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Tayshaun Prince’s contract might be for $30 million

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:

As first reported by @wojyahoonba, Tayshaun Prince is expected to sign a four-year with Detroit. Source says it’s approximately $30 million.

Given how often Pistons contracts grow after first being leaked, it’s probably $30 million.


  • Dec 11, 20112:56 pm
    by Scott


    I thought it was $27mil

  • Dec 11, 20115:18 pm
    by detroitpcb


    even worse. he will be getting $7.25 mil when he is 35 and washed up. Joe D’s loyalty is a weakness but that same loyalty also causes players like Rip to be open to accepting a low buyout.

    • Dec 12, 20119:35 am
      by neutes


      probably more like $8.5 million since it most likely escalates.

    • Dec 12, 20111:33 pm
      by freywagg


      Rip took a low buyout because he’s about to get $10 mil for 2 years from the bulls.
      If he would have taken one last year, he would have gotten the vet min from the bulls for the rest of the season. Which is why he took a “low” buyout this year but  not last year.
      Has nothing at all to do with Joe’s loyalty, but I agree with you that it’s a HUGE flaw of Joe’s.

  • Dec 11, 20116:52 pm
    by Joe D


    i also plan to bring darko back how stupid is this?

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