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Brandon Knight ranked 15th-best rookie by David Thorpe

Brandon Knight stands 15th in David Thorpe’s rookie rankings. Here’s how Thorpe evaluated Knight:

Quite honestly, there are so many things Knight does stunningly well. But we’ll address those another time. One issue I see with him — and something I see from most young guards — is a failure to shift to a higher gear and take a better angle when using ball screens early in the offense. Knight is content with simply moving from one side of the court to the other, and the lack of focus to force the defense to work to defend the action makes it easy for the opposition.

Great guards are almost always on the attack, or at least aware and ready to attack when they see even the slightest mistake from a defender. Being in attack mode early in the offense can force those mistakes.


  • Jan 14, 20126:03 pm
    by John V


    Ah… More piston love.

  • Jan 14, 20126:06 pm
    by John V


    Maybe I am homer, but he is just a smidge behind Irving and a little bit more behind Rubio. Other than that, I would put him as the #3 rookie.

    At least it is good to see all the early hype around Norris Cole is starting to die down. He had one big game and every rookie ranking had him at #1. (I wonder if that had anything to do with the team he was playing on?)

    • Jan 14, 20127:14 pm
      by Chris


      I totally agree with you john i think that irving is #1 then rubio and then knight. I don’t think norris cole is going to be anything special but a role player of the bench for some energy. He got too much hype cause he plays for the heat. I bet if he played for the bobcats he woudn’t have gotten that much publicity

    • Jan 14, 20129:38 pm
      by tarsier


      As someone without insider, I have no idea who is ranked ahead of Knight. But if you are gonna put Knight ahead of players who have outperformed him thus far due to his potential (Shumpert etc), you gotta put him behind guys with greater potential who haven’t done much yet (Kanter etc).

      Anyway, Irving and Rubio have to be ahead of Knight due to having more potential AND having shown more. Knight belongs behind Markief Morris and Kawhi Leonard as well because they have comparable but probably a bit lower potential. But they have been considerably better thus far.

      • Jan 15, 201212:31 am
        by alex


        I would not say that Rubio or Irving have better upside than Knight, in fact I might say the opposite. Knight is the best athlete of the three, the lengthiest, and has the most defensive potential.

      • Jan 15, 201212:37 am
        by alex


        as chad ford said:
        In a recent ESPN chat session with NBA Draft analyst Chad Ford, the question was asked to match up Kentucky point guard Brandon Knight and Kyrie Irving. Specifically, the reader was curious whether or not Knight could become the better pro and Ford agreed that it was entirely possible for that to happen, based up on Knight’s higher potential and athleticism. Ford writes:
        He’s bigger. A better athlete. He progressed a lot during his freshman year. All of the mistakes he makes are fixable. Irving is further along in his development, but Knight has the physical tools to overtake him if it all comes together for him.
        Irving versus Knight is a classic case of proven versus potential. It’s not in any way to say that Knight is all potential with nothing proven thus far. It’s also not a slight that Irving won’t continue to get better. But it is obvious that one is rougher around the edges than the other, yet both are incredibly talented point guards.

  • Jan 14, 20128:50 pm
    by Keith P.


    That comment by David Thorpe was from last week when Knight was ranked in Thorpe’s top ten…

    Scraping the bottom of the news/analysis barrel here.

  • Jan 15, 20122:15 am
    by Max


    I’m gonna repost this so it doesn’t get missed but a couple of days ago on the most recent ESPN NBA TODAY PODCAST Henry Abbott, a respected stat guy known for saying outlandish things, actually made the comment while spending almost an entire podcast talking about how Kobe is not the best crunch time scorer that the Pistons were the #1 team so far this season in crunch time!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  What?
    I’m a pretty positive die-hard Pistons fan but I immediately was laughing and asked myself how the Pistons even qualified for putting up crunch time numbers as win or loss, every game has seemingly been a blowout.
    This guy works for ESPN and seems to get on all the shows I pay attention to but I remember last year how he was arguing with Ryen Russiilo for an hour that Kevin Martin was a better crunch time scorer than Kobe.  The numbers must lie sometimes or something.
    Very strange, you can check it out.

  • Jan 15, 20122:25 am
    by Max


    He makes the statement about 20:40 into the podcast.

  • Jan 15, 201210:42 am
    by Shane


    I feel like Pistons rookies get underrated because of the horrible roster/bad record. For example, last year greg monroe was underrated and this year Brandon Knight. Knight is putting up better stats than quite a few of the people ahead of him

  • Jan 15, 201211:57 am
    by vic


    the good thing about knight is that he is getting more fearless lately, he’ll continue to learn how to attack, and get better every game. He has been producing well without even playing well. That’s a good sign.

    • Jan 15, 20122:37 pm
      by Shane


      As long as he keeps driving and dishing he will get better. It is probably the way he will get the most assists as well as get his teammates involved the best

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