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Greg Monroe and Ben Wallace give Pistons nothing inside in loss to Rockets

Greg Monroe played like Ben Wallace tonight, and that was the problem.

They both started, both vanished offensively and both were abused defensively in a 97-80 loss to the Houston Rockets.

The Pistons are stuck in a limbo where their old players are no longer good, and their young players aren’t good yet. It’s not pretty, and nights like tonight display the low end.

Monroe didn’t score until the fourth quarter and finished 2-of-9 for four points. His 11 rebounds and six assists were fine, but his four turnovers stunk. Wallace (zero points and four rebounds in 19 minutes) wasn’t much better.

Monroe, whether matched up with Samuel Dalembert or Luis Scola, struggled to keep the Rockets’ bigs out of the paint. Wallace blocked three shots, but he wasn’t any more effective than Monroe at preventing Dalembert (14 points on 7-of-12 shooting with 12 rebounds, six offensive) and Scola (14 points on 5-of-12 shooting with five rebounds, three offensive) from establishing position inside.

Sure, there will be nights Monroe controls the offense with efficient shooting and passing. There will also be nights Wallace dazzles defensively by showing his legs are just spry enough to allow his supreme basketball intelligence shine. Occasionally, both might happen during the same game, and it will be extremely fun to watch.

But the swings in production have been wild, and they’ll continue to be for the entire team. The short list of Pistons who are theoretically in their prime – Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva – aren’t very good. That leaves a roster full of players too young to play well every night and players too old to play well every night.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of evaluating a player at his best or worst and thinking that’s his real value. Tonight should serve reality check that Monroe isn’t one of the NBA’s top players yet.

The game should also cause Lawrence Frank to revaluate whether Wallace should start. At 37, Wallace is no longer the dependable option he was just two years ago and although Jerebko is an undersized power forward, he might have more success at the position than Wallace.

Bad teams can’t win when their starting big men play so poorly. The good news is they likely won’t look as bad as they did tonight again. Many of us made the mistake of evaluating Monroe at his best. Let’s not demonize him for his worst.

Let’s just respect that he, and his team, have a lot of work ahead.

Tayshaun Prince finally looks healthy

Tayshaun Prince scored 20 points tonight, the same number he scored against the Warriors on Sunday, but I was much more impressed with his play tonight. For the first time since his knee began bothering him, he looked healthy.

Prince made shots to end the first (dunk) and third quarters (long jumper) because he hustled past the Rockets’ defense. I’m not sure he could’ve raced up the court like that a few days ago, even though he said he was healthy.

His points came against set defenses when the game was still competitive, and hopefully, that bodes well for the rest of the four(!)-year contract the Pistons gave him.

Brandon Knight plays hard in face of pressure

As predicted, Kyle Lowry gave Brandon Knight a lot of trouble. Lowry made three steals, and Knight had six turnovers. It appeared the Pistons had enough of the matchup, and Rodney Stuckey spent more time running the offense when Knight was on the court with him in the second half.

Still, Knight (15 points and four assists) showed determination in getting to the rim. His stats are bit inflated due to strong garbage-time play, but I’m happy with him.

Defensively, Knight was just as aggressive, totaling three steals and five fouls. He took one steal coast to coast for an easy layup. I hope Knight continues to gamble a bit more defensively. He has the length to collect more steals, and the ensuing offensive advantage they create provides more value than just staying in front of his man.

Ben Gordon locks down

Ben Gordon not only played hard defensively tonight – he does that more than he gets credit for – he played effective defense. In the process of holding Kevin Martin to 11 points on 4-of-12 shooting and just two free-throw attempts, Gordon had three steals and two blocks – the first time he’s had multiple steals and blocks in a game.

Gordon was solid offensively, scoring 18 points on 7-of-15 shooting, but his defense impressed me much more.

Jonas Jerebko off in first game off the bench

I wouldn’t read much into Jonas Jerebko’s off night. He shot 2-of-8, but a few of those misses were good looks he’d typically make that rimmed out. He was up and down guarding Luis Scola and going for defensive rebounds, but he offensively rebounded well and showed good energy.


  • Jan 17, 201210:59 pm
    by ryan


    Ouch. Samuel Dalambert is exactly the type of player we don’t have any counter for right now. He’s not great but he’s long and pretty athletic and that type of player is always going to have a bit of advantage over Greg Monroe. I’m not worried about Gregor Magnus though he’ll take his lumps and keep going and there’ll be nights in the future when he sits a guy like Dalambert down by scoring over and around him and causing him to foul.
    He got on the boards and he moved the ball for several assists so even in a bad game you see some good things. But overall they’re just a better team right now and Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva are not holding up their end of the bargain.

