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Brandon Knight falls to seventh in Grantland’s NBA rookie rankings

Sebastian Pruiti of Grantland:

Brandon Knight dropped from fourth to seventh in these rankings because he is still developing as an NBA-level decision maker. As of Sunday, Knight was turning the ball over on 22.1 percent of his offensive possessions, according to Synergy Sports. Most of these turnovers have come at the worst possible time. Knight has the ball in transition on 17.1 percent of his offensive possessions, and he has been way too careless on those plays. Knight commits turnovers on 38.7 percent of his transition possessions. He also gives the ball away 13.5 percent of the time in pick-and-roll situations. If Knight can learn to take care of the ball, he should be able to work his way back up the rankings.


  • Jan 18, 201210:30 am
    by neutes


    I read that whole article and I don’t think Pruiti mentions the words assist, rebound, steal, or block in the whole thing. It’s an entire article about situational scoring efficiency and turnovers. Not that Knight would look any better under different criteria, but seems odd that he wouldn’t mention other aspects of their games when evaluating them.

    • Jan 18, 20121:49 pm
      by apa8ren9


      Thats all they care about is scoring because the casual fan believes that you are a star if you can score points.   It doesnt matter about the other parts of the game because that doesnt sell or get clicks on your internet column.  Scoring gets your name in the column gets you the hype but doesnt tell the whole story of how you impact the game.

  • Jan 18, 201210:42 am
    by Jeremy


    While I don’t want to see any turnovers occur, the one player on this team that I won’t give criticism towards for turning the ball over is Knight. The kid has mad upside to his game, but it needs to be remembered he is a 19 year old kid playing in a grown man’s league. If he is still turning the ball over like that 3 – 4 years down the road, then we have issues. I get more frustrated with the lack of passing out of Tayshaun when he gets the ball. It seems as though he thinks he is able to take his man off the dribble and create his own shot. The offense becomes stagnate and he is forcing a late shot up to beat the clock.

  • Jan 18, 201210:45 am


    Knights assist need to take a quantum LEEP if he wants the point guard we want him to be.  Especially with all his turnovers.  But again the offense kills the guards assist totals on this team.

  • Jan 18, 201211:16 am
    by frankie d


    horrible numbers. he should be benched so that he learns a lesson. sittng on the bench for a while might help him realize how important it is for him to take care of the ball.

    • Jan 18, 201211:22 am
      by neutes


      trade him NOW, while we still can!

      • Jan 18, 201211:56 am
        by brgulker


        Actually, this is probably a good idea. If we could package him with a bad contract for a mid first round pick for the upcoming deep draft, I’d consider it.

    • Jan 18, 201211:52 am
      by Daye and Knight


      Sit him down? Ya maybe if we knew we had an actual shot at winning but since its pretty obvious we don’t, let him learn as he plays the game. If we bench him he could lose confidence, just ask Austin Daye

    • Jan 18, 201212:19 pm
      by D_S_V


      frankied, correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t you been the one filling these forums with your disappointment in the handling (benching) of Daye? I do understand – and largely agree with – your advocacy of playing Daye through his slump. What I don’t see is how you can be so upset about benching one young player for poor contribution, yet you propose a player with more potential in Knight ride the pine.
      Personally, I’d rather throw out the young guns to take their lumps. Having played 20% of our season (high complexity calculation there, I know, I know) it should be clear that using the roster with the best chance of winning right now (i.e. the veterans of the team) doesn’t amount to much, so for the 79,845th time… play the young guys and figure out who you want to keep moving forward. I’m happy Knight has been getting big minutes, I think Daye should be playing more, and for gosh sake, unless Macklin has two left hands and two right feet that we were all unaware of… can’t hurt to try him out right?

      • Jan 18, 201212:46 pm
        by ottawa1616


        I think FrankieD was using sarcasm but I could be wrong.

        And I agree, let the rookie play. He along w/ Monroe have been the bright spots of this otherwise horrible start. Speaking of start, I hope Franks continues to let the rookie start. Best way to learn is to throw him out there against the vets.

        • Jan 18, 20121:10 pm
          by D_S_V


          Hahaha, of course! As a proponent of all sarcasm, I’m ashamed to have looked that over.

    • Jan 18, 20123:16 pm
      by danny


      These talks of benching him have to be a joke, right? Just like a rookie QB in the NFL, the problem isnt that he doest understand the value of a possession, its simply that he needs to catch up with the speed of the game. Only way to do that is by playing. I still think its quite impressive hes shooting at 45% considering this, plus the fact he has no 2 guard that can score. I cant argue that he should be higher or lower on these rankings, but I will say that I am very encouraged from what Ive seen and am very happy with the pick.

      • Jan 18, 20123:22 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        If Frankie D had his way, DaJuan Summers would be getting 43 minutes a game. He’s a huge big minutes to young guys proponent, so rest assured, he was being sarcastic.

        • Jan 18, 20124:16 pm
          by frankie d


          thank you patrick and ottawa….
          i got my laugh for the day, which has been pretty miserable out here in the snowy/stormy/now rainy great NW.
          i have to admit that i thought my sarcasm would be very evident, but apparently it was not.
          it was amusing, however, to see others essentially argue the point i’ve been making about young guys and playing. 
          i wouldn’t care if knight averaged 8 turnovers a game.  it is great to see him out there playing.
          i honestly don’t know if he has what it takes to be an nba point guard, but the only way to find out is by doing exactly what they are doing with him.
          it’s fun to watch him grow as a player and get a little better each game, even as he struggles through a few rough patches.

  • Jan 18, 20121:41 pm
    by Mr.Blockedshot


    Come on guys, do not pay attention to such articles. We´re trying to develop Knight into a point guard in the long term. Who cares wether he´s fourth or seven or whatever in the rankings. Give him 20 shots per game and then we´ll see…Just looking back last year, you remember those awful games from Monroe? He looked like a D-league player, and all of a sudden started improving his game.And look at him now and tell me what he has become (not keeping in mind last game of course, hehehe)
    We need Knight making shots and drives to the basket, taking better care of the ball and defending much better…and the formula for this is simple: minutes.

    • Jan 18, 20122:30 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      It’s informative to pay attention to rankings/articles like these, especially from smart analysts like Pruiti.

      Last year, for example, following rookie evaluations all year, it was really cool to see how Monroe progressed and what he got better at as the season went on. I look forward to doing the same with Knight.

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