It will come in the flow."

That’s good advice, but more importantly, it’s coming from Tayshaun Prince. For a long time, Patrick has pointed out there had been no articles written about Prince mentoring younger players. That didn’t necessarily mean Prince didn’t offer advice to his teammates, but it was a negative indicator. That’s changing. First Brandon Knight and now Daye, Prince appears to be getting better at his veteran-leadership role.


  • Jan 20, 20126:07 pm
    by labatts


    Aaah…  Four more years of advice.

  • Jan 20, 20126:25 pm
    by Mark


    Its the right advice, unfortunately Daye is incapable of doing anything BUT scoring, so idk how much it’ll help him.

    He can’t defend like Tay could, and instead of diving for loose balls, he’s usually the one causing them with all his careless turnovers, lol.

    He is a pretty decent rebounder though, I’ll give him that.

  • Jan 20, 20126:53 pm
    by ryan


    If he can begin to anticipate his own careless turnovers then he’ll be able to dive on the loose balls before anyone else! Winning!
    I’m very glad to see that Tayshaun Prince is getting healthier and taking an active leadership role. Lots of people didn’t want him back and have complained but I’m glad he’s here. I hope he can become Mr. Piston the way Nate MacMillan was Mr. Sonic, except I hope our team doesn’t get moved to Oklahoma.
    On Austin Daye if he can help out on the boards, keep his head in the game and try on defense that’ll be a good start.

    • Jan 20, 20128:55 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      He’s actually doing a better job of becoming Mr. Piston since the Pistons gave him a nice lifetime achievement contract these next four years whereas the Sonics were too cheap to pay McMillan to keep coaching them.

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