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Charlie Villanueva might need surgery for ankle injury

Charlie Villanueva, or at least an account purporting to be him, posted on Instagram that he needs surgery (hat tip: Andy Haver):

cv surgery

I have not yet verified the Instagram account belongs to Villanueva, but accounts purporting to belong to Austin Daye and Vernon Macklin also follow him. If this is a hoax, it’s an elaborate one.

Villanueva mysteriously injured his ankle at some mysterious point, and this surgery would be a crushing blow to his season.

UPDATE: Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg: “The current course of action regarding Charlie’s sore ankle is rest and rehab.”


  • Jan 30, 20129:39 am
    by jake



    • Jan 30, 201211:39 am
      by ACR


      If the injury is covered under the insurance that the Pistons have taken out for his contract, it would probably mean that he is less likely to be amnestied…

  • Jan 30, 201210:34 am
    by Tiko


    I think Charlie is just intimidated to play for coach that stresses defense

  • Jan 30, 201211:17 am
    by Andrew


    Sounds chronic – can we get an insurance writeoff? :-)

  • Jan 30, 201212:22 pm
    by Steve K


    Please no amnesty for CV.

    Amnesty BG and clear $9M more off the cap (compared to CV). It’s math at this point. Both players are useless, so the Pistons might as well maximize their amnesty.

    • Jan 30, 20123:03 pm
      by Tiko


      hahahaha “it’s math at this point”

  • Jan 30, 20124:17 pm
    by Max


    I really don’t like CV and rather see other players get minutes anyway.  Also, I’m not an accountant, don’t believe the Pistons could ever benefit from getting under the cap and don’t pay CV out of my own pocket so I don’t care that he’s a waste of money.  This team is going to built around Monroe, next year’s draft pick,  Knight and maybe Stuckey and Jerebko.   By the times those players are all on their prime, CV and BG’s contract will be over, so again, I don’t care.
    One thing though about the amnesty.  I don’t like BG very much either but he still has a chance to prove something and there is really no reason for anyone to have a definitive opinion about which one should be amnestied until the ‘Stones actually can amnesty one of them after the season.

    • Jan 30, 20124:53 pm
      by D_S_V


      Pretty much agree. I understand the “it’s math at this point” comment, but should we use the amnesty, that decision will be made after seeing a full season from each of our leading candidates.  At this point, though, I would say Charlie V’s campaign for the 2012 Amnesty Race has him leading the early polls. I too, however, don’t expect much return with whatever cap space this would garner. Quality free agents aren’t going to choose a team outside of the desired destinations unless it is a contender or they’re getting grossly overpaid. Detroit isn’t one of those destinations, I don’t see us as a contender in the next couple years, so the only option I see would be for Joe D to… wait! Don’t amnesty either!

  • Jan 30, 20125:28 pm
    by RyanK


    I’m hoping the Pistons find out he did something that voids his contract.  If they clear this clown off the books and amnesty Gordon we are on our way with Max’s deal expiring at the end of next year.

  • Jan 31, 20122:25 am
    by passdg


    Kevin Garnet was right. I am not a hater but this is just insane! 35 million dollars for just being lazy and injuries. This is really frustrating. I am for the Amnesty clause.

  • Jan 31, 201211:42 pm
    by Scott


    Hurry up and get better Charlie, SO WE CAN AMNESTY YOUR WEAK HEARTLESS PATHETIC ASS!!!

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