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Joe Dumars: No short-term trades

Joe Dumars, via Keith Langlois of Pistons.com, on trades that would help the Pistons this season:

“You’ll get some of those offers,” he said. “But that’s where the discipline comes in. If what someone’s offering is not someone that’s going to be a part of your core going forward or it’s not a financial gain for us, then it really doesn’t make sense. That’s the discipline we’re going to stay with and continue forward with.”


  • Jan 17, 20122:09 pm
    by tarsier


    But at the same time, he won’t go the other way and take a loss in the short term to help the team’s future.

  • Jan 17, 20122:26 pm
    by Marvin Jones


    My only problem with his statement is if the “long view” is what he’s looking at then why play D Wilkins as Prince’s backup instead of Daye, regardless of his struggles, since Wilkins is a short term fix and we need to see if Daye can be part of the core going forward; maybe more and more consistent minutes will build up his confidence since we know he CAN shoot; at 3 and 10 what do we have to lose.

    • Jan 17, 20122:51 pm
      by Sean Corp


      Wilkins was not originally Prince’s backup. Daye got those minutes for the first handful of games and totally crapped the bed. Hopefully Daye can play his way out of it, but you have to allow the coach to sit a guy who isn’t performing and reward a vet who is bringing it, especially when you’re talking about bench roles.

      • Jan 17, 20123:03 pm
        by frankie d


        total fiction.
        daye had two bad games, then he had a good game.
        by the 4th game – after two bad games and one good game – franks had started giving those minutes to wilkins.
        i know facts can be inconvenient at times, but that is what happened.  if you don’t remember the games, go over to nba.com or basketball reference and look at the numbers.
        what frank is doing with wilkins/daye is a sad story that has been repeated over and over again with the pistons.
        playing marginal vets who will not be with the team long term, to the disadvantage of young players who are supposed to be developing.
        and giving a young guy two games is not giving that guy a chance to grab and solidify his role.
        for an example of how good coaches do that, look at what doug collins did with jodie meeks, a STARTER who was going through a similar, horrendous shooting slump.

        • Jan 17, 20123:18 pm
          by apa8ren9


          If Wilkins is as sorry as you keep saying, then why cant Daye beat him out.   The coach wants to win games.  I know you see that Daye isnt helping in that regard.  Why cant Daye stay on the floor when he gets minutes?  Cause right now he is embarrassing himself.   He is still getting chances but he is not producing.   Why do you keep wanting to play guys that dont help win?  You know what you get from Wilkins and the immediate task for Daye is simple, play better than that guy and take his minutes.  If he cant do that then why is he on the team?  I want him to get out of this slump and he has the entire season to do it.  I hope he does.  But the accountability is there, no excuses for him.  Your hate of Dumars is blinding you to the bigger picture.  This is Daye’s development as a player.  If he plays better, they will have an alternative to Ben Gordon at a lower cost and have a chance at winning more games

          • Jan 17, 20123:33 pm
            by frankie d

            you answered your own post.
            nba coaches always go with vets because, as you say: “You know what you get from Wilkins…”
            it may not be much, as is obvious by his 8 year nba career, but you do know exactly what you will get.  with young players, you don’t know and that is the problem.
            young players get better by playing.  not sitting on the bench.
            that is simple.

        • Jan 17, 20123:39 pm
          by apa8ren9


          In this case, this “young player” Austin Daye – if he doesnt beat out this vet and claim his rightful minutes that you just want to hand him when he doesnt deserve it, then we can get another better “young player” and he can take his 3pt airballs to another team when his contract is up.

          • Jan 17, 20128:49 pm
            by gmehl1977

            That new young player might be Harrison Barnes if we don’t get Drummond or Davis i presume.

        • Jan 17, 20123:44 pm
          by Dynamizer


          Did you even watch the Boston game? His stats came in garbage time and they weren’t even that good, especially since he didn’t hit a three (supposedly his main skill). Oh yeah, and if I remember correctly a couple of his rebounds came when he was rebounding his own missed shot multiple times in ONE possession (that’s a very fluky way to get rebounds and shouldn’t be viewed as a positive). That’s not a good player or even a serviceable player (and I actually like Daye).

          I know facts can be inconvenient but stop with the revisionist history. 

