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Joel Anthony is beating Greg Monroe in the All-Star fan voting

The second returns for NBA All-Star fan balloting are in and check out how the center race in the East is shaping up:

Centers: Dwight Howard (Orlando) 1,161,797; Joakim Noah (Chicago) 141,683; Tyson Chandler (New York) 107,735; Joel Anthony (Miami) 67,210; JaVale McGee (Washington) 41,249; Al Horford (Atl) 35,860.

Honestly, I know that fans continuously get it wrong in All-Star voting. I also know that Howard, deservedly, will not be beat out in the voting. But Joel Anthony fourth among East centers? I understand Noah second and Chandler third, even if they’re not deserving this year, they play in big markets and they are big names. I even understand Horford sixth. Even though he’s injured and possibly out for the year, fans have a tendency to vote for names they know. I’m surprised Yao isn’t leading West centers as a write-in candidate.

Greg Monroe shouldn’t be voted in as a starter in the game, I’m not making that case. But he is arguably deserving of making the All-Star team. He and Spencer Hawes would probably be choices 1a and 1b for the backup center spot with Noah and Andrew Bogut having down seasons and Al Horford injured. Even if he doesn’t stand a chance in the voting, it’s a massive fail by the Pistons that they aren’t touting his All-Star credentials all over their website. They should be sending out Monroe highlight reels and All-Star propoganda to media everywhere, encouraging fans to vote for him multiple times, etc. That would at the very least help make his candidacy for a reserve spot stronger (Kevin Love’s very successful promotional campaign last year is a great example).

We saw the same thing hurt Monroe last year. He plays on a bad team that doesn’t get any national media attention, and the team wasn’t very aggressive last year in promoting his candidacy for awards. Not surprisingly, with little buzz around his candidacy, Monroe got shafted in the All-Rookie voting. Despite his fantastic start to this season, he still toils in relative anonymity outside of Detroit. The team has a true, bona fide asset with the potential to develop into a franchise player in Monroe. It’s the first time since Grant Hill they’ve had a young player like that, and the Pistons should be going out of their way to make sure everyone recognizes that. Monroe has actual basketball credentials that are worthy of being touted. If Vanilla Ice is worth this kind of promotion, Greg Monroe certainly is.

And if you want to help Monroe not get crushed in the voting, here’s the link.


  • Jan 19, 20123:42 pm
    by tarsier


    10,000 votes for Anthony would be a travesty. But 67,000?!?! Come on, fans, this is pathetic. Monroe isn’t the point. That anyone would vote for Anthony is. But wow, this is amazing, all-star voting really may as well be over.

  • Jan 19, 20123:49 pm
    by sebastian


    Patrick Hayes wrote: “But he is arguably deserving of making the All-Star team.”
    PH be for real, man. You sound like George Blaha with that statement. How it the heck does GM deserve to be on the All-Star team on a 3-12 team. And, there is no telling how bad OUR record will be on March 1.
    Stop being a homer, man.

    • Jan 19, 20123:59 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      The three best centers are the Eastern Conference this season are Howard, Hawes and Monroe. Hawes has actually been injured and not playing as well the last two weeks.

      Kevin Love made the All-Star team last year from a terrible Minnesota team. Blake Griffin made it and the Clips were not a playoff team. David Lee and Chris Kaman made it from non-playoff teams in 2010.

      The team’s record has nothing to do with whether or not Monroe is deserving. He’s arguably the second most productive center in the East this year. An AS selection is an individual achievement, not a team award.

      If you want to make an argument, as Jim Calhoun would say, get some facts, then come back to me.

