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Pistons and 76ers discussed Marreese Speights trade

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

The Pistons had trade discussions with the 76ers about power forward Marreese Speights, but Philadelphia specified that it only wanted picks and not a player. That eliminated the Pistons since they are over the salary cap.

The 76ers traded Speights to the Grizzlies, receiving two second-round picks. As part of the deal, the Grizzlies also sent Xavier Henry to the Hornets, who gave the 76ers one of the second-round picks.

The salary-cap rules prevent the Pistons from trading just picks for Speights, who’s in the last year of his rookie contract and set to be a restricted free agent this summer. But as Memphis did, Detroit could’ve traded a player to a third team with cap room, which would’ve sent another pick to Philadelphia.

For example, the Pistons trading Austin Daye (to the Hornets) and a second-round pick (to the 76ers) for Speights would have worked under the cap and follow the basic guideline of the actual trade. Would the Hornets take Daye instead of Henry? The 76ers would have likely prefer Detroit’s second-pick to the Grizzlies’ second-round pick. So with the right pressure, New Orleans might have been choosing between Daye and a 2013 second rounder, not Daye and Henry.

If the Pistons had the opportunity to make that trade – Daye and a 2012 second-round pick for Speights – I’d lean toward accepting. I wouldn’t beat up the Pistons for passing, if they had the opportunity. It’s a close call, considering how valuable that second rounder might be in this draft. But a developed Speights is likely more valuable than a developed Daye, simply because bigs are more valuable than wings.

Would you make the deal?*

*Daye and Detroit’s 2012 second-round pick for Speights is the hypothetical offer. No substituting a less-valuable player or pick. That’s not thought provoking. It’s annoying.


  • Jan 7, 20123:31 pm
    by rick77


    Is Dumars trying to get himself fired? I hope they did not have a real chance and this is water under the bridge. I hope he did not turn down a legitimate big man for a 6’11 shooting guard slash small forward. I hope this is a joke because people will continually eat Joe up for missing out on bigs. Look I understand maybe not getting Fasenko or even not trading Tay because I know Jerebko and Daye will never be able to guard the leagues best threes, but you do not I repeat do not pass up on young bigs. If this is true I am almost done with Joe Dumars. I mean I love what he did and what he has done but like he said the other night sometimes the organization has to do what is in the best interest of the organization ie Rip. I hope he can not just talk the talk but walk the walk when it is his time.

    • Jan 7, 20125:27 pm
      by Joe Dumars


      76ers wanted picks, not players. Re-read the article.

  • Jan 7, 20123:34 pm
    by rick77


    I would take Speights over Daye all day pardon the pun! We need someone to  beat Charlies V’s @$$ up in practice and maybe he gets the point. I am all for healthy competition which builds comraderie amongst the players. Makes them better and willing to go balls out every night. Kinda like the old Pistons.

    • Jan 7, 20124:37 pm
      by Shane


      I would trade Daye but I don’t know about the pick.. I don’t want the pistons to give up any draft picks in the near future(2012, 2013)

  • Jan 7, 20123:42 pm
    by Steve K


    The good news is that Joe D is actually working the phones. This is the proof.

    The bad news is that he’s not working them hard enough.

  • Jan 7, 20123:43 pm
    by Mike Payne


    “No substituting a less-valuable player or pick. That’s not thought provoking. It’s annoying.”
    Is there a less valuable player or pick?

    • Jan 7, 20123:54 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Mike, we get enough “Trade Jason Maxiell for him instead” comments that, yes.

  • Jan 7, 20123:47 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    The Pistons need not only size but a point guard to pass them the ball.  Hopefully Brandon Knight will be that player.