          I also love how when you are arguing in favor of Daye you mention he played two bad games and one good game (I disagree about that game) but when putting blame on Frank you only credit Daye with getting two games and then the hook. Try being consistent.

          It’s been said over and over but Daye has been in this league for three years now and cannot bring enough positives to outweigh his negatives in order to stay on the court. Quit beating this dead horse and move on.

        • Jan 17, 20123:49 pm
          by Sean Corp


          Daye’s supposed good game was greatly aided by the fact that he was given garbage time minutes to help him boost his stat line. In the 12 minutes he played before everyone emptied their bench, Daye was 3-7 with three fouls, 2 rebounds and a turnover. That doesn’t include the things you can’t check back in the box score, which includes his poor defensive rotations, bad pick and roll defense and looking utterly lost on the floor.

          He is getting minutes sporadically and doing nothing with it. I can’t see how a team who has not reined in the leash one bit on the struggling Brandon Knight, even with Rodney Stuckey coming back from injury, gets criticized for sitting someone like Daye. Daye is not Darko 2.0.

          • Jan 17, 20124:36 pm
            by frankie d

            you just answered your own post.
            knight has struggled mightily at times.
            yet he starts each game.  
            i think it is great.   in fact, that is how you develop young players.
            you provide them with confidence by sticking with them as they go through their inevitable tough times.  that is exactly what has happened with knight and both he and the team will be better for it.  
            the worst thing to do with young players is how detroit has handled daye.  and many young guys before him.
            he’s been the best, or one of the best players for the team the last two preseasons.
            yet, each time, he’s been put on a short leash, constantly put on notice that he may be coming off the floor and benched.
            franks mentioned that he is not in the rotation.  you note that he gets sporadic time.
            again, that is THE worst way to handle young players.  especially young players with confidence issues.
            what is doubly ironic is that we now have dumars on record as saying that he is rebuilding and that he wishes to build his young core of players.
            how is that goal enhanced by playing a retread vet in place of one of your core players, a former first round pick?
            again, this is a sad story that has been repeated so many times, it would be funny if not so infuriating.
            yesterday, the posting on dujuan summers brought forth a perfect example of that same dynamic.
            the last couple of years, the general consensus was that summers was a bum and a wasted draft choice and someone who’d better get his passport up to date cause he was going to need it for the euro leagues.  no one, everyone but this poster argued, would ever give that bum a shot in the nba.
            well, it turns out that that bum has moved into a starting position for new orleans.
            he’s earning minutes on a defensive-minded team because he is getting a legitimate shot at playing.  it is funny…sometimes young guys, when they get a shot, they actually learn from their mistakes and grow and become players.  but they only do that on a court.  it doesn’t happen on anyone’s bench. 
            and a guy that most on this forum had written off has all of a sudden gotten a shot because he is actually playing and not just watching from a bench.

          • Jan 17, 20124:51 pm
            by ottawa1616

            Frankie D, looks as though we have similar views upon reading your comments. I dont really post on pistonpowered but may start since Freep is practically dead. I also thought Summers had game. He reminded me of a poor mans Carmelo cuz he could score from all angles yet also a slightly better defender and similar body build. I have not kept up with him since we let him go but its comical.

    • Jan 17, 20128:12 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Marvin, I think signing and playing Wilkins could fit Dumars’ overall strategy. If the Pistons were concerned only with making Daye a good player as soon as possible, building his confidence would be the best route.

      But Dumars said the Pistons’ vision is long term. In the long term, Wilkins will ideally push Daye and make him better. If the Pistons went above and beyond to boost Daye’s confidence and he became a useful rotation tomorrow, it’d be inevitable he faces a bigger challenge down the road. Maybe, more confident, he’d be more equipped to handle it. Maybe, his mental struggles would just be postponed. When is that stiffer challenge most likely to occur? When opponents are better and play more physically — the playoffs.

      Wouldn’t you rather Daye face this test now instead of when the stakes are higher? Isn’t that best for the Pistons in the long term?

      If Daye can’t beat Wilkins for a rotation spot now, given the issue appears to be mostly mental, I’d have serious reservations about his ability to deliver down the road when the going gets tough.