  • Jan 17, 201211:18 pm
    by Vince


    “The game should also cause Lawrence Frank to revaluate whether Wallace should start

    As well as the many PP commenters who still think he’s back to his mid 2000 form. JJ is our only valid option at PF in my opinion, he has the hustle, tenacity, and offensive skills to complement Monroe. Gordon did OK, Prince had a great game, hope he continues to play like this for the rest of his contract, Stuckey played decent as well, I still think we should have Knight and Stuckey as our starting backcourt and have Gordon come off the bench as a sixth man, and have a four man rotation for the PF-C spots with Monroe, JJ, Wallace and Maxiell rotating the 4 & 5 (JJ doesn’t go to the 5), JJ can get minutes at SF with Tay and Wilkins can warm the bench with Daye.

    Well that is my opinion, I really think we’d play better if we adopted this rotation and actually managed to convert our baskets, at one point the Rockets commentators were talking about how the Pistons are an ugly basketball team, slowing down play, commiting turnovers, unable to convert and just not putting the pieces together on offense, they’re right, this team is horrible to watch.

    • Jan 17, 201211:19 pm
      by Vince


      Oh yeah and Knight had a stunner! Kid is going to be a solid player!

  • Jan 17, 201211:50 pm
    by ryan


    What do you mean “stunner” Vince?
    As for the Ben Gordon thing is it a coincidence that he played well defensively against a guy his size and speed? Gordon is just too small for most of his competition to worry about.

    • Jan 18, 201212:44 am
      by bg8


      i always thought kevin martin was like 6’7. unless he shrunk since he came into the league, or that gordon grew in the past couple of days. i don’t really know how martin is gordon’s size?

    • Jan 18, 201212:51 am
      by Vince


      I mean ‘stunner’ as in ‘wow he held his own against a premier defensive point guard who has humiliated veterans in the past’. Knight had a good game, and I agree with bg8, since when is Martin 6″3?

      • Jan 18, 20128:21 am
        by ryan


        I thought for sure Kevin Martin was 6’3” and I was wrong. Damnit! I’m not sure why I thought that.

  • Jan 18, 201212:09 am
    by Laser


    This is a nightmare, and I have no respect for anybody who preaches patience or has any excuses for our downfall. I listened to some of the postgame show on 97.1, and– I want to say it’s Dery. It’s usually Dery, but could it have been Fithian tonight?– Anyhow, dude’s talking about how bad it is, but he refuses to acknowledge the cause of this disaster. Then he’s got some broke ass motherfucker calling in talking about how we’re not the Lakers, so we can’t just buy good teams and need to be patient, as if there’s nobody to blame for elite teams taking a nosedive into the shitter from horrendous mismanagement.
    First thing’s first, I want blood. There are too many parties involved who have motivations that work against the best interests of the team. First on the list is Joe Dumars, who lacks the humility to make the necessary changes to get this team moving in the right direction; he’s more likely to let the team wallow in its own filth indefinitely, because when we collect the three or four more lottery picks it’s going to take to be a factor in the league, everybody knows he’s going to be lauded as a genius.
    Next on the list is Lawrence Frank, who’s desperate to prove he can coach in this league. Wins and losses are very important to him and to Dumars, because they want to save face. But two men saving face gets the team nowhere. Both of these guys are looking for short-term gains, and that’s just going to end up costing the team dearly in terms of player development and overall progress. What this team needs is people with nothing to prove calling the shots. This isn’t going to get any easier without it.
    I don’t remember the last time a season was lost so quickly. I mean, before the season started I guaranteed we wouldn’t make the playoffs, but I thought there was a fair chance the Pistons would give some of you hopeful (hopeless) people something to get, uh, hopeful about. But no. 3-11, and we haven’t been so much as “competitive” in half the games we’ve played. Right now, any game on the schedule is either going to be a blowout where you can watch some entertaining play from solid teams, or a competitive, ugly game against another team in the hunt for the #1 pick.
    We have absolutely nothing to lose this season; we could look at it as a free roll and really try to make some strides. I’d insert Macklin directly into the rotation and live with what he gives us. I’d do the same with Daye and let him play through every struggle. I’d be 100% committed to finding a decent return for Tayshaun before the 2013 trade deadline. Similar story with Stuckey; just because we crafted a roster where the backcourt is so small and turnover-prone that he’s become indispensable, doesn’t mean he’s actually indispensable. We’re not accomplishing anything with Tayshaun or Stuckey, so we may as well lose without them and work on ways to move forward without them. All this talk about us being a young team, when we really aren’t… We may as well actually be fucking young so we have an excuse.

