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Tayshaun Prince and Lawrence Frank communicate … productively(!)

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

There was an interesting moment in the third quarter of Wednesday’s game.

Frank and Tayshaun Prince were engaged in a lively discussion during a stoppage.

Let’s just say it was far different than Prince’s exchange with former coach John Kuester in Golden State last season, one that developed into a heated confrontation on the floor.

"Tay has a very high basketball IQ," Frank said. "You want to know what they’re seeing on the floor. To be able to engage those guys and activate that knowledge is vital."

To a degree, I think Tayshaun Prince was willing to give a chance to any coach not named John Kuester, whom he might have never respected. If Lawrence Frank can keep Prince engaged and bought in, that would help both in the long run.


  • Jan 6, 201211:05 am
    by ryan


    Even with all the roster issues I’m so much happier this season with Lawrence Frank running the show. It just feels like he’ll keep the team headed in a positive direction and we haven’t had that in a very, very long time. It’s also good to see that Tayshaun Prince is really buying in I want to see him resurrect his legacy.

  • Jan 6, 201212:57 pm
    by Jeremy


    What legacy? He made a career off out of a 4 game stretch of playoffs in 2003 and a blocked shot on an aging Reggie MillerĀ in the playoffs in 2004. Other than that he has done absolutely nothing here and that is the reason why he was consistently overlooked as an all-star while Billups, Rip, Sheed, and Ben were given those honors (yes, I know the starters are voted on but the reserves are appointed). He is supposed to be this lock-down, “Prince-island” (Revis reference) defender but is always exploited by the top guys at his position (See LeBron James, Paul Pierce…). For all the hype he is given, I would be willing to argue that he was the weakest defensively of those Pistons teams from 2003 to 2008.

    As far as his offensive game goes, he has been consistently medicore (14pts per for career and this drops when playoffs role around). He takes advantage of the occasional 6 foot guard by backing him down and hooking over him, but any guy that is 6’9 has the same advantage and does the same thing. He has the same legacy that Inge has around here: makes a spectacular play once every 3 months, plays mediocre the rest of the time, and is crowned king by fans who don’t know any better.

  • Jan 6, 20122:01 pm
    by Max


    Your the the ignorant one Jeremy and I won’t bother engaging you on your basketball acumen because you are clearly a lost cause.

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