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Greg Monroe returns to thefty ways

Almost immediately, nearly all of Greg Monroe’s numbers improved this season from last season, with one notable exception:


Through his first 10 games, Monroe averaged 0.7 steals per game – down from 1.2 last year, despite his minute rising from 27.8 to 31.0 per game.

Monroe has quick hands and excellent anticipation, and he gets a high percentage of steals by knocking the ball out of the opponent’s hands. He has a knack for timing his swipes for just the right moment when his man eases up with the ball.

His lack of steals early didn’t appear due to unsuccessful swipes. Rather, Monroe appeared so focused on his offense, he rarely even attempted to make steals.

Thankfully, he’s collecting steals at high rate once again. Monroe broke out of his mini scoring slump against the Heat, but he also made three steals. To me, that’s just as important.

Steals are an underrated play, because not only do they always end an opponent’s possession (unlike blocks), they often lead to fastbreaks (unlike charges). They’re especially important for someone like Monroe, who still struggles too often to defend his man and help.


  • Jan 26, 20125:04 pm
    by Max


    I think he’s afraid of getting into foul trouble because he knows the Pistons need him not to get into foul trouble so badly.

  • Jan 26, 20125:38 pm
    by vic


    a quick theif like Monroe and a heavy athletic shotblocker like Andre Drummond would make our paint an advantage on both ends

  • Jan 26, 20127:30 pm
    by Coach_Ackley


    Yeah Vic I agree 100%……….

  • Jan 27, 20124:30 am
    by Scott


    I actually think Anthony Davis would be a good fit too. He’s probably a little better at shot-blocking than Drummond and I’ve heard him compared to a young Chris Bosh many times. But truth is either one would be a solid fit for us.

  • Jan 27, 20127:28 am
    by vic


    I really like Anthony Davis too… I’d be cool with either one. But he would leave us a little lightweight.

    Drummond is naturally big and could give the muscle in the middle that Ben Wallace will leave with when he retires.
    With Davis it could take 2-3 years to get his weight up enough to really challenge an NBA level big consistently. But I love Davis, he’s a beast too.

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