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Chris Wilcox appreciates time with Pistons, would’ve considered re-signing, but Detroit never offered contract

Washington – Chris Wilcox doesn’t regret his two years with the Pistons, even though the team went 57-107, missed the playoffs twice and rebelled against its coach.

“I appreciate every environment I’m in, because everything is different, and you can from every team that you go to,” Wilcox said. “So, it’s all a learning experience. Still learning.”

What did he learn in Detroit?

“I learned that whatever goes on in the locker room, that’s some stuff that really does have to stay in there,” Wilcox said. “Because once it gets to the media, it can get a little bigger than what it is.

“I think it was definitely overblown. I think a lot of stuff that went on last year that should have been in-house leaked out. I think that was the only thing.”

Whether or not the media leaks were the only thing wrong with the Pistons’ interpersonal relationships, Wilcox said he was open to returning.

“Every team has issues, but I would’ve taken consideration to go back there,” Wilcox said. “But at the same time, they wasn’t really talking about nothing.”

Wilcox said he spoke with the Pistons about re-signing, but they never reached specific contract negotiations. Instead, he reached a deal with the Celtics.

“They was a little slow with it,” Wilcox said. “So, I had to make a move.”


  • Jan 24, 20126:39 pm
    by dvs


    i’d love to have Wilcox instead on Maxiel.
    wilcox and monroe were pretty good together last season.

  • Jan 24, 20127:59 pm
    by Laser


    Yeah they might have considered trying to sign him instead of acting like Tracy re-signing was ever an option. He’s certainly another big man who could have been a decided upgrade.

  • Jan 24, 201211:09 pm
    by Vince


    Damn it Joe. Wilcox was a solid piece – a gem, in the current Pistons’ situation. Gah I liked Wilcox, he and Monroe had some good stuff going on last year.

  • Jan 24, 201211:42 pm
    by apa8ren9


    After hearing this and being puzzled as to why they didnt resign him when he could have been had for cheap I believe the pistons said to themselves then that they were going to “tank” the season and go with the young guys.  There is a lot of disagreement over how long they signed Prince as the veteran presence but if they amnesty BG they wont have anyone making over 8.5 million a year over the next  3 years.  There wont be anyone that is grossly overpaid ala Joe Johnson or Rashard Lewis as they reshape the roster. Problem is that aint happening until the off season by the look of things.  At least I can comment on these forums to take some of the pain away.

  • Jan 25, 20126:43 am
    by Gregoire


    forgot CV who is the most overpaid player in the league…8 Mio for 10 Minutes of playing…not bad

  • Jan 25, 20127:33 am
    by swish22


    Monroe and Wilcox had developed some great chemistry late last season.  This was another off-season blunder with our lack of physical presence inside!

  • Jan 25, 201211:09 am
    by RyanK


    Wilcox had some good moments last year, but took the previous season off because it wasn’t a contract year.  This is a guy who “oversleep” often and didn’t get to practice (10am) or make team buses because of it…something I and no one else I know who is responsible has ever done…I truly don’t understand the concept.
    If you could sign the Wilcox we saw last season working hard as an athletic freak of a big man, we should have done it!  But they had two years to evaluate his work ethic and didn’t offer him a contract…what does that tell you?  How about the 7 minutes per game he’s getting in Boston with multiple DNPs?

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