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Point guard drought turns Brandon Knight into smarter draft choice

Chad Ford of ESPN:

With a little more than half the season under our belt, we currently don’t have a point guard ranked as a lottery prospect.

The only point guard on our board who even remotely looks like a sure thing for the first round is Washington’s Tony Wroten. And he’s not a lock.

Most people probably would’ve drafted Brandon Knight with the No. 8 pick last year, but the Pistons could’ve chosen a frontline player like Markieff Morris or Kawhi Leonard. That would’ve have left Detroit as one of the NBA’s few teams without a strong present or future at point guard – and without an avenue to acquire one. Thankfully, the Pistons drafted Knight.


  • Jan 14, 20122:58 pm
    by tarsier


    I’m glad to see that I wasn’t wrong in thinking Leonard just as good a prospect. But yeah, Knight was probably the right choice. As for Markieff Morris, he looks like a rich man’s Jerebko. But there is no reason to believe that if Dumars had gone that route, he would’ve taken Markieff over Marcus (generally considered the better prospect of the two by a hair).

  • Jan 14, 20123:04 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Knight does look good.  He’s right now the Pistons’ best option at the poiint guard position–that’s for certain.

  • Jan 14, 20123:53 pm
    by frankie d


    tony wroten is going to be worth taking a look at.
    he’s like jamal crawford with a better handle and more of a point guard orientation.
    he’s a high-risk, high-reward type of pick, but if i had a late first or early second, i would definitely take him.
    he might be a spectacular point guard.  or he could be a bust because of his lack of an outside shot and because he takes so many risks with the ball.  
    i like him and would love to see him as a change of pace, off the bench transition guard.

  • Jan 14, 20127:21 pm
    by vic


    i agree about knight. but i’d take Kendall Marshall anyday. all you have to do is look at Ricky Rubio to understand that passing is a talent best maximized in the NBa. a good passer is worth more in the NBA than in college or europe.

  • Jan 15, 20127:39 am
    by ryan


    I’m glad we have Brandon Knight as well. I liked the kid at Kentucky because he’s such a sharp guy and he’s got solid athletic skills the combination of decent athletic ability with brains and a desire to compete is really, really valuable. Even with all that I wasn’t sure how he’d work out here but so far he’s doing pretty well and seemingly learning as he goes.
    I’m interested to know how Kyle Singler is doing in Europe because for me he’s moved ahead of Austin Daye on the depth chart at small forward. I don’t know how good he can be but my initial thought is he might be a poor man’s Shane Battier/Tayshaun Prince because he’s got decent size, knows the game pretty well and will give a good effort but isn’t an elite athlete and doesn’t have anyone elite skill. If he can reach that level he’ll be a good option off the bench at forward.
    I’d still like an upgrade to our perimeter athleticism (in addition to the obvious need for a shot blocker and rebounder). I think we need someone who can really get after people defensively and a guy who can at least a couple of times a night cut or drive to the basket for a vicious dunk. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist really fits the bill there.

  • Jan 15, 20123:44 pm
    by Laser


    It’s hard to make arguments to strengthen the case for a true no-brainer, but what I take away from this is that Dumars is even luckier than we could ever have guessed, since he had no choice but to pick a PG at what appears to be the last second.

    • Jan 15, 20124:40 pm
      by Dynamizer


      Keep beating that dead horse Laser. Maybe someone somewhere will believe you.

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