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Charlie Villanueva will miss games in Houston and Minnesota

Charlie Villanueva will not be returning to action in the immediate future, per Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

CV will not travel with the Pistons on the road trip to Houston and Minnesota, will rehab here…Bynum didn’t practice, is day to day

Hopefully this off day along with staying behind on the road trip is productive healing time for Villanueva. We are all familiar with his limits on the court, but much like Ben Gordon, the Pistons need him healthy to at least attempt to rebuild his value and they could certainly use a warm body in the under-manned frontcourt too.


  • Jan 16, 20123:33 pm
    by sebastian


    Isn’t it beyond the time, now, where a medical explanation of Charlie V.’s ankle “injury” should be published.

    When 27.5% of any teams salary cap is not playing, the fans need to know why.

  • Jan 16, 20123:38 pm
    by frankie d


    i’m hoping that the “injury” thing is just a ruse and that a trade is in the works.
    one can only hope….and dream…

    • Jan 16, 20126:38 pm
      by Mr.Blockedshot


      I agree to that. It´s very strange what´s happening with him, supossedly one of our premier players..at least off the bench. Hopefully there´s some kind of trade in progress. No explananation from the staff as far as I know…

  • Jan 16, 20126:57 pm
    by apa8ren9


    Yes, its very strange since he just woke up one day and his ankle was “hurting” right after he was supposed to be healthy enough to be activated.  Didnt he also have a chat about a week ago with the coaah and he was supposed to be in the rotation?  Strange his “injury” sounds awfully similar to the Iverson “leave’ or “injury” or whatever it was that happened to him when he wasnt playing a few years ago.

    • Jan 16, 20127:04 pm
      by Laser


      Now YOU might actually be onto something. There’s probably a mutual cloud of shame over Charlie and the organization that he’s utterly worthless and should be shipped to the glue factory. The notion that he’s inactive until he can pull his weight (or at least contribute enough to supplant Max in the rotation) saves a little face for everyone. And Lord Jesus is there some face that needs saving!

      • Jan 17, 20123:36 pm
        by papa


        Sounds familiar don’t it. Just like last year with the other bone head coach. These players want to play and when the coaches they provide them with have no clue, this happens. Seems like with the record they have, they would be trying anything and everyone but with two boneheads running things……well, we know the rest. Saw it for 3 years now. This new owner deserves more then this. He needs to ship Dumars out an get a winning coach, like Laimbier.

  • Jan 16, 20127:01 pm
    by Laser


    @frankie d: A trade?? WTF dude. I don’t know what it is with people. Optimism? Delusion? Every time somebody has been injured or held out of the lineup for the past three seasons, a handful of people jump to the conclusion that it means they’re about to be traded, and the Pistons haven’t executed a trade since dumping Afflalo and Amir in 2009. I can’t be 100% certain that the Pistons do not have a trade in the works for Charlie V, but THEY DO NOT HAVE A TRADE IN THE WORKS FOR CHARLIE V. It makes no sense. Nobody wants him, so we’d have to basically do a bad trade and take on another crap contract, and Joe isn’t going to execute any trades that leave ostrich-sized egg on his face. He’s frozen because he has no good options, and he won’t make any bad moves besides “stand pat” because, at the very least, standing pat leaves him with all the ridiculous bullshit excuses everybody makes on his behalf. Let’s just all not hold our breath for any moves. The fact that paying Rip ten million dollars to take a hike speaks volumes about the options Joe left himself with. ‘Nuff said.
    @Hayes: Dude’s a loafer with a lot of weight on those legs and no discipline. He’s probably due for a long string of unexplained lower body injuries. That’s all you need to know.

    • Jan 16, 20127:10 pm
      by frankie d


      hey, i said dream!!!
      heck, i agree with everything you just posted.
      when they signed him, i couldn’t believe it and immediately said they’d spend the next 5 years trying to get rid of his contract, which is exactly what has happened. 
      i’m just trying to find, against all reason, some reason for optimism.
      with CV, the idea that he won’t be in a piston uniform, and this minuscule and remote reason for thinking it might happen, is about all i got!

    • Jan 16, 20129:11 pm
      by gmehl1977


      I know i am going to get shot down for this but how about trading CV for Andray Blatche? I must admit I haven’t seen enough of Blatche but he surely cannot be any worse than CV. The Wizards publicly stated last week that they are open to moving him so it might be worth a try. Looking at stats alone Blatche has the better numbers so the only incentive they would have is that CV has 1 less year to run on his contract than Blatche. I think CV has 3 years on his deal to run while Blatche has 4 years. The incentive for the pistons would be that they get a player that is performing better than CV and while they do take on the extra year this might be the only way out of getting some kind of value out the deal we gave CV. Once again i will admit that i don’t know much about Blatche but i thought it might be worth bringing up one of those lateral thinking moves that could make us slightly better. Thoughts??? (be gentle Laser)

      • Jan 17, 20121:49 pm
        by Laser


        “Open” to moving him doesn’t mean it’s their preference, and I doubt they’d do it unless it brought back something they want. Nobody wants Charlie.

        • Jan 17, 20128:13 pm
          by gmehl1977


          I know nobody wants Charlie but just thought if they didn’t want Blatche either and nobody else wanted Blatche then the 1 less year on CV’s deal might be the carrot that could get a deal done. Still if it has come to that point that nobody wants CV then unless you tie him to a 1st rounder then he is with us for the next 3 years no doubt :-(

  • Jan 16, 20128:05 pm
    by Willie


    Dude are YOU SERIOUS!! 

    Moving on, sorry CV there is no excuse when you have the best trainer in the league at arms length everyday.  I know you want to show everyone you just don’t shoot three’s but come on.  Find a team that needs you.

  • Jan 16, 20129:25 pm
    by Matt


    This will make me a lot of friends, but I’d say the Pistons are seriously missing the scoring CV can provide. Surely he’d be a helluva lot better than Daye right now. Who knows why he’s really being held out, but if it’s not for a trade (which seems like a total fantasy) or injury, then it seems to me he’s being seriously misused.

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