      • Jan 17, 20129:55 pm
        by frankie d


        lots of young players have confidence issues.
        as i’ve mentioned plenty of times, dennis rodman often went through stages when he couldn’t make a layup, but daly understood how to deal with his lack of confidence.
        scottie pippen was notorious for choking, as a young player,  the worst time being his infamous migrane headache against detroit in the playoffs.  phil jackson had plenty of times when he had to deal with an insecure pippen, with low confidence.  his ability to deal with guys like pippen, like daly’s ability to deal with guys like rodman, is one of the things that made both such good coaches.
        lesser coaches often lose talented players because of their inability to deal with such players.
        young players often have issues with their confidence.  it is up to the organization to figure out ways to make certain that they deal with those issues.
        frankly, i see no evidence whatsoever that joe d is using any sort of strategy in signing wilkins.  it smells too much like other acquisitions in the past that were clearly not designed to push young players, but instead ended up helping to push those young players out of town.
        i’d only hope that joe d had the ability to engage in that type of strategic thinking.  again, i see no evidence of it whatsoever, as he typically looks like he is operating from the seat of his pants.

  • Jan 17, 20122:53 pm
    by sebastian


    With the Rockets coming to the Palace tonight, maybe Joe can take some time to talk to Daryl Morey. Get in that guys ear and offer them Daye, the rights to Kyle Singler, and a future 2nd round pick for: Terrance Williams and Hasheem Thabeet.

  • Jan 17, 20122:56 pm
    by frankie d


    dumars crawls out from under his rock and uses his designated mouthpiece to get his propaganda out.
    no real questions that probe.
    no real questions that demand tough answers.
    just pablum offered up, probably because the buzz about his inactivity and incompetence is starting to even penetrate his sanctuary.
    it is pretty funny, in fact, cause he usually pokes his head out at times when there is a lot of noise in the fan forums about his not doing certain things.  about his failures.  it is almost as though someone monitors the forums, notifies him about the discontent and then he rings up keith langlois in order to provide his public response.
    my  guess is that it is not a coincidence, but a result of the team responding to fan anger, as expressed in these forums.
    as far as the substance of dumars remarks, there was no substance.  nothing but cliched responses that he might have even provided via email.
    i wonder how wilkins fits into the “long term”.  how he is not a quick fix.
    how does wilkins taking minutes away from young players help your young talent base?
    the previous post about mo evans was instructive because the exact same issues that plague the team now, were starting to surface then.   a guy like evans – a journeyman’s journeyman – taking PT from a young player and then being shipped out.
    for nothing.
    when have we seen that scenario?  
    how many times has joe d done that?
    brought in an old vet, who might be just a little bit more prepared than a talented young player….played that vet and in the process, prevented that young player from getting valuable PT, and then turned around and either released the vet or traded him for virtually nothing.
    and in the end, you have a young player who still needs PT to develop, a young player without much value on the trade market, and the old vet is gone.
    virtually a wasted year in terms of player development.

    • Jan 17, 20123:34 pm
      by neutes


      I’m trying to get what you’re saying. Problem is Daye sucks ass. Like to the point where he just wastes possessions by throwing up junk or throwing the ball in the stands. How is that beneficial to the development of the rest of the team? You don’t care about the other players on the court? If Frank needs Wilkins on the court to do simple things like don’t shoot or turn the ball over and set good screens so the rest of these guys can learn and get experience with the offense and have some sort of stability that’s should be fine.

      There are still guys like Knight, Stuckey, Gordon, Prince, and Monroe that would like to shoot the ball. How are they going to do that when Daye is taking all the shots (Daye leads the team in shots per minute). If Daye was making them it might be a different story, but he’d have to be making them at a pretty good clip. Wilkins doesn’t shoot so others can.

