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Maurice Evans compares Wizards to 2006 Pistons

The Washington Wizards are easily the most entertainingly dysfunctional team in the league. After yesterday’s latest JaVale McGee showboating — he did an alley-oop to himself while the Wizards were down by double figures — Flip Saunders lost it. Via Mike Prada of SB Nation, former Piston Maurice Evans had an interesting comparison for his current team:

Veteran Mo Evans also agreed with Saunders, saying the experience reminded him of when he was with the Detroit Pistons and they kept losing in the Eastern Conference Finals.

“I’ve been on a team in the past where we kind of showboated a little bit, and we were winning and in the playoffs. As a result, we went to Miami that year and got beat the heck up,” he said. I think that’s something people will look at. We already are struggling to get wins and we don’t need to try to get someone else back.”

Interestingly, Evans (who may or may not have had the best relationship with that 2006 team) doesn’t mention a little important footnote in the equation — that Saunders was the coach in both of these scenarios. Probably wouldn’t have been the best idea to mention that — “I remember this other time playing for Flip Saunders when our team would also play undisciplined.” I don’t remember Saunders being that publicly vocal when his Pistons teams would get complacent, but I guess it’s easier to forgive when your team is a title contender rather than a bottom feeder.


  • Jan 17, 201211:26 am
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    That JaVale McGee showboating dunk was so tacky.  he should have gotten a technical for that.

  • Jan 17, 201212:32 pm
    by Daye or Knight


    Tacky or not, if the Wizards are going to bench their best center because of his dunk then by all means Flip, do us a favor and send him to us! I personally think he would be great for the Pistons cause he’s the shot blocking low post player we have been looking for and if I was Dumars I would at least look into his availability…with that being said, I doubt the Wizards would give him up but it would be at least worth a try.

    • Jan 17, 20121:07 pm
      by sebastian


      Daye and Knight, for the last two weeks I have been advocating for the acquisition of the services of JaVele McGee. As I have written before, McGee is indeed the perfect addition to OUR roster that WE need.
      If WE continue to witness growth in Monroe’s game, WE would need to be very particular about who it is that WE acquire to play with him.
      Because of Monroe’s style, he’s not the fleetest of foot or the quickest leaper, he would need to play with a big who brings complimentary skills, such as a quick leaper, faster player, who is also tall. Guys, like Cousins, Gasol, Bynum, etc. are not only unavailable, but are slower plodding, space eaters that would get in Monroe’s way.
      On the other hand, a guy like McGee would play well with Monroe. McGee is a quick leaper, who rebounds (10 rpg), block shots (3.7), and scores (12.2 ppg) off of dunks and alley-oops where plays don’t have to be run for him. He can do the same for US, without getting in Monroe’s way.
      What I also like about McGee is that he runs the floor extremely well, which would do wonders for OUR fastbreak game. And lastly, McGee is young (23 years old) from Flint. He has a the best combination of youth, skill, and experience that would be an exceptional addition to OUR frontline.
      The time to go get him is now, while the Wizards are struggling and while he is becoming frustrated with being a Wizard.
      Here’s how WE acquire him: Trade the Wizards OUR 2012 First Round Pick, Daye, and Charlie V. for he (McGee) and Chris Singleton. Singleton would be an extra special heist in this proposed deal.

  • Jan 17, 20121:00 pm
    by vic


    Its a game of entertainment, with a crowd watching, and doing a highlight dunk is a problem?
    wow. they were only down, 4, what if he wants to excite the crowd or excite his team.

    glass half full to me. Yeah that’s a coaching problem.

    If they hadn’t lost Larry Brown, we could have had at least 2 or 3 more championships.

  • Jan 17, 20121:02 pm
    by vic


    I’d take Javale McGee in a millisecond. I’d trade anything except Monroe, Knight, or 2012 1st round pick.
    Monroe & McGee. That’ll work in the marketing department too.

    • Jan 17, 20121:16 pm
      by sebastian


      Vic, WE would have to give up something to get something.
      I would easily offer OUR 2012 Pick for McGee and Chris Singleton. Both of these guys are young and still developing.
      Yes, I have heard the that the 2012 Draft is suppose to be full of great prospects, but I would play the promotion of the upcoming draft to get known, young quantities, now.

      • Jan 17, 20122:41 pm
        by vic


        depends on what pic we get. Top 5. when possible superstars are available, I wouldnt trade it for a role player, however big that role is.. 6 and up… yeah i’d trade it for mcgee. We could do that on draft night if we wanted.

  • Jan 17, 20121:59 pm
    by Tim


    they were actually only down by 6 before that dunk.  its pretty tacky and shows mcgee’s maturity level.

  • Jan 17, 20122:21 pm
    by frankie d


    maybe the dunk was not the most mature thing to do.
    but he’s a young player and unfortunately, he is playing in a dysfunctional environment.
    i’ve never been a flip saunders fan and the fact that he’s failed to get a handle on his wizards team is further proof of his ineffectiveness as a coach.
    mcgee surely would look nice on the pistons roster, however.  i’d trade anything on the roster, except for monroe, knight and next year’s first rounder for him.  
    who knows, the wizards might be tired of his act and they may want to send the rest of the team a message by moving him.
    i also have zero faith in joe d’s ability to pull off a trade of that sort.

  • Jan 17, 20126:04 pm
    by frankie d


    lot of discussion about mcgee’s stupid dunk last night.looks like there might be an opening to pry mcgee from washington.joe d should strike while the iron is hot.here’s the link to the wash. post article on it and there is a short video discussion that is interesting, about halfway down the page. the reporters strongly imply that mcgee might have worn out his welcome.by the way, nick young’s comments show me that he is definitely as dumb as i always thought he was.  what a doofus.  talk about not getting it.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wizards-insider/post/javale-mcgees-upsetting-highlight-dunk/2012/01/16/gIQApiUC4P_blog.html

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