  • [...] Greg Monroe and Ben Wallace give Pistons nothing inside in loss to …By Dan FeldmanGreg Monroe played like Ben Wallace tonight, and that was the problem. They both started, both vanished offensively and both were abused defensively in a 97-80 loss to the Houston Rockets. The Pistons are stuck in a limbo where their old …PistonPowered [...]

  • Jan 18, 201212:31 am
    by Jodi Jezz


    Good game tonight…I like how Frank started Monroe/Wallace together in the front-court, I hope he continues that lineup so we can start some chemistry…

    • Jan 18, 201212:48 am
      by MrHappyMushroom


      Good game tonight?
      How is a seventeen point loss to a team with a losing record a “good game”?  For the 10th or 11th time this year, the Pistons have been awful.

    • Jan 18, 201212:55 am
      by Vince


      Jodi, either we weren’t watching the same game or you were using some sort of substance that you shouldn’t be but there is no way, NO way, that that was a good game, Wallace played terribly and so did Monroe, my high school basketball coach always told us that good rebounding was they key to success, but rebounding means nothing if you can’t score, which Wallace and Monroe didn’t do. 

      This wasn’t a good game, by no stretch of the imagination, there were good individual performances but none had to do with our frontcourt.

      • Jan 18, 201212:58 am
        by Mark


        Agreed. Monroe had his worst game of the year with Ben next to him. How could anyone hope to see more of that tandem?

        • Jan 18, 201212:59 am
          by Mark


          There’s no such thing as developing chemistry between a 37 yr old and 21 yr old, when the 37 yr old will be retired next year.

          • Jan 18, 201212:04 pm
            by Laser

            Agreed. I’m ambivalent about playing Wallace at all. He provides nostalgia and a good example of work ethic, but he’s a lame duck. Since the playoffs are already a complete delusion, the team has nothing tangible to gain from playing him at all.

  • Jan 18, 201212:39 am
    by Ryi


    “I want to see blood!  Joe D is first on the list”

    The guy wins two titles and one as a GM, really should of had back to backs.  His resume is better than half the guys out there hands down.  It starts with players and coaches, and coaches have been horrible here lately.  We finally have a decent in Frank but he still is not sticking to a rotation and its early, ok.  But wheres the fast pace at?!?  This teams Deffense is worse then the Lions!  You can’t slow down the pace a try to beat people defensively yet, we don’t have the players for that.  We have the fountain of youth compare to recent years and we playing half court basketball!!?  Our only chance is to play fast this year and most likely next year.  This is a weird short season but even still we should not be getting beat by this much!  I thought the worse moves were BG and CV, hurt us big!!!  But 6 straight ECF!!!! and you want blood…? 

    • Jan 18, 20128:38 am
      by Jeremy


      Do you think any elite coaches want to coach here? Just throwing the question out there…I mean look at what has happened to most of the coaches that were here over the past 10 years or so:

      Rick Carlisle (Eastern Conference Finals apeparancel; fired after 2 seasons)

      Larry Brown (wins ring and goes to two straight finals; fired after 2 seasons)

      Flip Saunders (sets franchise mark for wins and goes to 3 straight Eastern Conferance Finals; fired after 3 seasons)

      And then we hit the skid of Curry (1 seasons) and Kuester (2 seasons) who both did absolutely nothing here.

      I know if I was a big name coach at the collegiate/professional level I would seriously think hard about accepting a job with Joe Dumars in office. This is solely based on his track record with his coaches (yes, Mr. D had a lot of influence with the Carlisle and Brown firings). That is why we end up with guys like Curry, Kuester, Frank, Tubby Smith, etc. on this team’s radar…

    • Jan 18, 201212:08 pm
      by Laser


      I stopped giving a FUCK about 6 straight ECFs when Dumars turned every single asset this team had (and we had many) into liabilities. He managed his way to a great roster with a small handful of very good and fortunate moves, and he managed his way into the gutter with a big handful of horrendous decisions. The team is worse and has a bleaker future now than the team he inherited, so his rollercoaster ride as a GM currently has us at a significant loss.