      • Jan 17, 20124:07 pm
        by frankie d


        what is is about english that some of you…less than astute folks, i should say, don’t understand.
        daye is a young player.
        young players go through slumps.
        daye is going through a shooting slump.
        players going through shooting slumps don’t break out of those shooting slumps from the bench.
        as any idiot knows if they have watched nba basketball for any length of time, shooters break out of shooting slumps by continuing to shoot.
        giving a young player 2 games and then essentially benching him – despite a good third game – is a horrible way to handle a young player, especially a young player who has an acknowledged confidence problem.
        it is in the team’s best interest to do everything it can to help this young player, a former number one draft choice, to get out of his slump.  that young player can then  be a valuable member of the team or a valuable trade piece.
        playing a retread vet in place of that young player is a waste of PT, something that this franchise has done repeatedly, as it has wasted the talents of several young players.
        i read the exact same things about guys like delfino and amir johnson and darko and even afflalo and all of those young players are now valued starters or rotation players around the league. 
        can it be any clearer?
        can it be any more obvious?
        this same problem with young players has happened so many times over the last few years, i’d have expected that fans would understand the dynamic and have a better grasp on how to handle things.
        and for the umpteenth time, i point to doug collins and jodie meeks and how collins handled a player who was in a similar shooting slump.
        he kept playing him and because meeks is a shooter, he eventually broke out of his shooting slump.
        coincidentally and ironically, he broke out of it against detroit, as he busted 17 point on the pistons head in one quarter, torching the guy who is supposedly on the court because he is a defensive stopper: damien wilkins.
        that is how you coach a young shooter who is going through a shooting slump.
        that is, if you want to develop and maintain that good young shooter.

        • Jan 17, 20124:21 pm
          by neutes


          the problem i have with daye is that i don’t give a shit if he ever steps foot on a professional basketball court again in his life. so i really don’t care if the pistons make an attempt to develop him because he just isn’t very good. and then i come back to this nightmare where he is kind of good, but really not that good, but just good enough to make dumars want to offer him a 5 year/$40 million deal based on untapped potential. i’d rather he never played again than witness that.

          but basically he’ll never be good at defense, nor have a position, and be entirely reliant on his jumper for his entire career. his ball handling sucks and he thinks he’s lebron when he’s much closer to austin daye. a summer of street ball with durant has him thinking he’s got skills. this isn’t street ball.

    • Jan 17, 20128:54 pm
      by Max


      Hey Joe, if Frankie D is right and you are actually monitoring all this nonsense, let me just say, you are the man and are doing a great job!

      • Jan 17, 201210:18 pm
        by frankie d


        of course they monitor fan forums.
        what other ways do have to keep tabs on how their fans feel about their product?
        just about every corporation keeps tabs on forums online that discuss their product, or retail outlets.
        there have been plenty of lawsuits concerning employees who were caught posting negative things about bosses or their employer, or products or anything related to their employment.
        why do you imagine that the team would not want to know how its fans felt?

        • Jan 18, 20124:35 pm
          by Max


          I’ve worked for a huge market research firm and I’m sure teams monitor forums but I’m not so sure whether the stuff we say has any better of a chance to getting to Joe’s eyes than the average small town article written about Obama has of getting to his.
          Further, whether a said team monitors message boards, it is quite debatable if they consider positive or negative blogger type opinions to be relevant to their own projects as they certainly would do poorly to heed the wisdom of the mob.

  • Jan 17, 20123:21 pm
    by Pete


    Wow..Joe d just keeps building up ammo for his firing….He has excuses about everything…Hes probably blaming the fans losing interest in the Pistons on the economy and lock out…”we’re not a bad or flawed team..we just havent gotten Franks system yet”…LOL

  • Jan 17, 20123:27 pm
    by neutes


    It’s not that I don’t agree with the statement Dumars made, it’s that he can’t go out and sign Prince to a new deal and then talk about financial gain at the same time. Quit adding contracts and you won’t have to think about ways to get rid of them, not that he even can because they are all so horrible.

    • Jan 18, 20124:38 pm
      by Max


      There is no contradiction if he intends to keep Prince and you can’t quit adding contracts.  You have to have at least so many players earning at least so much money.  There was no player the Pistons could have landed this summer who I personally wanted them to sign so I’m fine with Dumars showing patience and I believe that over 90% of being a good GM is showing patience.  You guys are a bunch of reactionaries who would probably turn over every player on the team every year.

  • Jan 17, 20123:52 pm
    by brgulker


    If we can get anything for anyone not named Greg Monroe, I have a hard time understanding how it’s not a net positive for this team. I would take a bag of Doritos on an expiring contract for anyone other than Jonas, Monroe, Jerebko, and Knight. Literally, give me any type of financial relief for any of those other players, and it’s a win for us.

