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Rasheed Wallace’s game with the Hawks

Jared Dubin of Hardwood Paroxysm has a great post about about Rasheed Wallace’s lone game with the Atlanta Hawks in 2004, before the Pistons traded for him:

Everyone in NBA circles knew Wallace was headed out of town sooner rather than later, but he didn’t care, because for that night at least, the Hawks were cutting the check. Check out his quotes to reporters after the game, and it’s like you wouldn’t even know that this was his first – and likely to be his only – game with the Hawks. When asked about being the first team in the Nets’ 10-game win streak to not lose by double-digits, Sheed responded:

“Everybody thinks that just because we’re the Hawks we’re going to roll over and die. Maybe that was the thing before, but not now.”

Rasheed Wallace, 2/18/04

That, to me, does not sound like a guy who just got there, nor like a guy on his way out of town two days later. But Sheed took immediate ownership of the team and the situation, because that’s what Sheed did, everywhere he went. When he was with you, he was with you, whether it was for one day or for five years. He’d play for whomever cut the check, but as with everything, he’d do it on his terms.

I still remember interviews during future seasons where Hawks players praised how great of a teammate Wallace was.


  • Jan 16, 20127:22 pm
    by frankie d


    most fans have such a mistaken view of sheed and how he was perceived before he got to detroit.
    his only real problem – other than the techs – was with the media.  he refused to play nice with reporters and as a result got a lot of negative publicity.
    his post game time in front of the mike made for classic sound bites.  he obviously did just enough to satisfy the terms of his nba contract.  and if he had to show up for the post game interview, he would.  but he wasn’t going to pretend that he wanted to do it. 
    oh he had a couple of run-ins – with sabonis and the run in with donaghey in a tunnel – but those small incidents paled in comparison to the overwhelmingly positive view of most fans and definitely his teammates.  and considering that donaghey turned out to be a crooked ref, sheed’s anger was probably justified.   in fact, the biggest problem most fans had with sheed, here in portland, was that he didn’t shoot enough and that he wasn’t selfish enough.  
    fans wanted him to shoot 25 times a game and score 30 points a game and he did not think that was a good way for him to play.   it wasn’t a team game.
    so it doesn’t surprise me that the hawks still speak fondly of him.  in fact, the blazers have tried to replace his intensity over the years and have never been able to adequately do so.  brandon roy’s sheer brilliance came close, but it didn’t really have the same impact that sheed’s intensity had.
    now if only he had not tried to double team in the corner and had stayed on robert horry…

  • Jan 16, 20127:37 pm
    by Max


    There’s a despicable post about Wallace in the Hoopshype Rumors section today where some sour reporter who ‘Sheed treated gruffly had the gall to say that it would be a travesty that would threaten the integrity of the league if someone signed him.  He made me so mad that I actually felt like the Pistons should sign him, but then I caught my breath,

  • Jan 16, 20128:09 pm
    by Willie


    Bring SHEED back as a low post coach.  I think he would be great, and add Big Ben after he retires. 

    • Jan 17, 20121:29 am
      by MrHappyMushroom


      He’d be a terrible coach in my estimation.

      When Sheed was completely happy with all aspects of a situation, he was great. If something displeased him, he couldn’t be counted on to give a shit. He was hi-risk, hi-reward as a player. You would never want a coach who might decide that he didn’t feel like trying very hard when the stars weren’t fully aligned to his preference.

  • Jan 16, 201210:30 pm
    by mcfadden


    Dont really need a low post coach this year…Monroes already good, and we have no other up-and-coming big men.

  • Jan 16, 201210:49 pm
    by Ryi


    So just because Monroe starts off a season well he doesn’t need coaching.  Really??, don’t know if they would be good coaches but having them there would be good.

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