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Ben Gordon playing injured

David Mayo of MLive.com:

Gordon continues to clutch at an ailing left shoulder throughout games.

Ben Gordon hasn’t missed any games due (update: to) the injury, and he’s played well lately.


  • Jan 20, 20122:26 pm
    by neutes


    Everyone doesn’t suck, they are just hurt! Yay excuses!

  • Jan 20, 20122:31 pm
    by sebastian


    I have never liked the idea of having a compressed 66-game schedule. It cheapens the NBA product, creates the opportunity for more injuries, and shortens the recovery time from injury.
    But, your right neutes, Joe has an out, as he will play the “injuries” card, like he did during Kuester’s first season in the lead chair.
    Damn you Joe and damn you, too, David Stern!

  • Jan 20, 20122:34 pm
    by Mr.Blockedshot


    My question at this point is…who´s not injured? Come on…

  • Jan 20, 20122:38 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Report: Dan Feldman has been dealing with a lingering injury, which is why he left the ‘to’ out of that last sentence.

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