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Tayshaun Prince willing to re-sign with Detroit Pistons

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:

Tayshaun Prince leads the pack (which also includes Shane Battier and Grant Hill), and a source close to him said the veteran hasn’t ruled out a return to Detroit just yet. Despite the overwhelming levels of dysfunction and defeats under coach John Kuester last season when the Pistons were 30-52, the presence of new coach Lawrence Frank and a chance to deal with "unfinished business" in Detroit has Prince keeping that option open.

"He’s going to give [Pistons president] Joe [Dumars] an opportunity," the source said.

I think Tayshaun Prince will listen to the Pistons for one reason: they’ll offer him the most money.*

*With the possible exception of the Clippers in a sign-and-trade for Chris Kaman


  • Dec 4, 20115:51 pm
    by gmehl1977


    Patrick/Dan i was wondering if you guys were going to do a piece on who our options for small forward would be this year? By memory i think you guys usually do a position by position analysis but it would definitely be interesting to see who our realistic targets for SF are and left field choices as well. I am 50/50 on bringing Tay back. We might not be able to get anyone better and i am sure a lot of people are thinking it’s just time to move on. Personally i don’t know if it’s worth bringing him back just to get a couple of extra wins but i am sure if last seasons revolt didn’t happen then people would be saying he is a must to resign.

  • Dec 4, 20116:41 pm
    by Moe


    tay aint worth it. we stacked from sf all the way to pgs so trade em its a new era

    • Dec 4, 201110:40 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I agree that they shouldn’t re-sign Prince, but they aren’t stacked at the SF position. Prince, McGrady and Jerebko are all FAs and Singler is staying overseas, so the only SF on the roster technically is Daye.

  • Dec 4, 20118:01 pm
    by detroitpcb


    it is time to gowith the young guys. Tay needs to find a new home.

  • Dec 4, 201110:42 pm
    by Laser


    the last two comments are spectacularly ignorant. “move on. it’s a new era. why bother thinking things through and trying to make the most of our available options?”

  • Dec 5, 201112:06 am
    by Anthony


    I think it’s time let Tay go, keep Jerebko and see if Daye is ready to be the answer at small forward. That is our best option. Detroit is not going to sign an impact free agent anytime soon. Either we find out they’re some hidden studs on the roster, or things go bad and we draft our next star player.

  • Dec 5, 20111:40 am
    by DVS


    I hope Prince goes to a contender. He still has a lot to give, but we need to develop Daye, Jonas and singler.

  • Dec 5, 20113:24 am
    by ryan


    I’m with Laser on this one we need to explore all the options and choose the best one for our team. Having precious little faith in Austin Daye the idea of both Tayshaun Prince and Tracy McGrady leaving means we’re aiming for a lottery pick. I’m okay with that but I’d prefer we get something back for Prince if we can or keep him if we can dump our garbage (Ben Gordon).

  • Dec 5, 20118:56 am
    by vic


    its all about opportunity cost, id rather have Prince than Kaman… daye cant defend like a 3 yet, he is a 2. jereb ko  is the only suitable 3 other than Prince or Mc&rady. singler is in spain. you would have to keep Jerbko and either:tay, tmac, ak47 or luc mbuah

  • Dec 5, 20119:33 am
    by vic


    aiming for a lottery pick is fine, but that lottery pick needs to be a 5. we still need a solid 3 in our rebuilding process, which is Jerebko + a veteran

    • Dec 5, 20111:25 pm
      by tarsier


      No, what the Pistons need is to get a superstar at some point. He can play literally any position, because you build around a superstar. And no position on the pistons is locked up right now. Detroit’s best players are Monroe, Stuckey, and maybe Knight. Only Knight has the potential to lock up a position because I can’t see him being a great SG. But while he has nice upside, probably not superstar upside. I am hoping to be wrong though.

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