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Pistons like Chris Kaman, but Hornets’ asking price is too high

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

To be clear, Jazz checked on Kaman some time ago but doesn’t make sense now. Detroit likes him, needs center. Most teams have found (cont.)

(Cont.) Hornets asking price for Kaman too high. "They were asking for draft picks, cap space and a young player," one executive says.

I think Kaman could help the Pistons in some ways, but I wouldn’t give up draft picks or a young player for him.


  • Jan 28, 201212:48 pm
    by jayg108


    Thanks for giving the scoop.  Kaman would fill a hole.
    Do you think doing business with N.O. means trading with Stern at the helm?

  • Jan 28, 201212:50 pm
    by RyanK


    How about we go ahead and throw the first round pick out there (top 5 protected) if teams can swallow all three contracts: Max, CV, and Gordon’s  I know it hurts, but we are stuck in the mud until those three losers are off the books.  We land Kaman and if we’re a top 5 pick, we take a big man and let him walk.  The cap relief would give us money to sign a free agent.
    If we don’t get a top five pick, we resign Kaman to a reasonable deal and/or let him walk and use the cap room for a free agent.
    There are no guarantees with the draft, so we shouldn’t think of that first round pick a solid gold.  Sure, I’d like to keep it and have a shot a franchise player…but there are tough decisions to be made here to correct bad decisions of the past.

    • Jan 28, 20124:24 pm
      by rick77


      Imglad you don’t run the Pistons because this is stupid. I am not picking up Kaman for the sake of having a big man. This is not NBA live and I know there has to got be a better deal than that. Think about what you just said” Give up three plus a top five protected for an aging player. You j/king right.  How does this make Detroit better? This guy has never been known for playing defense but I guess you think just because he will be in Detroit he will. Yeah right give me a break. Face it this team will not be good until we put ourselves in position to make a prime move not a lateral move. Something where the trajectory points up and not down. NO would have a lottery pick in the future and what would we have? Get over being sorry now because we were good for such a long time. Eventually you have to stary over and it seems people in this area forget how good we were just five years ago. Every franchise in just about every sports takes a dive but it up to the ones with great vison as well as patience that eventually make it back to the top. I am not with these band aid types of trades because the same people calling for it will be complaining if it does not work. Who knew Joe woul pull a rabbit out his @$$ back in 2002? No one did and eventually the starts will align again and we will be good. Id rather do that trade with Boston for Garnett instead of Kaman. At least I know what I am getting, someone who would actually compliment Monroe not slow his progression. 

  • Jan 28, 201212:59 pm
    by Gregoire


    Why so fast??? Even if we get rid of all 3 bad Contracts, no major Free-Agent would sign in Detroit and New Orleans isn´t interressed in one of the three guys…Even without the bad Contracts, Detoit would´t be relevant until 2014 or so…so let them run out and in the meantime rebuild via Draft and wait if their are some good trades out there….Kaman surely isn´t a good one, he would give us 5 to 10 more wins, we wouln´t be in the race for a top5 pick anymore and then he is gone and we lost the pick for nothing…

    • Jan 28, 20121:26 pm
      by RyanK


      There would have to be multiple teams involved.  New Orleans isn’t just a dumping ground for bad contracts.  Gordon and CV must go before we can get better…the no defense culture they represent is holding us back.  At the end of next season, these will be expiring contracts the following year…maybe we can get assets for them.
      The way I see the team playing now with both CV and Gordon out of the line up, we might not have as good of a pick as we thought.  We’re still lottery bound, but they are going to win some games and we might not be looking at a top 5 pick.
      We have young talent already…we need some veterans to mix into the group if we want to win playoff basketball.  The young kids don’t win playoff games…it’s veterans who dominate, so we likely won’t have all that much success unless until we get a couple veterans through trades and/or free agency.  Tay is here, but other than him we don’t have much on that side.

  • Jan 28, 20121:03 pm
    by Tiko


    Kaman sucks so we wont make the playoffs but doesnt suck enough to the point where we screw our draft position.  the only trade I’d take for Kaman is one that sees BG or CV out the door.  and only then to buy him out and let him go anywhere he wants.  I never want him in a Pistons jersey

    • Jan 28, 20122:03 pm
      by tim


      this is my view as well.  Other than moving one or both of those guys, I dont want to trade for him.  I would love to see BG gone.

