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Greg Monroe knows he has to improve his defense

In the offseason, Greg Monroe mentioned that he was working hard to improve his offense. The results so far this season have been outstanding as Monroe has expanded his role in the Pistons offense and been one of the most efficient scoring big men in the league.

Hopefully, next offseason, he attacks his defense with the same level of commitment. According to Stephen Litel of Hoops World, it sounds like that is on Monroe’s agenda:

In order to improve, you have to be honest and assess both your strengths and weaknesses. Monroe did exactly that after his rookie season, put in the time, and is happy with the early results of his hard work. One area has really stood out to him when determining the areas in which he has improved the most.

“My mid-range shot,” said Monroe. “That’s definitely helped my game out and where I’ve made the most progress so far. I’m just trying to continue to better my game in all aspects. I have to get better defensively. I mean, I’ve gotten better this year, but I still have to get better. I’ve been working, watching a lot more tape and working on different techniques and all that.”

Monroe is also smart enough to take advantage of a pretty good defensive resource:

Monroe appreciates the respect from Wallace and knows it wouldn’t be wise of him to not take advantage of the knowledge Wallace can teach him. Monroe was essentially born a superior offensive player to his pseudo-mentor, but he still has a lot to learn on the defensive end.

“Obviously, his record speaks for itself and it’s definitely a big help to have a guy who has been in the league for a long time that was such a good defender giving you tips,” said Monroe. “He helps me any way he can.”

Ben Wallace might not be in position to contribute that much on the court anymore, but any impact he has on making Monroe a better defender will make his return this season a huge value to the team.


  • Jan 20, 201212:35 pm
    by Mr.BlockedShot


    Yes, I agrre he has to improve his defense, that´s a fact. But he already has some skills that are very difficult to learn: quick hands and good game vision. His legs are right now his weakest point: should get stronger, he needs a bit more conditioning there in order to post up and go backward to the basket against bigger guys. It amazes me how good is he at the free throw line. It was a key point for becoming a real nba starting center from last season: you can´t miss free throws cos if you are attacking the rim you should get a lot of opportunities at the line. And finally, what about his screens? when he´s setting up screens he should be stronger and stay there for a bit more time cos right now he´s leaving to soon and that´s not good for the player who´s supposed to get the advantage of the screen. Better screens lead to the better shots and better passes…
    What do you think guys?

    • Jan 20, 201212:45 pm
      by sebastian


      Mr. BlockedShot, I agree with your review of Mr. GM. His confidence has grown, greatly; in part due to his improved free throw shooting, perhaps. You are also accurate in your assessment that he needs to get stronger; especially in the legs.
      As he continues to mature physically and work on his strength and conditioning, I too, see a more dominant player.
      But, most of all, the Pistons will need to pair him with another big, because if not he will be worn out playing in the paint all by himself.
      Trade: Maxey, Austin Daye, 2013 1st pick and the rights to Kyle Singler for JaVele McGee and Chris Singleton.

      • Jan 20, 20123:18 pm
        by apa8ren9


        You are definitely right in that there needs to be another big.  Who ever that is will need to have that help side shot blocking skill set to make up for the penetration that the guards give up. Monroe doesnt have the athleticism to do that.   Monroe will need to develop the individual man to man defense ala Rasheed so that you dont have to double team the opposing team’s low post scorer.  I also like McGee, but man is that dude like dumber than a box of rocks on the court.  I mean he can put up the highlights and he definitely has the skill set we are looking for but can he be rehabilitated (or does he not have a high Bball IQ to begin with) on our team.  Because I have seen him do some really silly things on the basketball court.

    • Jan 20, 201212:45 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Great observation. I don’t see him ever blocking shots, but if he gets stronger legs, he can use those hands and develop that slap away/strip move that Karl Malone was so good at all those years.

      And you’re right, Monroe isn’t a good screen setter. That’s been a problem for all of their bigs since McDyess and Rasheed Wallace left.

  • Jan 20, 20121:06 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    Monroe is the only bright spot on that Pistons team. I will go as far to say that he is the best big man to come out of Georgetown since Alonzo Mourning.  Yeah, i believe that he’s even better than Roy Hibbert.  If he improves his D, he will be an Allstar and All NBA selection for the next few years. He’s already got the scoring down and that’s with a team of selfish ball hogs too. Once he gets his defense down, OMG, he will be a force.

    • Jan 20, 20124:47 pm
      by tarsier


      I’d argue he’s already better than Hibbert.

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