    • Jan 17, 20129:13 pm
      by D_S_V


      Hahahhaha, don’t propose that the Pistons actually have four sacred cows!

      “Jonas, Monroe, Jerebko, and Knight” – JJ get’s one roster slot for each of his names!

      I kid I kid, and yeah, everyone else is expendable, but unfortunately I think the rest of the NBA knows that too…

  • Jan 17, 20123:58 pm
    by Murph


    I’m not a fan of Damien Wilkins by any means.  But the reason he plays ahead of Daye is because he’s playing better than Daye, and he’s a better defender than Daye.

    I’m hoping Kyle Singler actually shows up next year, and earns all the back-up minutes at SF, so that the Pistons can release both Daye and Wilkins.

    BTW, Singler continues to play very well in Spain.  In 8 games with Real Madrid, Singler is averaging 7.4  ppg, and 2.1 rbg, while shooting 63% from the field, in 17.5 mpg.  And in those 8 games, Real Madrid is 7-1, and continues to be the best team in their League.  And while Singler began by coming off the bench, he is slowly working his way into Real Madrid’s starting line-up.

    • Jan 18, 20121:38 pm
      by Laser


      Wilkins is on a one year deal, and the team has an option whether or not they want to pick up a $3 million option on Austin Daye. so “releasing” those guys is not the issue. If the team brings either of those guys back and subsequently releases them, it will be a mistake.

  • Jan 17, 20124:11 pm
    by AtotheK


    i think all the other gm’s in the league make it a point not to give joe d anything close to a sweet deal since the ‘sheed trade. we scored sheed and mike james for nothing, then won the title, and it was actually danny ainge that helped make it happen. ainge has since reportedly offered us some enticing deals (stuckey-hamilton for rondo-allen, big baby for maxiell) but other than that we’ve all been waiting for and suggesting our own big deals that would make sense, and i’m sure joe d has tried. i hope he can do something soon to make us forget about the chauncey-iverson trade or he will be canned and that trade, along with other questionable moves will be his legacy, not the construction of the ’04 title team.

    • Jan 18, 201212:15 am
      by Laser


      We did not land Sheed for nothing. Josh Smith isn’t “nothing.” What are you thinking??

  • Jan 17, 20124:19 pm
    by ottawa1616


    Daye needs to shake whateva he has and mentally get back in it. His confidence is at a 0 yet it doesnt help to be behind Michael Curry 2.0 (Wilkins). The one thing this team needs is scoring and we all know Daye is top 3 on the team in terms of ability to do it. But its difficult when your getting garbage mintues or oif u screw up once and get yanked.

    Wilkins at his best = Daye at his worst. I assume Wilkins gets the nod cuz of his D yet he misses assignments, passes up on open shots and has turnovers so why not continue to develop the future.

  • Jan 17, 20124:28 pm
    by ottawa1616


    As for JoeD, he needs to step up. Im tired of watching every other team in trade rumor discussions except the Pistons. If we have cap issues, why re-sign Prince and Stuckey? Its sad that we still dont have a 7’0 on this team for a decade or so. Every team seems to have a couple and we dont even need a Howard type. Heck we just need a JaVale McGee type and that helps erase some of the defensive woes. Rigg now, teams have 0 fear when going to the paint cuz of 0 shot blocking on the floor.

  • Jan 17, 20125:05 pm
    by frankie d


    your post presents one of the main problems with daye’s critics.
    they act as though playing him and developing him is some kind of favor to daye, as a person.
    they utterly fail to recognize that daye is part of the team’s business.  he is a business asset.
    daye is an asset of the team.  the worst thing a business can do is waste assets.
    if he develops into a player, that will be good for the team.  
    they spent a first rounder on him.  that is a high price.  if he develops, even if the pisttons cannot use him, he could be a valuable trade  piece.  a daye who has proven to be a good rotation player could command a first round choice in trade.  or you could package him with a bad contract – CV – and improve your team greatly.
    in fact, i would guess that the only way the team is ever going to dump either gordon or CV, other than through amnesty, is by pairing either with a desirable young player in a trade.  daye could be that valuable young player that another team covets.  
    it is in the TEAM interest to make certain daye is the best player he can be.
    i find it mysterious that some fans don’t understand that simple fact, and act as though getting daye’s career on track is some sort of “gift” to him as an individual.
    no, getting daye’s head right helps the team, any way they ultimately handle him as a player.  if they keep him or trade him.