      • Jan 28, 20124:45 pm
        by James Jones


        Yeah I totally agree.  I know everyone in the D loves Kaman because he a Michigan native but the guy will be 30 this year, he’s near the end of his prime.  By the time they where able to put enough people around him he would be 32 at least.  By then he would be ~Jonas.
        If you could dump BG or CV and get him as a fan draw, sure do the trade, but otherwise just pass and look for opportunities elsewhere.

  • Jan 28, 20121:22 pm
    by Adam


    Chris Kaman would give us 5 to 10 more wins? That seems a little high. With his injury history, it would be lucky for him to play 2/3 of the remaining compressed schedule.
    As said in the main post, there is no reason to give up picks or young players right now. If Dumars really wants him, he will most likely be available for the midlevel next year, and I’m sure Detroit would interest him as he’s from here and there would be playing time available for him.
    Save the picks, young players, and just finish out the season playing hard. No need to get anymore “veterans” on this team, especially on an expiring contract.

    • Jan 28, 20122:48 pm
      by tarsier


      Don’t count on him being available for the midlevel. I’m not sure he’s worth even that. But someone will overpay for a big with an all-star selection on his resume.

  • Jan 28, 20121:25 pm
    by Justo


    I doubt the league owned Hornets would be willing to take on long term contracts, not to mention agree to a trade that puts the Hornets into the luxury tax, just for one draft pick and dumping Kaman. The Hornets are over the cap as it is.

  • Jan 28, 20122:03 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Do a three team trade…That seems like the only realistic way to bring Kaman here…

  • Jan 28, 20122:38 pm
    by MrBlockedShot


    I would like to have Kaman in this team, frankly. No matter he´s injury prone. Ask the Clippers about his performance there last year.But, I wouldn´t like to have him at the expense of losing a top 5 draft pick. It´s likely we might find a young big there that could be cornerstone in the future. Kaman would be an immediate relief for the team, but that move is only worthy if we not lose our draft pick. Hopefully there´s another team involved and we  get rid of CV or BG for someone ready to contribute.They have ran out of credit here, most of all CV.What a bad decission was to sign them for so much and so many time…

  • Jan 28, 20123:22 pm
    by frankie d


    its a good thing that it looks pretty much impossible for joe d to get in on the action for kamen.
    i could see him doing something monumentally stupid…something like trading this year’s first rounder and a young player like daye and/or jj for kamen.
    kamen is a nice player, but the combination of factors around him – his age, injury history, contract situation, relative incompatibility with monroe – makes a trade for him less than a scintillating option.  i wouldn’t go all out for him.  i’d only really push for a young  front court player, someone who will be around when the team is ready to contend again.
    i just hope joe d doesn’t do anything stupid.

    • Jan 28, 20124:32 pm
      by rick77


      Can you get me some of what you are smoking? Unless you know how Joe’s brain works I would not assume that he would do something that obviously has crossed your mind. Stop thinking stupid and maybe these thoughts would not enter your head because I have yet to see where Joe D has claimed any interest in Kaman so it would be reckless to assume that he would take on his contract or trade a draft pick for him. Please tell me where it has been said Joe would even consider this because again saying “i could see him doing something monumentally stupid…something like trading this year’s first rounder and a young player like daye and/or jj for kamen just seems outta line with anything anyone else is saying. Just saying……….

      • Jan 28, 20128:14 pm
        by frankie d


        i guess  you’ve been living under a rock and have missed all of the braindead stuff joe d has done over the last few  years.  i won’t get into specifics, cause i’ve done so plenty of times.  the result is enough to contemplate: going from one of the league’s premier franchises to being considered one of its worst, a true laughing stock.  all the result of an unprecedented series of bad moves, moves voluntarily undertaken.  no title team has fallen as a result of such moves since the bird/magic era.
        yea…i hope he doesn’t continue to do dumb stuff like that.
        and, unless i’m mistaken, adrian w., one of the most well-connected nba reporters in the world, indicated in the quote above that joe d liked kamen.
        the implication, obviously, considering the nature of the article, is that detroit had an interest in kamen.
        silly me for drawing that conclusion from plain english.

  • Jan 28, 20123:23 pm
    by Max


    Kaman is a bandaid whose upside would ruin the Pistons lottery chances and whose downside is just to be hurt and miss all the games.  I think it’s a lose-lose.

