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A look at good shots that Austin Daye is passing up

By now most people have seen Ben Wallace‘s comments earlier this week that Austin Daye should stop trying to attack the basket and start looking for his jumper more. It’s not the typical advice, as aggression is typically encouraged in young players like Daye, but Wallace was spot on and Rob Mahoney of the New York Times’ Off the Dribble blog explains why:

The 6-11 Daye –- who made 40 percent of his 3-point attempts last year -– should be able to rise and fire against anything other than a hard closeout from a quick-footed big man or a long-armed wing player. Instead, he’s putting the ball on the floor, and often wasting a potentially efficient opportunity:

As odd as it is on the surface for Wallace to chide his teammate for trying to take the ball to the basket, his prescription is actually correct. You can almost see Daye overthink his way into turnover after turnover in those clips, despite the fact that a very reasonable 3-point look was previously in his sights.


  • Jan 21, 201210:39 am
    by domnick


    daye should be traded.. i see no good in him while wearing pistons….
    low basketball IQ… on his 3rd year already and yet he doesn’t know how to create his own offense without making mistakes… this is nonsense for his progress and as a team… we won’t be saved by him.

    • Jan 21, 201211:26 am
      by Jodi Jezz


      I agree…Trade Daye for Beasley…I think Beasley would be a better fit with the Pistons because he is able to legitimately play the 3 and 4 position…He is also better on both ends of the floor

      • Jan 21, 201212:42 pm
        by Patrick Hayes


        Why would Minnesota do that trade? You don’t think if they were shopping Beasley they could do better than a guy who is shooting 20 percent this season?

  • Jan 21, 201211:46 am
    by Jacob


    Wow this is a lowlight reel that Daye probably wishes would disappear.
    In other news, anybody else hearing that Joe D has reached out to 32 year old Lebanese player Fadi al-Khatib inviting him to come this summer? This is a real head-scratcher to me.

  • Jan 21, 20122:06 pm
    by Tiko


    that was hard to watch…

  • Jan 21, 20122:56 pm
    by D_S_V


    This looks like they moved him from freshmen to varsity. I didn’t think all of those possessions were catch and shoot scenarios, but definitely more than a few “Why not just rise and fire?” head scratchers. Basically, just don’t dribble Austin, ever.

  • Jan 21, 20123:34 pm
    by frankie d


    why is he not just rising and firing?
    obviously because he doesn’t have the confidence in his shot and he’s thinking that the closer he gets, the better the odds that he will hit his shot.  he may also be looking at getting to the line to get himself going.  but clearly this is, while his own failure, also a failure of coaching.
    this is from the NY Times article also.  it clearly points a finger directly at the coaching staff for failing to adequately use its players to their best advantage.  as i’ve said, guys don’t lose lots of games, while getting blown out, by accident:

    “He’s far from the only problem, but Daye certainly contributes to the fact that Detroit ranks 26th in 3-point shooting rate – the percentage of the team’s total field goal attempts used on 3-pointers – despite being the 11th best team in the league in 3-point shooting percentage. Ben Gordon, Brandon Knight, and Tayshaun Prince have all been very accurate from the perimeter this season, but the Pistons haven’t quite figured out how to best use their — and Daye’s, based on his nonslump shooting marks – focused long-range strengths to the team’s advantage.
    Considering just how miserable the Pistons are in almost every area of offensive performance, the inability to get more attempts for their best perimeter shooters represents the squandering of a potential strength.”

  • Jan 21, 20128:32 pm
    by Max


    I think he just needs to be a lot more disciplined about when he puts the ball on the floor and a lot less disciplined about when he shoots it.

  • Jan 21, 20129:51 pm
    by Dan


    Daye is not a professional, hes a baby. No accountability. Goes in and trash talks with Kevin Garnett when he can’t even hold his jock. Just cut the kid, let him dry out in Europe. Maybe he will learn how to play.

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