    • Jan 17, 20129:09 pm
      by Max


      Your entire emphasis is warped and blown out of all proportion.   You would have a point if Daye’s progress was the Piston’s #1 priority whereas they have plenty of more important concerns.
      15th picks are middle of the road and common place and they fail all the time without anyone raising eyebrows.  In fact, when you draft a player at 15, you have basically done well if there is any real demand for the player once the rookie contract is over.
      While Daye has played very poorly and his rookie contract is almost up, he does still have an intriguing skill set and because he is 6-11, he will stick in the league for at least a little while.  That said, I don’t see why he is not a tradable asset whether he plays or not as young prospects who aren’t receiving steady minutes are traded all the time.  If you recall, Darko was traded Orlando’s first round pick even though he had proven nothing.
      Also, according to your logic, aren’t the 76s destroying their #2 draft pick Evan Turner by playing Meeks ahead of him?

      • Jan 17, 20129:46 pm
        by frankie d


        turner gets guaranteed minutes.
        it is not a matter of starting or coming off the bench.  it is a matter of getting regular minutes.

  • Jan 17, 20125:12 pm
    by Richard


    Trade Daye to houston for Marcus Morris.. They are not using him right and it can save the team money since he is a rookie still..

  • Jan 17, 20125:42 pm
    by Lorenzo


    The love fest that some group of fans have with Daye is getting wearisome. He’s got plenty of looks during his stay. Newsflash, perhaps the kid is just not that good.

    And the JoeD carnage fest for not making trades…honestly whats the point of making trades just for the sake of making them? Isaiah made a career out of it and got him ran out of the league. Hell the guy just said he wanted to make a trade with the future in mind and people are butchering him for it. At this point Joe could say “cookies” and people would find a way to criticize him. The team is going to be built through the draft simple as that… not fantasy trades. There aren’t too many GM’s dumb enough to trade an athletic big who can rebound and play D, even if it is a malcontent in the form of McGee or Cousins. At least not without a kings ransom. Frankly if we as fans can see a glaring need you better believe opposing GM’s can see it as well—- and will surely make it a point to exploit that fact in trade offers or at least keep it in mind so as not to help the opposition.

    There has to be a point where fans have to start looking from the other teams perspective. What possible piece other than Monroe, Knight, or next years 1st can you offer me to make “my” team better? Frankly if we can see there are some damaged goods on this roster so can other people. Suck it up, it will have to be done the OKC or the Clippers way; in either case we gotta rely on the draft to add talent to the roster not a loony Rob Babcock type to toss us a bone.

  • Jan 17, 20126:43 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Here is another angle to the trade scenario.  If D Howard get traded or  Bynum in LA or one of the other big players gets moved the perhaps Detroit can be the third team and pickup an extra pick or two and get rid of players that way.  There are lots of ways to improve your team and still get in the lottery since it doesnt look like we will get any of the big fish. Maybe we can benefit that way.

    • Jan 17, 20127:56 pm
      by Dan Feldman


      Usually, the third team in those scenarios has cap room. The Pistons decided to use their cap room on Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey, rather than leave open the option to facilitate other teams’ trades for a sweetener.

      • Jan 18, 20121:57 pm
        by Laser


        It sounds like you’re implying that bringing back those guys was a mistake in and of itself. I think letting Stuckey WALK would have been an objectively bad decision, and he’s only making about twice what he would have made on his qualifying offer (which I believe would have been a better choice). To a lesser extent, I think letting Tayshaun just walk would have been a mistake (though a bigger mistake would be to keep him through the end of his contract).

        I don’t have the exact figures, but the bottom line is that by giving Stuckey his extension (which, face it, was happening, so I’m not concerned with the fact that it happened after the Prince signing) basically all of our cap room was swallowed up. So bringing back Tayshaun isn’t relevant to your point. And at that point, since we don’t have any cap room anyways or significant money coming off the books, there wasn’t all that much upside to letting Prince go (keeping in mind that we have time and flexibility to do something with that contract).

