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Rodney Stuckey OK with bench role

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Stuckey said he has “no ego” one way or the other. He said he’s far more concerned with recovering fully from his injury, something that will only take time.

“Nah, I don’t really care. If I start or come off the bench, I’m blessed,” Stuckey said. “Whether I’m the sixth man, seventh man, I don’t worry about that.”

Frank was asked about it before Sunday’s 99-91 loss to Golden State.

“Before I address it with the media, I’ll address it with the team,” he said.

Stuckey’s comments are great to hear, considering how much starting/not starting was an issue to Monsieurs Iverson and Hamilton over the last few years. Honestly, I think the Pistons guards are being used appropriately right now. Knight is clearly the team’s starting PG of the future, so he might as well continue to start and take his lumps. And I think the optimum role for Stuckey on the Pistons or any other team is the same: a big minutes combo guard off the bench who fills in at either position, depending on situations and matchups. I don’t view Ben Gordon as all that well suited to be a starting shooting guard, but it would behoove the Pistons to continue playing him a lot in order to attempt to rebuild his value, so I’m OK with him continuing to start for now.


  • Jan 16, 201211:03 am
    by Levi Thieman


    bench BG. he he is playing terrible defense

    • Jan 16, 201211:07 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      His D wasn’t bad in the first half on Ellis last night. Gordon competes on D, he’s just too short to ever be more than an average defender. Stuckey has the tools to be good, but as last night showed, he played with a lot of effort on D for part of the game and virtually no effort the other part.

  • Jan 16, 201211:10 am
    by Corey


    Well put Patrick.  It’s hard for us, but as I’ve spent countless hours analyzing trade scenarios, they all fail because of trade value.  Unfortunately, our pieces are not desirable at this point to other teams.  That’s the catch 22 of it all.  We need them to play better for others to want them, then we can be wooed back into liking them for our team again.

    Knight has to be out there a lot to run the offense and learn from his turnovers when he tries to force it. Stuckey is a great relief to come in there and allow the coaches & vets to teach Brandon and know that the team is ok.  Gordon needs to be out there (as maddening as it is for us fans at time) so that other teams can see the bright spots and hopefully there are more of them.

    • Jan 16, 20121:58 pm
      by Sebastian


      Corey, I hear you man. WE currently don’t have very much, if anything that another team may want. But, WE do have OUR upcoming 1st Round Pick, which truthfully is the most attractive piece that WE can offer in a trade.

      I say use it to get a 1) young, developing, big man that 2) runs the floor extremely well, 3) a quick leaper, 4) great shot blocker, 5) 7′ footer, 6) who has family connections in the state of Michigan, and 7) who would compliment Monroe’s game on both ends of the floor.

      Trade the 2012 First Round Pick to the WIzards for Javele McGee (C) and Chris Singleton (F). 

      • Jan 18, 20123:56 pm
        by Corey


        Yeah Sebastian, I saw your post the other day and was definitely intrigued.  In my 6, what I considered realistic trade scenarios, Washington was definitely one of them for McGee.  Just for your curiosity, the other main attractions were Al Horford, Roy Hibbert, Andres Biedrins (although with definite reservations on that one as I see him as a couple years productivity with high risk to fall off), Marcin Gortat, & Al Jefferson.  My top 2 candidates were Hibbert & McGee due to age, upside & cost.

        All of the trades I proposed I put through the NBA Trade Machine on ESPN.com.  If you’ve ever used that you know that you can’t do draft picks, so just current players apply.  4/6 scenarios included Stuckey or Tay, so under the current rules, the trades wouldn’t be able to be made until after March 1st.

        All that being said, it would be very tough to give up a Top 10 draft pick.  If Dumars could swindle them into it being Top 10 protected, I’d do it in a heartbeat.   We’re not looking for a superstar here.  If Moose & Knight progress to where we want them, We won’t be able to afford another star anyway.  Say what you will, but there hasn’t been a championship team with more than 2 all-stars since the 1990 Pistons.  We need defense, depth, & versatility, not all-stars & egos.