  • Jan 18, 201212:56 am
    by Mark


    Makes you wonder if Ben had anything to do with Monroe struggling, as in HOU paid no attention to Ben, and focused all their effort on Monroe. If thats going to be the case, while Jerebko is a sieve defensively, his ability to stretch the floor and force the D to respect him on offense might be what Monroe needs to be most effective. If so better go back to JJ.

    I liked the idea of Ben, but now I think of it, Monroe was playing like an all-star with JJ next to him, why change what was working? This should be all about what lineups help Greg to be most effective and develop the best, not about trying to win meaningless games in a lottery year

  • Jan 18, 20121:50 am
    by frankie d


    if you paid attention you would have seen that monroe struggled against charlotte’s mullen, a long, quick big, like dalembert. clearly that’s the type of sefendwr that gives him trouble. makes sense so his bad game tonight was predictable, as i noted earlier.
    pay attention…

    • Jan 18, 20128:48 am
      by apa8ren9


      Straight from the box score of the Charlotte game Monroe was 9-20 from the field 1-2 from the line for 19 points 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 turnover.  And *bonus* we won the game.  That’s not struggling.

    • Jan 18, 20129:04 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Yeah, Monroe may not have played well defensively against Charlotte, but he at least played well on offense. His bad defensive game vs. Dalembert may have been predictable, but he’s had good offensive games vs. good defensive centers like Bogut and Noah, so his performance on that end of the court was certainly disappointing.

    • Jan 18, 20124:56 pm
      by Mark


      huh? Monroe struggled against Mullens?

      He had 19 pts, 9 rebs, and 5 asts, outproducing Mullens in every category.

      Mullens did nothing defensively to hinder Monroe at all, imo.

      Where Greg struggled in that game, if at all, was defensively, guarding Mullens out on the perimeter and in transition. But that is normal for a true Center who lives in the paint to struggle guarding bigs out on the perimeter and in transition. Shaq, Howard, any true paint Center struggles defending bigs like that.

      Dalembert is a great defender too, and does well against a lot of great big men. I don’t think you can make definitive statement that Monroe struggles offensively against long/athetic bigs. He gave Tyson Chandler fits during stretches of the NY game, and has done well against pretty much whatever type of big man he’s faced since coming into the league.

      I tend to think it was more Big Ben being out there with him, and Dalembert always having help behind him, cheating off of Ben, that gave Monroe trouble last night. You could see everytime he attacked the basket both bigs were there waiting for him. If Jonas was in there, one of those bigs would be chasing him around on the perimeter, giving Monroe 1on1 at the basket.

      Monroe’s perfect compliment is a 7 foot, shot-blocking, defensive anchor, who can also step out and make jumpshots from the perimeter.

      With Ben, you get the shot-blocking defensive anchor, but no jumpshot. With Jonas you get the jumpshots on the perimeter, but no shot-blocker/defensive anchor. You dont have both in one, so its pick/chose.

      Seeing as our defense is going to suck with/without Ben, and Monroe’s greatest strength is offense, not defense, it makes sense to me to go with the guy right now who is going to help Monroe’s offense the best, which is JJ.

      In other words,Ben’s little bit of difference defensively is not great enough to warrant the huge drop off offensively we get with him in the lineup. Not only do you get nothing from Ben on offense, but he basically causes the the guy to get nothing either, because the defense then doubles Monroe and he gets shut down as well.

      Ironic thing is Scola had a bad game anyways, and dont think it was because of Ben. Probably could’ve gone with JJ, and then maybe Monroe has another 20 pt game, and we would’ve won.

  • Jan 18, 20123:18 am
    by Kaneda


    It’s really getting ugly. I stay up really late to watch some of the games (live in Greece) and I end up either falling asleep or going to bed in a horrible mood. We really need to acquire a PF or C and I think everyone except Monroe, Knight and maybe Jerekbo should be untouchable. That would make a trade difficult at the moment but what is Dumars getting payed to do? This is where he needs to show/prove that he is a good GM. He has had two years to try to turn things around and he is just sitting pretty. It’s aggravating.

    • Jan 18, 20123:54 am
      by Kaneda


      We really need to acquire a PF or C and I think everyone except Monroe, Knight and maybe Jerekbo should be untouchable*.
      * I meant tradeable.

