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Austin Daye summons personal trainer Joe Abunassar to Detroit

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Austin Daye’s personal trainer, Joe Abunassar, came to town at Daye’s request to help him work out, talk with him and boost his confidence, Daye said. Because Abunassar, a Farmington native who like Frank and Pistons personnel director George David was a student manager under Bobby Knight at Indiana, works with Daye in the summers, he has a barometer to gauge what might be causing Daye’s shooting woes so far.

“He was with me last night,” he said. “We were shooting way late. Having him around is good for me because I know I can always get up some shots, hear some words of wisdom. It’s always good to talk to him because I like to pick his brain a lot and he brings out the best in me.”

Good for Austin Daye, who’s apparently not idly waiting for his slump to end. Hard work – and better play – will get Daye back into the Pistons’ rotation.


  • Jan 25, 20125:55 pm
    by dvs


    It’s good to Daye is actively trying to break his slump. This whole season has been a good learning experience for Daye and while it sucks now if he can fight through this, he’ll be much better for it.
    I’ve said for a while that making Daye work for his minutes is the best thing Frank can do. this should toughen him up mentally and hopefully that’ll translate to the court.
    I think his season will start to turn around soon.

  • Jan 26, 201211:14 am
    by Lisa


    Words of wisdom. Let’s hope he can keep it up!

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