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Videos of Tayshaun Prince, Brandon Knight, Jonas Jerebko, Austin Daye, Lawrence Frank, Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva from Media Day

Dave Pemberton of The Oakland Press has a slew of video from Pistons players’ media sessions today. Check them out:

Tayshaun Prince:

Charlie Villanueva:

Ben Gordon:

Jonas Jerebko:

Brandon Knight:

Lawrence Frank:

Austin Daye:


  • Dec 14, 201110:53 pm
    by Max


    FRANK!   I’ve been a die hard Pistons fan and NBA junkie in general for over thirty years but I’m a New Yorker.  That said, I’ve watched a lot of coach Frank, and in person too, and for the first time in years; the Pistons have a great coach!  He was a little green then so I suspect the ‘stones will be getting an ever better Frank.  One thing is undeniable though, even if Flip was pretty good, he was never inspiring and never made you feel proud that he was the coach.  Frank is going to change all that.  He’s got the work ethic of a Van Gundy combined with the affability of a Rivers and he has a unique way of introducing a little self deprecating humor to make players and people feel better about his commanding intensity.  Hallelujah!–the Pistons have a coach.  I think Charley Rose (the old curmudgeon) ranked Frank 6 in the league amongst all coaches during a summer article on Hoopshype and I think he was actually pretty close to nailing both the ranking and the reasons why.

    • Dec 15, 201112:47 am
      by Jason


      Well said, I completely agree… I think he is going to be a hell of a motivator and seems like he’s just the guy to get this rebuilding team on the right track… Finally something to be excited about!

  • Dec 15, 201112:51 am
    by Jason


    This is the first time i’ve seen Brandon Knight speak, and I must say… I’M IMPRESSED! He seems like such a sharp kid, with a good head on his shoulders. Whether he makes a big impact this season or not, i’m much more excited to see his future after watching him speak.. For such a young kid, I did NOT expect him to come across so polished. He seems to be extremely grateful for this opportunity and overall genuine with is comments. I sure hope this is a sign of good things to come for these Pistons! Anyone else agree?

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