      • Jan 18, 20125:37 am
        by swish22


        Just settle in gentlemen!   Joe D said there will be no moves coming anytime soon!!  Move along and enjoy what we give you!   Keep complaining and we’ll detain you without a lawyer indefinately and put you in a room where ONLY Pistons 2012 hoop is played non-stop on a loop!     You thought waterboarding was bad!  Try watching this team for a week non-stop and the brain will cease to function!   
          Maybe all the fans should boycott the Pistons with this lame mentality that Dumars has right now!  Were not actively looking to make a move!  Are you kidding me!!!  
        If Joe wouldn’t have hooked his good buddy the princess with that gem ladened contract we could’ve signed a power forward!    But no just like all you blind Dumars followers he awarded Prince for his accomplishments of the past instead of thinking about the PISTONS FUTURE!   Take Prince out of the starting lineup if you need extra toughness down low but don’t yank out our one energy guy JJ.  He still needs confidence and this I feel was one bad move by Franks in removing him from the lineup!    If anybody comes out of the starting frontcourt it should be Prince~!  What’s he getting 2 boards a game!   
         As far as the 2-spot goes.  BG has earned this starting spot with his play and aggresivelness!   Stuckey just doesn’t get it on how to play within a offense.  Unless he posts up hes almost worthless in half court sets!  BG can at least make his opponent work hard as he tries to shed screens!  It also looks to me that BG plays much harder defensively than Stuckey who just isn’t any kind of leader or anybody I’m excited to watch at all in a Pistons uniform!   I’m near the end of the rope on this season and I think it’s time to turn off the Pistons and watch the local kids.  Maybe I’d still have some hope but the GM has said were not looking to make a move!  Were happy here in Joetown!

        • Jan 18, 20125:50 am
          by Marvin Jones


          Swish why are you hating on Stuckey so much, anyone with eyes can see that the team plays much better with Stuckey on the court, even the Houston commentators were complimenting Stuckey and anybody that says BG plays better defense than Stuckey has really lost any credibility with me, do you actually watch the game; dude don’t let your hate cloud your judgement, Stuckey is a keeper maybe you do need to go watch another sport 

          • Jan 18, 20127:26 am
            by swish22

            Marvin,  I used to really like Stuckey. Hes a great natural athlete but he’s not maturing like I hoped.   I’ve seen zero development making other players better.   When we drafted Afflalo and Stuckey i really thought it was the backcourt for a decade.  Two physical guards ready to carry the torch for Pistons hoop!  It was a shame Afflalo was given away for a pretzel w/cheese, those two had started to develop some nice chemistry defending and running the floor. 
               As far as defensive ability I totally agree 100% that Stuckey could be the better defender every night.   But is he??   Every night??   I haven’t watched probably more than 50% of the minutes this season but I’ve seen Stuckey not put forth an effort at times defensively!      I never liked the BG signing but he’s playing really hard and even though shooting  .413  is not close to good enough its not bad on this roster of non-creators!   HE’s our only catch and shoot two guard and he should be starting and Stuckey should be coming off the bench unless you’re taking Knight out of the lineup!   I’m all for  3 getting all 96 of the minutes a game in the backcourt.  Frank’s has this correct I believe! but NOBODY could consistently win with this roster.   Just very frustrating seeing the now untied Dumars hands sit pat after some more bad moves!  
               The sport I choose to watch is hoop and watching the high schoolers who have the love of the game is always enjoyable!  It’s not a different sport Marvin it’s your local community’s kids playing for the simple love of the game!

          • Jan 18, 20128:16 am
            by Daye and Knight

            Stuckey doesn’t make the team better..yet coming off the bench he leads the team in assist…lol ya good job not really paying attention to his game. Even outside of assist Stuckey can draw fouls in his sleep, if Stuckey doesn’t play in that game against the Magic we lose. Gordon IMO should be a spark plug off the bench otherwise we’re gonna be behind early in the 1st quarter almost every game

        • Jan 18, 20128:38 am
          by apa8ren9


          This was a disappointing loss.  Monroe had a lot of trouble and just about everyone on the team showed a lot of frustration.   The only take away I got from this game is how Knight continued to grind even though he sucked as well.  On to Minnesota, hopefully we can get it together and at least get to the point were we at least put pressure on the other team to make plays.

