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Tayshaun Prince, unseen and overrated

Because this was too perfect not to share, Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys:

You know how there are some players you need to watch 50 times a year to understand how valuable they really are? Players that the national media sleeps on because they don’t see all the little things they do game in and game out? Prince is like the opposite of that. He’s built a reputation as a defensive stopper, but he’s been anything but in his last several playoff series — and that was a few years ago. Perhaps I’m taking him for granted, but I’m ready to move on.


  • Dec 2, 20119:48 am
    by Laser


    yes. perfect. incredibly versatile, high basketball IQ, plays solid defense, makes good decisions with the basketball, scores in a thousand different ways, emerged as a clutch go-to scorer last season. he’s garbage. great assessment.

    • Dec 2, 20119:53 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Doesn’t get to the free throw line, only effective last year when dominating the ball for entire possessions, steadily declining defense for three or more years, aging …

      Laser : Tayshaun Prince :: Jodi Jezz : Ben Gordon

      • Dec 2, 201110:09 am
        by Laser


        naw, playa. be right. remember who your friends are here.
        tough to judge any individual piston too harshly since dumars raped the team to death circa ’08. aside from maybe stuckey (who’s had the ball in his hands like he wanted since he got here, having a team shaped around him in the process, and proven nothing) and charlie (who had all the talent and opportunity anybody could ever ask for and squandered it). nearly everybody has underperformed, and nobody’s been asked to pick up more slack than tayshaun. he’s supposed to be a third or fourth offensive option, do a little of everything type of glue guy. i think he’s done an admirable job at the very least, given the state of the team and what’s been asked of him.

        • Dec 2, 201110:23 am
          by Patrick Hayes


          I’m the people’s champion, it’s all love here.

          I don’t judge him harshly. He’s a fine player for a good team looking for a fourth or fifth starter or sixth man who can play a variety of roles. He’s one of the smartest players in the league. But I’m not with all of this giving certain players passes stuff. Every Piston fan has a pet, it seems. Rodney Stuckey would totally be fine if the team played him at shooting guard. Ben Gordon would be awesome if Rip Hamilton were gone. Rip Hamilton would be awesome if Ben Gordon were gone and they made Rip player-coach so he could let himself shoot 25 times a game. Charlie Villanueva would be amazing if the team just gave in and let him never tread inside the 3-point line on offense or defense.

          I’m just tired of it all man. No more excuses for players, coaches or GMs. No more elaborate defenses of players who “just haven’t been used properly.” You know what “not used properly” now means as far as PP is concerned? It means they are not that good. Prince fits into that category. He’s an average player. He was miscast in a role as the team’s go-to scorer. He wasn’t the biggest malcontent on the team, but he was also far from someone who acted professionally all the time. He’s not a useless player, but he’s useless to the Pistons as they rebuild and it’s time for him to move on.

    • Dec 2, 201110:07 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      Oh, and I should add to the description — bristles when playing less than like 35 minutes a game and part of a locker room faction of veteran players that essentially shunned the young players for two years. You can’t put a price on those intangibles.

      • Dec 2, 201110:10 am
        by Laser


        no, you should not have added that.

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