      • Jan 20, 201211:29 am
        by sebastian


        Fist off Mr. Smarty Pants, I like GM’s game. I just don’t think that he should be anointed or gifted an All-Star appearance so suddently. Let’s just allow Mr. GM to get a few more games under his belt, proving that he is deserving of an invite. And, yes, have representative numbers on a far more successful team. Again, WE are 3-12 and the number on the left side will grow dramatically, as the season continues.
        Now, for my statistical case as to why Mr. GM should not be on this year’s Eastern Conference All-Star Team:
        1- There will be only 2 Centers invited to play on March 1 in Orlando. The current host and leading All-Star vote recipient is Dwight Howard, so the first Center spot is taken.
        2- The second Center position will be the coaches choice. That player will surely be selected from the two Centers that play on either of the following two teams: 1) Chicago – Joakim Noah (Chi) 7.1 ppg, 8.2 rpg, 1.1 bpg or 2) New York – Tyson Chandler (NYK) 10.0 ppg, 9.5 rpg, 1.3 bpg. Keep in mind the Bulls are the leaders of the East and Tyson Chandler was a member of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks, last season, and is currently consider the second best defending Center in the East and I dare say the League.
        But, if the coaches don’t select any of the aforementioned subs, then they may take a look at one of the following, which I doubt, but since you want to see numbers hear you are in no particular order:
        Spencer Hawes (Phi) 10.4 ppg, 9.8 rpg, 1.7 bpg
        Andrea Bargnani (Tor) 22.3 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 0.6 bpg
        Roy Hibbert (Ind) 13.8 ppg, 9.6 rpg, 1.6 bpg
        Andrew Bogut (Mil) 12.9 ppg, 8.9 rpg, 2.0 bpg
        JaVele McGee (Was) 11.6 ppg, 10.1 rpg, 3.0 bpg
        Anyone of these Centers will give GM a game.
        Yes, GM is certainly the starting Center on the Sophomore Team (Rookie/Sophomore Challenge), but like I said before – he should not be considered for the Eastern Conference representative as the back-up Center, even though his numbers, after 15 games are respectable – 16.1 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 0.5 bpg; but WE are 3-12 and losing badly by an average of 9.7 points per game.
        P.S. I would have responded sooner, but I have a real job.

        • Jan 20, 201212:33 pm
          by Patrick Hayes


          Love that I get the “Mr. Smarty Pants” tag even though you were the one to break out the smart assery in your original comment.

          I’ll amend my response to include Bargnani, I’d put him, Monroe and Hawes in the convo for that second center spot.

          The rest of your “research” is flawed. Chandler is a role player who has never been an All-Star. Also, what he did last year with Dallas is irrelevant to this year’s all-star game, which is based on this season.

          Noah is struggling so much that he’s been getting benched in favor of Asik or Gibson in fourth quarters. Bogut is stills struggling with injuries. The thought of coaches actually picking JaVale for the backup spot literally made me LOL at my desk (the one I sit at for my real job).

          Again, team success has no bearing on selection for this INDIVIDUAL award. It is based on what has occurred this season. THIS season, Monroe is one of the five most productive centers in the league. That could change, he could slump and if he does, that should and will affect whether or not he’s a candidate for the team. But as of right now, his numbers compare favorably with anyone you mentioned, and are superior in many cases. Also, not sure what those guys “giving Monroe a game” is supposed to mean, but you do realize that Monroe has out-performed Hibbert, Noah and Bogut in head-to-head matchups this season, right?

          It’s not being a homer to recognize the statistical leap he’s made this season and to say that that’s worthy of all-star consideration.

          • Jan 20, 20122:24 pm
            by sebastian

            Yo Patrick, I was admittedly a bit smart assery in my initial response, but it was a lure to solicit a response from you; just like the “real job” statement was intended to be.
            Truth be told, I really appreciate the work that you do from your desk at PistonPowered. Keep up the good work!
            But, I still wouldn’t vote for GM to be on the All-Star team, yet, as the sample size is still too small.
            From a fellow Pistons fan.

          • Jan 20, 20122:33 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            I wouldn’t “vote” for him either in the sense that I think he should start over Howard or anything like that. I was more just pointing out that it is a joke that someone like Joel Anthony could be in the top five vote getters and Monroe remains an afterthought.

            I don’t think he’ll make the team and, if pressed, I’d probably pick Bargnani this year as the backup just because he’s improved so much, particularly on D. But I do think he merits strong consideration for a spot.

            (Also, as a side note, PP is just a hobby. I actually do work full time at a day job and try to be a productive member of society who doesn’t just write my nonsensical opinions about sports all day)

          • Jan 20, 20124:46 pm
            by tarsier

            “what he did last year with Dallas is irrelevant to this year’s all-star game, which is based on this season”

            While I agree that this should be the case, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

          • Jan 20, 20124:50 pm
            by tarsier

            Also, team success matters because it shows the difference between being good (capable of increasing your team’s odds of winning) and being productive (capable of getting big stats). Replace Monroe with Lebron, and this team would have home court for the first round of the playoffs. Obviously, nobody expects Monroe to be James. But my point is that really good players make wins. Usually it takes a couple years before young guys can translate their production to winning. The fact that their all-star selections follow suit seems perfectly reasonable.

