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Lack of practice time takes away team bonding opportunities

The impact of the compressed NBA schedule is having a negative impact on every team in the league when it comes to not having enough practice time, particularly for a team like the Pistons that is trying to learn a new coach’s system. But via Terry Foster of The Detroit News, no practice time also is detrimental to simply developing relationships between coaches and teammates:

They’ve only had two full practices the past two weeks and coach Lawrence Frank wanted to get some work in. But the other reason for the practice was to allow the team to bond more.

“We try to get as much court time as possible,” assistant coach Dee Brown said. “We try to text each other and talk to each other as much as possible because it builds a brotherhood. You’ve got to build a brotherhood in Detroit and try to be around each other. You can text and Skype but we got to touch each other and be around each other and try to grow our game.”

Considering the entire coaching staff save for Brian Hill is new and that the Pistons have a handful of new players this year — Brandon Knight, Vernon Macklin, Damien Wilkins and Walker Russell, as well as Jonas Jerebko, who didn’t play at all last season, a lack of on-court familiarity has been noticeable at times. It’s far from Detroit’s biggest problem, but it’s certainly one that would’ve been less pointed if the schedule had been arranged to allow teams to practice more.

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  • Jan 23, 20122:14 pm
    by Upper Michigan


    I’ll tell you what might bond this team together.  Franks, Wilkins and Russell.  Plus Monroe, Knight and Jerebko.  Their hustle and bustle just might wake up the rest of this team.  Heck, even Slow Mo Charlie might jump on board and play some defense.

    I have to say that I am looking forward to this nights game.  We aren’t going to win, but I would be happy to see a good effort like they gave in the last game.

    I am hard to please, but if I see a good effort, teamwork, some defense, and a will to win, I can suffer through losses.

    Go Pistons.

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