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Jason Maxiell airballs free throw, but Nazr Mohammed steals part of airball spotlight

Jason Maxiell airballed a free throw (and barely grazed rim on the next) during the Pistons’ loss to the Timberwolves last night:

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones wants to know whether that or Nazr Mohammed airballing a halfcourt shot with five seconds left was the night’s worst airball. Personally, I’d vote for Mohammed. Sorry, Maxiell.


  • Jan 19, 20122:03 pm
    by Sebastian


    Documented proof of another one of Joe’s signing. Damn you, Joe!!!

  • Jan 19, 20123:16 pm
    by Ant


    Just heard that Boston is willing to give up any of the big 3… What are the chances we make a trade for KG and cash and send them Jerebko and Gordon?

  • Jan 19, 20123:59 pm
    by Glenn


    I don’t get why the website running the comparison calls Jason Maxiell “Future All-Star.”  Is there history there?

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