          • Jan 20, 20124:51 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            So you think coaches will put Chandler on the team because he won a title last year with Dallas?

          • Jan 20, 20124:54 pm
            by Patrick Hayes

            “Replace Monroe with Lebron, and this team would have home court for the first round of the playoffs.”

            Monroe is not competing with James for an All-Star spot. He’s competing with a bunch of centers who have decent numbers but also players who no one would confuse with franchise players other than Dwight.

          • Jan 20, 20124:55 pm
            by tarsier

            I sure hope not. But I’m guessing it will help his cause. Not enough since NY isn’t winning. But if they were top 4 in the east and Chandler was still doing 10/10 on 70% FG, yeah I think his championship last year would push him over the top into an all star berth.

          • Jan 20, 20124:57 pm
            by tarsier

            I wasn’t trying to imply that Monroe was competing with Lebron for an all-star berth. I was just using James as an example of how really good players not only get stats but translate them into wins. It would hardly be a shock if this team without Monroe had the same record it currently does. That hurts Monroe’s cause.

  • Jan 19, 20124:19 pm
    by Upper Michigan


    I love Greg Monroe and believe he is going to become a player in this league.  Especially, if he continues to progress.

    An All Star?  No.  Lets face it, he is on a team that isn’t even on the NBA radar for the lowest flying planes,

    Also, since he is playing out of position (he isn’t a true center) which position will he be considered for?  A center?  A forward?  Hmmm?

    By the way, and for what it’s worth, Kevin Love did not impress me last night.  He does have skills, but he is no Laimbeer.  Not even close.

    And here is where I draw a comparison.  Monroe – Laimbeer – and a true center – Bob Lanier.

    Let us see what develops with Monroe.  I hope he becomes an all star.  But, what I see right now, he isn’t even a back up.  And being on the Pistons even makes his chances worse.



    • Jan 19, 20124:22 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “An All Star?  No.”

      He’s statistically the second best healthy center in the East. Name me another center having a better season than him right now other than Howard.

      “Also, since he is playing out of position (he isn’t a true center) which position will he be considered for?”

      He’s on the ballot as a center. He plays most of his minutes as a center. Therefore, he’s a center.

      “But, what I see right now, he isn’t even a back up. “

      That’s insane.

      • Jan 19, 20126:39 pm
        by chuj


        i see your point, but health has never been a factor in all-star voting, and i think its a good thing, excluding yaoesque (only 8-time an all star? it felt more like 16)

        joel anthony is ahead of monroe because lebron/wade/heat fans vote for all heat players available and to be honest, i did the same thing for half the decade.. ah those were the days

        • Jan 20, 20129:15 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          Oh, I totally get why he’s ahead in the voting. I just think the team has really dropped the ball when it comes to hyping their own guy. That’s why teams have PR/marketing departments. The Pistons have one of the rarest commodities in basketball — a young big man having an outstanding statistical season — and instead they’re hyping up Vanilla Ice and Rob Base performances.

          • Jan 20, 20129:46 am
            by apa8ren9

            Let me shout out to gmehl1977 for helping me develop this thought a bit more.
            Have the Pistons ever really put on a campaign like that for a player?  Maybe its a strategy of theirs when it comes to negotiating time?  It may save them a couple hundred thousand/million or 2 over the years with various players.  They can always say to someone like Stuckey and Monroe.  We will pay you fair market but not the extra 1-2 million that comes with being a 3-4 time Allstar by the time you are 25-26? 

  • Jan 19, 20124:50 pm
    by apa8ren9


    I would make the case that being an all-star is quite possibly the most over-rated achievement in basketball.  You know what you achievement you should chase after that has merit?  All-NBA teams.  Its not sexy and it gets over looked because it comes out at the end of the year.  That achievement means something.   That means that you are TOP 3 at your position for the ENTIRE year.  Not half a season, where we see some of these guys fall off in the second half.  That elite status is reserved for the best of the best.  I want to develop some of those guys.  And I want Monroe on that team. I know Im getting ahead of myself with Monroe, but that should be the goal becasue it actually means he accomplished something.