  • Jan 18, 20125:42 am
    by Marvin Jones


    I disagree frankie, he didn’t struggle against Mullens, he actually took it to Mullens using his quickness to his advantage, what game were you watching; now Mullens scored on long jumpers because Greg was reluctant to come that far out, but to say he had “trouble” with him is ridiculous, pay attention

    • Jan 18, 20124:59 pm
      by frankie d


      mullens blocked or thwarted monroe on a couple of the drives that he made, with ease over bogut.
      monroe adjusted well, but he found he couldn’t simply dribble-drive around and through mullens as he had against bogut.
      i call that “struggling”.  
      he still had a good game, but it was a struggle.  i just checked the play by play on the game and he missed 5 layups when mullen was guarding him, and two shots blocked.  he was making those layups against bogut, but it clearly looked like mullens affected the way he was playing on the interior.  i actually think it speaks well for him, as he had to figure out different ways to attack mullens, other than just using his dribble and ability to put the ball on the floor to get around him.
      i thought he was strangely passive against dalembert, hesitant to take an outside jumper and really clueless about how to attack him.  it was almost as if he had not incorporated whatever lessons he had learned while playing mullens. 
      i don’t know why this is even controversial.  monroe is not the most athletic big guy.  he uses stealth and skill and timing to get his shot off and in the basket.  long, athletic big men with good timing will give him trouble, if they are patient defensively and don’t get faked out by monroe’s trickery.  monroe isn’t the only earth-bound center to have that kind of problem.  usually guys like him are able to figure out ways to attack certain defenders of that sort.  
      he did it against mullens, despite struggling.
      he didn’t do it against dalembert.

  • Jan 18, 20128:47 am
    by Jeremy


    I personally think its time for the career of Ben Wallace to come to an end immediately. I appreciate all the hard work and the superior defensive basketball he played here (as #3 not #6). I hope one day to be there when his #3 is raised to the rafters, but this team doesn’t have the Rip Hamiltons, C.Billups, and Sheeds to cover for his lack of scoring. They need a guy who isn’t going to post a 0pt, 4 rebound, 1 blk, 1 stl, 50% ft type stat line. 

    Start Maxiell…if Maxiell started, we would still have the defensive presence in the post and have the possibility of a big not named Greg Monroe scoring some buckets. Bring Bynum, Stuckey, Jonas, Macklin, and Big Ben off the bench.

    • Jan 18, 20129:15 am
      by neutes


      but maxiell can’t rebound, and you need the ball to score. not that i’m endorsing starting wallace, but the arguments for anyone else have just as many flaws. i’d just go back to JJ there isn’t much that can be done unless or until CV gets thrown into the mix, if that ever happens. seems like a weird situation there.

  • Jan 18, 20129:55 am
    by Marvin Jones


    Swish I disagree,  Stuckey has show improvement every year, he’s assisting much better than when he first came into the league; he’s running the offense, looking for cutters and actually penetrating and dumping off or passing out, things he never did as a rookie; so to say he’s shown zero improvement in making others better is simply not true. I happen to like Stuckey coming off the bench subbing out who ever is not having a great game either at the 1 or 2. I have watched 100% of the games and Stuckey, when healthy which he’s not now, is a much better defender than Gordon and he does put forth the effort. The groin is still bothering him and maybe that’s why you seem to think he’s not giving it his all. The problem with BG is that he’s actually not a catch and shoot guard, he’s a catch and dribble into a rhythm and shoot guard which somtimes leaves him taking contested shots instead of open ones and it kills the point guards assist numbers. 

    • Jan 18, 20125:02 pm
      by frankie d


      dead on description of the problem with BG.  
      when he’s on, it’s great, but when he’s off, his style of play is deadly to an offense.
      by the way, when i was talking about monroe “struggling” with mullens, i was not even discussing how he played him defensively.  i was referring strictly to how he was able to attack mullens offensively.

  • Jan 18, 201210:00 am
    by vic


    we were doomed in the paint either way, with Dalembert stronger than Monroe, and Scolastronger than JJ.We just need a 5 so we can push Moose to 4, and JJ to 3. Our perimeter players were actually ok stat – wise. We just have a big whole against real 5s

  • Jan 18, 201210:39 am


    Its hard to make your teammates better when you get them open shots and they don’t make them.  I think Monroe is getting so many assists right now because everyone cuts to the hole when he has it.  Know if we can get that to happen when Knight and Stuckey have the ball their assists would go up too.  Those guys should be averaging way more then 5 dimes a game, its this slow offense.  This isn’t 2004, lets change up the offense people!!

  • Jan 18, 20121:48 pm
    by Mr.Blockedshot


    I was really pissed off after not getting any production from our bigs and Mancklin having a nap in the bench. I am really wondering what it takes to Frank to start playing him more. Maybe one or two injuries? Maybe losing by 20 with 2 minutes left? Wallace went scoreless, Maxiell was awful  and Monroe was overplayed by the Rockets bigs. And then…as a result…and losing almost by 20…you play Macklin 1:50 minutes..wow, that´s what I call developing minutes…

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