        Now, if we had just signed Stuckey to the qualifying offer and let Tay go, we might have had a few million to play with… HOWEVER: It’s not easy to build payroll. It takes time. Once you’re under the cap, it takes time to get back over it. Extending Tayshaun allowed us to expand our payroll, which has its advantages. Getting back under the cap sounds tempting if you can land a sweet deal and pick up a good player, but if not you’ve got to build your payroll back up the slow way. And it’s best to be just under the tax line, so you can maximize your resources.

        • Jan 18, 20122:09 pm
          by apa8ren9


          Dude, you finally took your medication and calmed down.  Now your talking like someone who can start to think of some solutions.  I hope no one hacked your account, LOL I hope this continues.

  • Jan 17, 201211:26 pm
    by ryan


    Here’s the difference between a guy like Brandon Knight continuing to get playing time and a guy like Austin Daye continuing to get playing time. Brandon Knight plays hard during his bad games as well as his good games and Austin Daye doesn’t. Coaches are so much more willing to stick with a guy who’s hustling and making mistakes than with a guy who doesn’t hustle. Also Brandon Knight is much, much better than Austin Daye.
    At the same time Frankie D is absolutely correct when he points out our terrible record with player development. I have been made sick to my stomach over the years by the way we’ve screwed up player development in a variety of situations. They used to have that old we’re contending so we play the veterans excuse but that’s gone as our Darko Milcic, Carlos Delfino, Arron Afflalo and Amir Johnson. Imagine if we still had Johnson and were playing him next to Greg Monroe, imagine we had Delfino at the three and Afflalo at the two (no Ben Gordon and no Damien Wilkins), imagine we’d drafted intelligently instead of taking Austin Daye’s scrub ass we could have Jrue Holiday.

    Player development is our number one problem.

  • Jan 18, 201212:17 am
    by Laser


    I would pay $1,000.00 to bash Joe Dumars’s head in with a baseball bat.

  • Jan 18, 20128:24 am
    by ryan


    Laser it may be time to consider spending that $1000 on therapy buddy. I know you’re angry but it’s just a game. We could lose the rest of the way and then lose the lotto and it still isn’t really a big deal.

    • Jan 18, 201211:07 am
      by tarsier


      Agreed, I’m a huge Pistons fan and I could see making such a comment (orally) after Dumars does something particularly boneheaded like the Prince extension–which, oddly enough, I believe Laser was in favor of. But Laser is repeatedly making these violent comments in writing. C’mon Laser, you are seeming a bit off the rocker. No amount of bad roster moves merits assault.

      • Jan 18, 20121:58 pm
        by Laser


        Make this happen for me and the thousand dollars are yours. I swear.

  • Jan 18, 20127:09 pm
    by Max


    Dude, you are nuts.  Joe Dumars is in the common thread in all of the success the franchise has ever enjoyed for about three decades and that takes in a huge proportion of the best moments the team has had overall.
    The team has missed the playoffs twice in a row now so other GMs are very lucky to have you as a fan because I don’t know which GMs you wouldn’t have attacked sooner than Dumars but it is a very short list if anyone merits inclusion at all.
    When all is said and done, Dumars will be named to the HOF again as an executive; just you wait and see you shortsighted stooge.

  • Jan 18, 20127:13 pm
    by Max


    Dumars is gonna be the closest thing the Pistons ever get to a Red Auerbach or Jerry West so just deal with a couple of down years and celebrate the man.

  • Jan 18, 20127:20 pm
    by Max


    And so much of this over Austin Daye?  Austin Daye!  Rodney White and Darko were much higher picks and when they couldn’t deliver, Dumars flipped them.  The Pistons shouldn’t have played those players more minutes than they could earn and didn’t.  The present is a lot different because the team is geared more towards the future but they are giving plenty of minutes to young players already.
    BTW:  Evan Turner didn’t get consistent minutes last year and was forced to earn his minutes as the #2 pick.  Now he is getting steady minutes because he improved and earned them, but he is still being forced to earning his place in the pecking order and the starting role even though everyone knows Meeks can’t beat him out forever and is probably not as important to the team’s future.  This all seems perfectly correct to me.
    BTWBTW: The 76′s aren’t bad but their schedule has been as easy so far as the Pistons schedule has been rough.  The 76s first 7 games in Feb will tell us a lot about them as all of the games are against elite to playoff caliber teams.

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