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Ben Gordon not on All-Star ballot

Via the Detroit Free Press:

No BG on All-Star ballot. Rest of #Pistons starters make it.

No Pistons have a shot at getting voted into the All-Star Game, but it will look a little silly for Gordon to not be on the ballot while the other starters are if he continues to be the team’s leading scorer and go-to offensive player.


  • Jan 4, 20121:51 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    wow! I bet Stern had a part in this, lol…

  • Jan 4, 20122:02 pm
    by Laser


    AT LAST Stuckey gets his chance to prove to everyone he was BORN an ALL-STAR! Whee!!

  • Jan 4, 20124:11 pm
    by RyanK


    Maybe Gordon will get a chip on his shoulder from this?  As long as he doesn’t live up to his Mason given nickname Ben “shot it again” Gordon, it might be a positive for the team.

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