  • Jan 16, 201211:31 am
    by Daye and Knight


    Ultimately I would like Gordon to come off the bench, but I understand why he’s in the starting line up. He’s a liability on defense…we can say “well he did OK against Monta” or another example by yours truly “Well Monroe did OK against Bogut” (ahem PATRICK) but its not something we should expect. Gordon will have many nights where he turns the ball over and nights when he (and Monroe while we’re on this topic) are getting torched on the defensive end. Thats not to say Stuckey should start even if I personally think thats a good move, but playing Gordon as much as possible might help us get rid of him…or even worse he sucks it up and hurts his value even more. Either way no good is gonna come out of this lol

  • Jan 16, 20122:45 pm
    by Micah Wels


    If we want to prepare for the future then start Stuckey at the 2.  Ellis is one of the smallest 2 guards in the league and so is BG. So no big props for BG playing D against him.  And Stuckey is still hurt and still played better D.  BG is way more of a six man than Stuckey and Stuckey still has potential, BG has maxed out.  Stuckey and knight get into the lane and draw defenders so you get open shooters, (And that’s what we need from our guards) and there both better at the other end.  Start preparing for the future.  BG does not fit in this new team.  Don’t agree with Vincent on this one.

  • Jan 16, 20122:52 pm


    And did you see the stats that came up (In Last nights game) with Stuckey and without Stuckey on offense.  EVERY category went DOWN when he was out and EVERYone went UP when he was in.  KNIGHT AND STUCKEY!

  • Jan 16, 20123:23 pm
    by frankie d


    stuckey is best suited as a 3rd guard.
    because he can play both the point and 2 guard, so a coach has l ots of flexibility in terms of subbing him in.  if your point guard is having problems or just needs a blow, stuckey can run the point for a bit.
    if your 2 guard is in foul trouble and needs to come out, stuckey can replace him.
    his versatility is one of the things that makes him an ideal 3rd guard.
    imho, he is a “seattle guard”.  there is a long list of guys like him who have, for some reason come out of seattle.  
    they are shooting guards with point guard skills.
    jason terry, jamal crawford, aaron brooks, nate robinson, brandon roy even.  there are a couple more.  all of those guys were/are great 3rd guards because of their ability to play either position.
    stuckey’s best position is as that same type of “seattle guard”.
    the team’s problem, however, is that they do not have a legitimate, nba-quality starting shooting guard.  no one, like…say…aaron afflalo, who can defend other shooting guards, hit the outside shot and not clog up the offense by hogging the ball.
    they are overloaded with guys best suited to coming off the bench – gordon, bynum, stuckey, even daye – but they really do not have that starter at the 2.
    extraordinarily ironic, i would say.

  • Jan 16, 20123:29 pm
    by frankie d


    another coincidence…the blazers play NO today and i’m getting a chance to watch summers, who got another start.

  • Jan 16, 20124:04 pm
    by Max


    They have too much trouble starting the game sometimes regarding just bringing the ball up and get off to terrible starts that must wait on Stuckey entering the game to stabilize the situation.
    I got really disgusted the other day when Stuckey returned from injury and then got played for the loss in the headlines on the site even though the game started off 11-2 cause Knight and Gordon couldn’t get the ball up the floor and the Pistons pretty much won the game from the moment Stuckey entered yet still lost.
    Stuckey needs to start if for no other reason than that BG can’t dribble.

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  • Jan 16, 20126:51 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Amazingly before our eyes, the master plan is being played out.  Those clamoring for Knight to start no longer have a beef.  Those who want the team to draft in the lottery – well we are losing games.  Those who want to practice patience and wait for another dumb GM to panic (me) are being satisfied as well.  Despite the fact that we suck, there are no excuses for any of the players.  I think we can see that.  Isnt that what we bitched about last year? The young players  (JJ, Monroe, Knight) are playing A LOT.  What you are seeing now is Monroe developing his game to compete against the top players in the league.  If he keeps this up he can vault into top 5 at the BIG position.  That is the best you can do in the currently league environment without trading or free agency.  And you go from there.

  • Jan 16, 20129:15 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I am sure Stuckey is happy to come of the bench now that he got PAID. If this was his contract year then he would be pulling a Allen Iverson no doubt.

  • Jan 16, 201210:02 pm
    by Ryi


    Stuckey is the only person playing I dismiss for not putting up better numbers than he should.  Because he usually gets better ever year.  Only because most recent the injury and coming to camp late.  Which probably caused the injury combinded with this crazy short season.  Should be better than he has ever been at mid way.  Stuckey and Knight are the future.

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