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Rodney Stuckey has big plans for Brandon Knight

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Brandon Knight doesn’t know it yet, but part of his summer is already blocked off.

“During this off-season, we’re going to spend a lot of time here working out with each other, just getting used to each other and building that chemistry, where we need to be on the court – off the court, as well,” Stuckey said. “We haven’t (discussed it) yet. But I’m going to demand that. And Brandon is a bright kid. Whatever we need to do to get better, he’s willing to do it.”

Ya know, I really hope that’s the case. I hope Rodney Stuckey is committed to being a good teammate and helping his young teammates get better. I also hope that, now that he’s one of the more veteran players in the locker room despite the fact that he’s not exactly old yet, he’s more assertive and takes on more responsibility.

But Stuckey is also a master of the athlete-speak quote. For two straight media days, Stuckey told grand tales of growing into a leadership role to an assembled scrum of reporters. That never materialized as he planned those seasons. Some of that could be attributed to the fact that the Pistons had a large collection of prideful veterans who probably weren’t much interested in following the example of an unproven young player. Now, with those obstacles to his ascension mostly gone, hopefully Stuckey matches actions to his nice sounding words.


  • Jan 27, 20124:19 pm
    by brgulker


    Color me skeptical.

    • Jan 27, 20124:33 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      You are not alone, my friend.

      • Jan 27, 20127:10 pm
        by Shane


        If this actual changes Daye I will seriously be surprised. And if it actually does that Joe guy should be added to the coaching staff LOL

        • Jan 27, 20127:12 pm
          by Shane


          Sorry wrong thread LOL.. thought this one was on Daye accidentally mixed em up

  • Jan 27, 20124:42 pm
    by Daye and Knight


    Hopefully Stuckey keeps that mentality throughout the season and helps Brandon grow. I truly feel we have our future starting back court in those 2 and the more they’re in sync the better the team will be, all that’s really left is finding a big man to pair with Monroe and a reliable SF and we’ll be OK

  • Jan 27, 20124:44 pm
    by dvs


    colour me optimistic…
    I think he realizes that he and knight are the best guards and if he, and the team, want to succeed it’s best for him to build more chemistry with the teams new up coming star.
    I did like watching those two play together.

    • Jan 27, 20124:46 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, I’m not skeptical of Stuckey’s motives for saying it. I think he works reasonably hard at his game, has shown improvement and wants to be a productive NBA player. I’m less than convinced he wants to do those things in Detroit. Like I said, he’s said similar things in the past with little action to back up the words. Hopefully this, this time is different.

      • Jan 27, 20125:18 pm
        by Daye and Knight


        I’m with you on that Patrick, I’m not convinced Stuckey wants to stay on the team neither. I hope he sticks around for the long run and stays true to his words…guess we’ll have to wait and see

      • Jan 27, 20126:03 pm
        by dvs


        I’m not sure it’s fair to say stuckey hasn’t backed up his words.
        He said that he wants to become more of a leader, but how do we know the inner workings of the team?? He is more vocal on court. You can see him constantly talking to the other players. He has been looking to pass and stopped bullrushing as much as he used to (which could be seen as a leader looking to get his teammeates involved). i also remember him attending the last summer league to support the younger members of the team, which is not done by many players.
        I’m not saying you’re wrong, but i don’t think there’s evidence to say you’re completely right.
        As far as his production goes, he’s improved each year. This year his numbers aren’t great, but his jumpshot looks much better and as i mentioned he is looking to pass more.
        about him being in Detroit… who knows. The whole twitter thing was reflected really bad on him, but if the team plays well and has solid young guys coming up, why wouldn’t he want to stay?? Frank seems to be doing well and by all reports the players are buying in.
        Good coach, young stars/core to play with, opportunity for a big role…. it’s not a bad if he stays.

  • Jan 27, 20125:01 pm
    by Laser


    1) Stuckey is ALL FUCKING TALK.
    2) Sounds like he’s trying to hitch his wagon to Knight more than anything. And who could blame him? He’s on a short-term contract and could stand to boost his value (with the Pistons and in general).

  • Jan 27, 20125:28 pm
    by gordbrown


    What actions has Stuckey done to actually undermine his talk? I would argue it was not prideful veterans that undercut Stuckey as a coaching staff (or head coach because the staff couldn’t seem to agree among themselves) that tried some sort of incompetent not to mention demented Larry Brown process of breaking down the point guard to build him up again that undercut him. In the name of running an offense that obscured Stuckey’s strengths and magnified his weaknesses just for the sake of science or something. Stuckey does seem to have an affection for Knight, it shows in the interaction on the court and the fact that they are already playing well together. So I say more power to them both.

  • Jan 27, 20127:08 pm
    by Max


    The doubters are simply negative people and warp any evidence to their argument that the Pistons are terrible, their players are terrible and they will always be terrible.  It’s simply hysterics.
    Any positive post on this board is always bound to make them crazy and they will defend any negative post to the death.
    Stuckey’s opinion on whether he wanted to remain here this summer doesn’t necessarily speak to whether he wants to remain here now after signing and while it is clear to me that he hated Kuester, it is also clear to me that Frank is a coach who never inspires player animosities.  Stuckey is not as someone said on a short term contract either unless your opinion is that anything that isn’t a max year contract is short term and he stated that starting isn’t an issue to him which doesn’t sound at all like a player who is oriented to play for his next contract or like one who isn’t committed to what is best for the team.

  • Jan 27, 20127:42 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Well that’s nice of Stuckey to stay and work out with Knight when he will be traded to Portland for a 1st rounder. Probably the classiest thing he’s done since he’s been here.

  • Jan 27, 201210:21 pm
    by Max


    I know what was said about using the term hater but I think an @gmehl1977–You are a hater is more than appropriate.

  • Jan 28, 201211:52 am
    by Upper Michigan


    The best thing that happened to Stucky and the Pistons team was to get rid of Rip and Kuester. Hamilton was unhappy here. No Chauncy to set him up and Kuester was way over his head.

    Now we shall see what Stuckey is made of. Me, my hopes are not set too high. But he is young and as pointed out, some of the older guys are gone, and the new guys are playing hard. Heck, even Maxiel is busting his behind.

    I think he will word with Knight. If nothing else it is to his benefit as he is not a real point guard anyway. His best position is shooting guard anyway, he has a generous contract, and if the Pistons can add a couple big guys….who knows?  Maybe they will become competitive.

    Anyway, I am glad to see a good coach here, the team is playing hard, (and losing – that is a good thing) and headed for another lottery pick.  What a difference from last year.

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