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Charlie Villanueva doesn’t know when or how he injured his ankle

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

What’s more, he doesn’t know where or how he injured his right ankle. It bothered him before training camp began but didn’t prevent him from practicing or playing in the first exhibition game.

He said he called strength-and-conditioning coach Arnie Kander one morning in pain.

"It’s crazy because it’s not like I sprained my ankle, I just woke up with my ankle hurting," Villanueva said. "It started from there."



  • Jan 13, 201212:13 pm
    by RyanK


    Possible contract voiding activity…how else would this mysterious ankle injury happen?  I would hire an army of detectives and find out what he’s been up to.  Offer a $100,000 reward to anyone who can give the team information.  If we can void Charlie’s contract, that leaves Gordon’s for amnesty and we are on the road to rebuilding!

    • Jan 13, 201212:39 pm
      by JT's Hoops Blog


      He has been a complete disappointment so far.  You would not think that this was the same Charlie Villanueva who helped U Conn to an NCAA title a few years back.  Back then he was a tough work horse.  I expected so much more from him.  It’s doubtful that Dumars will be able to trade him.  At least after this season it will be his last unlike that other bums that Dumars dropped big money on–namely Ben Gordon and Tayshaun Prince.

      • Jan 13, 20121:12 pm
        by neutes


        uh. think your thinking of Maxiell. because Stuckey, Gordon, Prince, and CV will all be here for two more seasons beyond this one.

      • Jan 13, 20122:20 pm
        by Jeremy


        I highly doubt this team would use the amnesty clause on him as well. 6’11 frame, can be a deadly shooter when healthy, 5 fouls, really isn’t making all that much compared to some players (ahem Agent Zero, Rashard Lewis) who didn’t do much after signing a fat deal, and would you, as owner of the team, really give someone $16.64 million over the next 2 years for free to just not be on your team because that is basically what the amnesty clause is (teams still have to pay that full salary). It is essentially saying, here is $16 million to leave us alone. I would be more willing to bet that Joe attempts to buy him out this off season than slap the amnesty clause on him.

        And honestly, Charlie really hasn’t played that poorly here or elsewhere for that matter. Tell me a team that wouldn’t want his 12 pts and 5 boards career average a night? I know I would much rather take that out of him than have Ben Wallace out there with absolutely no offensive skill set and a dimishing defensive game. Think about it…had CV played last night in place of Ben and scored his average, the Pistons would have had 105 pts to Milwaukee’s 100 pts and that equals a win (Ben didnt score and had 4 boards in 11 minutes of play).

        • Jan 13, 20122:58 pm
          by RyanK


          Not amnesty, void the contract.  Players are not allowed to engage in certain activities while under an NBA contract.  An injury like this and Charlie has no recollection of what happened.  Doesn’t sound right to me.  Now he’s being paid millions to sit on the bench…the Pistons were getting screwed by his production level when he was on the floor…now he’s not even playing.

        • Jan 13, 20123:46 pm
          by Shane


          No one would want him for his contract price. He is useless on defense and half the shots or more that he chucks up are low % shots

  • Jan 13, 20124:05 pm
    by neutes


    “Think about it…had CV played last night in place of Ben and scored his average, the Pistons would have had 105 pts to Milwaukee’s 100 pts and that equals a win (Ben didnt score and had 4 boards in 11 minutes of play).”

    That you Joe?


    • Jan 13, 20124:16 pm
      by neutes


      This comment is so messed up that I have to imagine it now. Damn you.

      Let’s say CV played last night. He averaged about 26 minutes per game to get those 12 points. Ben Wallace only played 11 minutes so I guess CV would have had to steal some 15 minute combination of Jerebko and Maxiell’s minutes. Now CV also needed 11 shots to score those 12 points. So who’s shots does he steal? What if he steals Monroe’s or Knight’s shots? Are we better off then?

      Monroe and Knight scored 52 combined points on 25 shots. That’s almost 2 points per shot. CV average just over a point per shot. So that’s about 12 points we’re down because CV had to steal shots from Monroe and Knight to get his. Oh and CV also let Lauer go bonkers for 25, forgot to mention that. Man CV played and we lost by 23 instead of 9 I wonder how that happened it doesn’t make sense because he scores 12 ppg and Ben Wallace scored 0. I mean, I just don’t get it.

      • Jan 13, 20127:00 pm
        by RyanK


        Did you post that yourself?  It looks like you did.

  • Jan 13, 20125:46 pm
    by ryan


    If I were Charlie Villanueva I’d be checking the locks at my place because I bet Lawrence Frank saw how bad his defense was then broke in and went to work with a hammer and blowtorch.

  • Jan 14, 20121:55 am
    by damian


    whoever the fuck believes 12 points and 5 rebounds, for an steep multi-year deal is a fair trade is french inhaling their meth as i type. five rebounds coming from a body standing nearly seven feet is poor. he better have a good shot making that kind of money. who the fuck cares about a “deadly” shooting touch, when the player can’t create their own offense and isn’t aware enough to create it for others? save that perimeter play for the guards. 3/4 of the league could hit an open jump shot for less money. we need space-eaters, he is a waste of space, and causing corrosion to the vechicle (what’s left of it).

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