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Greg Monroe as a ‘hub’

We’ve seen Greg Monroe‘s role in the offense and his overall aggression grow, and that’s no accident. Via Terry Foster of The Detroit News, Lawrence Frank has big plans for Monroe:

Now Frank wants to make him a “hub” where the offense rubs off him on the inside. Monroe worked on some new moves which make it more difficult for opponents to block his shots as often as they did last season.

“It’s the growth of his game,” Frank said. “He works at it every single game. He comes in early and stays late. Now, we are trying to build off of him as a hub, not just scoring but to get movement off him. That is going to be a process. But if you look at it he is doing it.”

The ‘process’ has more to do with Monroe’s teammates than Monroe himself. Monroe is averaging 2.6 assist per game, but that doesn’t accurately reflect how well he’s moving the ball this season. If his teammates started hitting open jumpers with more regularity, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Monroe averaging 4 assists per game right now.


  • Jan 9, 20123:42 pm
    by frankie d


    considering the roster’s make-up, this should be a no-brainer.  monroe is, by far, the best facilitator on the team.
    i’ve been surprised that it has taken frank this long to move in that direction.
    imho, it should have been a central focus of training camp.
    he should take a look at some tapes of the old sac-town kings from about a decade ago.
    they had a bunch of guards who were similar to what detroit has – shooters and scorers, but no real facilitators – and a guy like chris webber and vlade divac and turkoglu, all front court players who were better passers than any of the backcourt players.  in fact, webber led the team in assists one year, at least, and was usually a tick behind the point guard in per game average.  monroe has the same kind of vision that webber had, and could jumpstart both his teammates offense and open up even more opportunities for himself.
    in fact, put monroe at the high post, get an athletic 4/5 and do what the lakers did so effectively with gasol and bynum with that high/low game.  it would be devastating.  not only would you get tons of easy baskets at the rim, but it would open up the perimeter for shooters like daye and gordon and knight and jj.
    that one player – an athletic big who could catch the ball, a la chandler and deandre jordan and bynum or even darko – would set up the rest of the team’s offense.
    it seems so obvious that i’ve been shocked that joe d has seemingly not been interested in acquiring that type of player.

    • Jan 9, 20123:47 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      “i’ve been surprised that it has taken frank this long to move in that direction.”

      They’ve been doing it all season, minus the first game when Monroe barely played because of fouls.

      • Jan 9, 20125:39 pm
        by frankie d


        i should have added something like “…more aggressively.”
        yes, they have been doing it, but not as much as i’d like to see as a fan.
        especially since stuckey went out, i’d like to see them use it about 75% of the time, not the, say, 25 %-35% of the time they currently run the offense through him.
        i’d trust him to make decisions in the half court more so than any of the guards.
        i’d even try to use him with macklin, who has decent offensive skills and is someone who might work well with monroe in a high/low passing scheme.
        thought it was interesting that NY used a second round draft choice, harrelson, quite a bit.  he’s getting about 18 minutes a game for a team with lots of big guys.  considering how poor the front court play has been for detroit, it seems curious that a guy like macklin doesn’t even get a chance to show if he can or cannot play.
        i cannot imagine that he’d do any worse than some of the other people up front.  who knows, he might even help.

  • Jan 9, 20124:02 pm
    by Murph


    Good for Frank.  Many of us have been calling for that from the day Monroe stepped onto the court, based on the passing skills he displayed at Georgetown.

    I’d love to see the offense run though Monroe, the way the offense use to run through Webber or Sabonis on occasion.

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