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Tayshaun Prince signing gets thumbs up from John Hollinger

John Hollinger of ESPN:

I actually don’t have a big problem with this contract. Like Butler and Dunleavy, Prince is 31; unlike those two, he rarely gets injured, and while he’s no longer an A-list defender, his offensive performance has suffered basically no drop-off over the past six seasons. The way Prince plays wouldn’t seem to make him susceptible to sudden decline; he stands two steps off everybody he guards and just uses his length, and offensively he’s mostly a mid-range jump shooter. If he loses a step, you’ll hardly notice.

While the short-term ramifications aren’t terribly exciting — a bad, capped-out team signing a 31-year-old non-star — the Pistons can at least keep this asset for a future trade if nothing else. Players of this age are always a risk, but Prince is about as low-risk as a 31-year-old can get.


  • Dec 9, 201110:11 am
    by ds


    Does this kill our cap? I’m curious if we can still bid of someone we want gets amnestied…

  • Dec 9, 201110:14 am
    by ds


    Does this kill our cap room? I’m curious if we can still bid on amnestied players if we want them.

  • Dec 9, 201110:54 am
    by druhouse


    So we are destined to resign Stuckey as well?

    Any chance we trade Bynum to the Knicks for Turiaf to back up Monroe and have Stuck/Knight at the 1?

    Oh trade hypotheticals.

  • Dec 9, 201111:13 am
    by JR


    I am fine with this move. I feel much more secure with Tay at the 3 than Daye right now. Plus you figure Jonas will be at the 4 (with current roster) with his resigning. Stuckey, Rip, Tay, Jonas, and Monroe starting isn’t really all that bad for a 66 game season. As druhouse said, move Bynum and bring Knight in off the bench with Gordon, Daye, Charlie, Big Ben, and J-Max. Have patience for the major roster moves to occur after this season. If Rip performs the way he has over the past few seasons, he will have more value to a team on the brink because of the 1 year remaining on his deal (after this season that is). Next season J-Max is off the books as well. This team is far from competing for anything meaningful this year with Rip, Gordon, or Charlie traded/removed via amnesty anyways.

  • Dec 9, 201111:23 am
    by gordbrown


    One way or another, the Pistons only cap room would be its annual exception. The team still has that and can use that and stay out of the tax. Otherwise, you would have to let Prince go for nothing, let Stuckey go for nothing, amnesty Hamilton and you would be down three starter level players and still only have enough money to sign one free agent. I still think moving Hamilton would be addition by subtraction and hope that something happens (not holding my breath however) But the system does reward holding on to your current players and restricts signing other peoples players, so there’s some efficiency in that. Capology, got to love it.

  • Dec 9, 20111:50 pm
    by D_S_V


    I don’t know if I’m more depressed now or during the lockout. At least during the lockout I was able to hope that once things got rolling again we’d start re tooling for the future – you know, an actual re-building effort. But here we are now, a few days back and are handing out contracts that are too long to hang on to players who brought us to a 30 win season last year. I know it’s early on, but if we overpay even slightly to re-sign Stuckey… I’m going to have a hard time to find any excitement in watching this mediocre collection of mis-placed talent… Deeeeetroit Basketball. Used to have such a ring, didn’t it?

  • Dec 9, 20111:54 pm
    by Laser


    he’s right. tayshaun isn’t likely to suffer a steep decline or nothin’, and his game probably translates pretty well to turning 35. I would still love to see him traded this year or next, since we’re better off rolling over assets than letting them expire for the sake of saying a player (even if he’s my favorite) played his whole career here.
    also, i’m going to snap if you clowns keep flapping your gums about this amnesty like it’s going to do anything for us. the only thing the amnesty clause does is keep a player from counting against our cap. having cap space means nothing if you can’t do a damn thing with it. we can’t do a damn thing with it. nobody wants to sign here, and why would they? better to permanently bench a player and trade him when he has an expiring contract, because you can actually get value in return. some of you people are so clueless it makes me ache. not trying to be mean, but you have no idea what you’re talking about and you need to stop talking about this clause like it does anything for us. the second we have a chance to actually use that space, one of these guys is going to get his sorry ass amnestied, but until then it makes no sense to dump one of these guys just to say we did. we have almost no flexibility at all, and part of it is having that amnesty to use when it actually makes sense and accomplishes something.

    • Dec 9, 20116:01 pm
      by tarsier


      You’re kinda right now that Rip is being bought out. But until that development, I was all for getting rid of either Rip or Gordon (whether through amnesty or trade) because that should increase the value of all the other guards on the roster. Also, amnesties can only be used in the offseason, but cap space can be a valuable way to pick up a piece or two by facilitating a deadline trade. So that is another potential value in amnestying a guy even if you aren’t signing anyone else with that space. But finally, I bet most FAs would sign in Detroit if they were getting more money than elsewhere. Let’s face it, money matters more than good teams to most players.

  • Dec 9, 20112:10 pm
    by ds


    Laser – I’m not sure if you mean my first (duplicate) post about amnesty or not. But teams under the cap get first dibs on players who are amnestied, and so there is some benefit to being under the cap if a player we want gets cut. So if, for example, Jamieson gets the ax, can we offer him for $4 mil / year?

  • Dec 9, 20112:47 pm
    by frankie d


    hollinger is mostly correct.
    and if joe d showed enough acumen to use his players as trading assets, then prince could be a nice little piece to have and use in the future.
    around the trade deadline, when contending teams will be looking to add a stable vet who can add  something valuable to their squad, i’d bet that lots of teams would love to have tay on their squad.  he’s a versatile offensive player who would be a great fit because he could play any position from the 1 through the 4, depending on the matchups.   tay is exactly the type of vet that teams will overpay for, if they are chasing a title.
    unfortunately, joe d has not recently showed the ability to make that kind of trade.  since the 2004 trade for sheed, his scorecard on trades is a bit less than scintillating.

  • Dec 9, 20114:32 pm
    by Scott86Free


    Maybe we could bring back Billups as well for one last run. He is talking about retirement, he would be a good mentor for this team but you might have to get rid of some players.

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