    • Jan 28, 20126:16 pm
      by Mark


      You mean like how its ruined NOH’s lottery chances playing 22 mpg and leading them to a 3-15 record, worse than ours?

      Or how he ruined the Clippers lottery chances all those years?

      Please. He’s a good Center that would be a fine addition to our team, but he’s not that great that he’s going to suddenly carry us to a bunch of extra wins. We aren’t 1 player away, and if we were that 1 player would need to be of Dwight Howard=caliber, not Kaman-caliber. Adding one 2nd tier big man is not going to change much right now, but if we add more pieces, he would be an excellent piece to have. 7 foot, 270 lb low post scoring Centers don’t exactly grow on trees.

      • Jan 29, 20125:16 pm
        by Max


        The Pistons are not the Hornets though and are really just a center away from being pretty good.  If you pair Monroe with a decent center, the Pistons will be decent no matter the rest of the cast.  That’s my opinion but I don’t want the Pistons to be decent this year unless it was via a trade that added to core of the youth movement and Kamen doesn’t qualify.

  • Jan 28, 20123:37 pm
    by BlikkityBlah


    CV says on his Instagram acct that he needs ankle surgery – http://p.twimg.com/AkRa0QkCEAEywpq.jpg

    • Jan 28, 20125:43 pm
      by gordbrown


      This is not surprising his ankle hasn’t been right in almost a year. I’m just upset they played him at all. If he sits out a year and is unable to play, insurance kicks in and he comes off the cap. Better than amnesty even.

  • Jan 28, 20124:00 pm
    by Laser


    This would make no sense. Kaman accomplishes nothing. In a best case scenario, if the team had him for the entire season, we crack the playoffs and enjoy a bone-crushing first-round exit.
    If we had him all along, if we were smart we’d trade him to a contender for a package like New Orleans is asking. I don’t even think extending him would do much good, given his age and injury history. Getting him now would accomplish absolutely nothing. The team would be ONLY temporarily better, which is a bad thing.
    We can’t even realistically expect to sign him in the offseason, even though he’s a Michigan man and we’ve got a serious need for a player like him. We’d have to do some serious work clearing cap space (which won’t be easy), and his age doesn’t exactly fit with what we’re trying to accomplish here. Any player his age would better serve us as trade bait anyways.

  • Jan 28, 20124:04 pm
    by Steve K


    Don’t u guys realize we’re still a Playoff team. Kaman’s our missing piece!

    Joe Dumars

  • Jan 28, 20126:12 pm
    by Mark


    I’d trade Daye a 2nd rounder and salary filler for him.

  • Jan 28, 20126:50 pm
    by Ant


    In all likelyhood Dumars is prolly going to keep this roster till the end of the season which is smart in my eyes. He needs to get BG and Charlie playing as much as possible to prove to the rest of the leauge that they still can cotribute to an apropriate team that needs their skills (whatever that may be). The best ting to do is use them to trade up in the draft to whoever picks ahead of us by incorporating Bg and the #5 pick (or whichever pick we have) to someone like Washington who can use a veteran to who can score to play alongside Wall and still recieve a top 5 pick… You can also consider doing something With Charlotte and NO. eventough a trade with NO. prolly wont happen due to the situation of the team not having an owner. Stern wants to make that team as affordable and enticing as it can be, they are not going to want to pick up someone like BG because of his contract/contribution level don’t even out. 

  • Jan 28, 20127:52 pm
    by damian


    i’d totally trade one of big three for bad contracts and a second round pick for him. i could settle for giving up our first round pick if it meant bring eric gordon to detroit.
    i love playing with the trade machine…
    detroit gets: chris kaman
    nola gets: charlie v, maxiell, 2nd rounder
    he can’t be traded in combination with another player, makes it difficult. i would be quite down to absorb ariza’s contract, and even give up prince if we could move ben gordon or charlie villanodefense.

    • Jan 29, 20125:21 pm
      by Max


      One thing no one has brought up is that you don’t want to deal with New Orleans in general because you will be dealing with David Stern as GM who will rape your team and fine you if you complain about his methods or contradict his story at the press conference.   We will lose our first round pick in all probability through Stern’s strong arming if we enter into advanced discussion with the Hornets and that would be a disaster.

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