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Will Bynum and Ben Gordon tabbed as leadership frontrunners by Ben Wallace

In what is becoming annual tradition, several Pistons said they’d be better leaders this year. As we’ve seen, that doesn’t always prove to be the case.

This impresses me much more. Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

Ben Wallace points to two other Pistons, middle-agers by NBA standards, as co-leaders of the transition of power so far: Will Bynum and Ben Gordon.

“I think they’re the frontrunners right now,” Big Ben said Wednesday, “as far as stepping up and taking ownership and leading the team.”


  • Dec 16, 20114:04 pm
    by Laser


    Nice to see The Genius Will Bynum step up. For an organization that spewed so much happy horseshit about people having to earn their way, the hardest working player on the team was the easiest to shovel into the background in an overcrowded perimeter. Looks like Rotteny Sucky really opened the door for The Genius to step up.

    Sort of a shame to pay Rip to walk and then get held hostage by that petulant little shit who’s been an eternal disappointment, but what’s done is done. For the first time in a long time I’m actually comfortable with the team’s situation at the point. I would have liked to see Stuckey get a chance to flourish at the two, but there’s something very exciting about the prospect of him having finally worn out his welcome, and he’ll probably fetch a nice return on the market at under $4m this year. Hell, Daye’s future may very well be at the two, so maybe he’ll get an extended audition at both wing positions. Anything but handing Stuckey a bloated contract just because Joe was dumb enough to wildly overpay inferior options.

  • Dec 16, 20115:09 pm
    by Sebastian


    Funny, I thought the reason that Joe resigned Tay was for his leadership. Yet, Tay’s name is not mentioned in the article. The $27 – $30 million that was offered to Tay is a real waste.

    That money could have been better spent elsewhere.

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