  • Jan 7, 20124:01 pm
    by TheFantasyPulse


    I like speights’ talent but the 76ers don’t have an elite big and he hasn’t earned consistent minutes. he also showed up to camp out of shape and isn’t good defensively. part of getting a winning pistons culture back is eliminating those kinds of guys from the roster and getting players who work hard and care about basketball. daye may not be one of those guys but trading one underachiever for another is just spinning wheels

  • Jan 7, 20124:12 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Why would the Hornets take Daye when they have Aminu and Ariza…

    • Jan 7, 20124:15 pm
      by TheFantasyPulse


      Hornets are looking to acquire young, cheap assets. Aminu and Ariza haven’t exactly proven that they are long term answers anyway

      • Jan 7, 20129:36 pm
        by gmehl1977


        Either has Daye. So that move would be just spinning wheels for the Hornets

  • Jan 7, 20125:04 pm
    by Mark


    Gee, why don’t we have cap space open for possible trades?

    Oh yeah, because Dummy Joey spent it all on a washed up SF and overrated PG who we didn’t even need, after just drafting a PG 8th overall.

    Nice to see Joe is seeking a big man in trades, but you don’t get awards for trying in pro sports. If he can’t get deals done, then we need someone else who can.

    And its debatable whether he actually discussed this deal with Philly, as his media henchmen have a history of making up stuff to make Joe look better, at the exact time the heat starts to come down on him from the fans. Coincidence?

    Anyone else sick and tired of reading about how we ALMOST got a trade?

    I must’ve read 20 of these almost trades over the last 3 years. In 20 tries, if he can’t execute 1 of these deals, we need a new GM. I just don’t see where Joe contributes anything anymore to improving this team. He hurts us financially overpaying avg players, wastes 2nd round picks like they are worthless, meanwhile trades Afflalo for a 2nd round pick, and cant complete a trade if his career depended on it.

    What does Joe bring to this team?

    I just don’t get what we are paying him for. He does nothing, but hinder us with bad contracts. Monroe/Knight were gifted to him, and even Matt Millen could’ve made those picks.

    All we heard over the last 3 yrs was give Joe a chance to fix his mistakes, well he had his chance now, and his first order of business was to REPEAT his mistakes, signing Tay (Rip ext 2.0) and Stuckey (Gordon 2.0). Enough already I cant take this team anymore.

    btw Austin Daye might be the worst player in the league. I dont any team that would want him. Another bust pick from Joe.

  • Jan 7, 20125:52 pm
    by frankie d


    definitely take speights.
    good bigs are tougher to find.
    wings are the easiest players to find in the league.  you can always sign a guy to shoot or score or be a defensive player on the wing.  there are guys like that sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. 
    but big guys with offensive skills are a lot tougher to get.
    don’t know why collins has soured on speights, but i would probably guess it is because of a lack of commitment to defense.
    but then, doug can be notoriously fickle.  remember, he gave up on theo ratliff just when it looked like ratliff was becoming the defensive force he’d turn into for the next 7 or 8 years.  never understood that move, so i always leave open that collins has moved a guy for less than sound or logical reasons.
    i’ve said it dozens of times about lots of big guys joe keeps passing on, but it is hard to understand why he won’t take a shot at one of these guys.  the team definitely needs them.

  • Jan 7, 20126:11 pm
    by sop


    Sorry Dan but your wrong about a second rounder being worth abnormally much in this draft. Last years draft was actually deeper in the second round range. This one is much better than last year for the lottery but it’s not a particularly deep draft.

  • Jan 7, 20126:50 pm
    by Sean


    I would like to see some life in the Pistons organization! Just to make a splash, I would talk to Gilbert Arenas and see what he is thinking about. Also, I would’ve rather paid T-Mac some money than Rodney. I like Rodney, but not at that ticket.

  • Jan 7, 20127:57 pm
    by ryan


    I think I would do the deal as proposed. I have no reservations about moving Austin Daye and was very publicly against drafting him in the first place so what gives me pause is that second round pick. I think we could get a valuable player with that pick or perhaps package it to move up.
    But basically yes. Marreese Speights is a solid young big man and Austin Daye is a summer league all-star that’s an easy deal to do. I am glad to hear that Joe Dumars is on the phone and I hope he’ll find a better deal soon.

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