    • Jan 19, 20129:37 pm
      by tarsier


      overlooked? when comparing resumes of players, who fails to include all-nba selections?

      • Jan 20, 20128:53 am
        by apa8ren9


        It doesnt get overlooked by Die hards.  But the masses over look it all the time.  You know as well as I do that the All-star game is a glorified exhibition but it gets the casuals whipped into a frenzy.   Anybody can be an all-star with a good half of a season.  Maybe its included in your circle, and I havent been posting here very long but,  The term All-NBA third team doesnt come up as much as X time all star.  My point is there is a measurement that means something and I dont believe All-star is it.

        • Jan 20, 20129:17 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          I don’t think anyone would disagree that All-NBA is probably more prestigious and meaningful, but All-Star recognitions aren’t insignificant, especially because the exposure players get participating into the game leads to $$. That’s not a significant thing on the court, but a player who can sell jerseys, sell tickets, etc. is very significant and All-Star appearances certainly help their ability to do that.

          • Jan 20, 20129:32 am
            by apa8ren9

            You are right and maybe my tone was a bit off.  I dont discount it totally, I just think that its a bit overblown.  It does lead to money.  I will acknowledge that.   Its great for fans, but I want Monroe’s name on that small blurb in the paper under All NBA second or third team in 2012.  He can make that team and not be an All-star.  After that the All-star selections will come automatically.

          • Jan 20, 20129:47 am
            by Patrick Hayes

            I’m with you. The team doing a better job of promoting his accomplishments can help on that front too.

        • Jan 20, 20124:52 pm
          by tarsier


          you’re probably right. i only have a handful of people o talk basketball with so i dont really know the public perceptions besides a couple voices and what i read online.

  • Jan 19, 20124:55 pm
    by gmehl1977


    I assume that this is why big time NBA free agents don’t come to Detroit because they don’t get the media attention that they would elsewhere. If Monroe gets snubbed maybe not this year but in future years after playing well then i wouldn’t be very surprised that he might just think f**k it and decide leave. All star selection garners a lot of bargaining power come contract time and any player that says they don’t care getting selected is lying.

    • Jan 19, 20126:22 pm
      by apa8ren9


      I never thought about it from a bargaining perspective because I thought it was so overhyped.  But yes, now it makes sense.  Now I see why the players are always tripping over themselves to get that All-Star selection.  Thanks. I’ll file that info away for the mandatory “who got snubbed for the all-game” discussion that comes up every year.

  • Jan 19, 20125:03 pm
    by Tae


    James Harden is listed as a forward.
    Shut up about out-of-position, seriously.

  • Jan 20, 20125:29 am
    by danny


    Get rid of fan voting in all sports. Stuff like this proves little fans take it seriously and make a mockery of it, so why continue to try and interact this way with them?

    • Jan 20, 20129:24 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Voters continuously fail, but I’m OK with it. Letting fans see who they want to see is fine with me, as long as an adequate job is done picking the reserves. I do wish they’d expand the rosters by one or two players though. It’s going to be a shame watching the West roster shake out this year. Griffin and Bynum will get voted in, but guys like P Gasol/M Gasol/Love/Aldridge/Nene/Gortat/Al Jeff all have legit cases but will get squeezed b/c of roster limits.

      • Jan 20, 201211:32 am
        by tarsier


        They already have 12 players. There is no time in a game to be playing more than 12 players per team. And if you expanded to 15, it would just reduce what makes someone a legit all-star, and so by the new definition there would be new solid candidates getting squeezed. No, I definitely think 12 is plenty.

  • Jan 20, 20125:34 am
    by danny


    And I agree with Patrick about Monroe being deserving. Your teams record shouldnt matter just like fans opinions shouldnt. Its all about (or should be) who is worthy in the given year. Monroe has flat out played just as good or better than every Center in the East other than Howard.

  • Jan 20, 20128:23 am
    by Steve K


    Does Monroe deserve to be an All-star? That’s debatable.

    Should he be in the discussion? Absolutely!

    As PH, statistically, Monroe fares well with every non-Howard center in the League, not just the East. He’s done extremely well this season, and I’m quite disappointed the Pistons’ organization dropped the ball on his campaign. Perhaps they don’t realize what they have.

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