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Richard Hamilton’s buyout might be about twice as much as previously reported

Larry Lage of the Associated Press:

#Pistons will clear $8 million in cap space with buyout, but it’s $4 million this season and $4 million next yr

This contradicts a report by The Detroit News’ Vincent Goodwill, who said Richard Hamilton was bought out for $8 million. If that deal seemed too good to be true, it probably was.

Lage’s tweet is still a little ambiguous, but $17 million appears most likely. I’m trying to attain an exact figure.

Update: Justin Rogers of MLive.com said the buyout was $11 million, confirming part of what Lage wrote. Unless I see differently, I’m going with an $11 million buyout.


  • Dec 12, 20115:36 pm
    by Ant


    Who cares how much they gave him because we dont need salerycap space because we’re not going to be able to bid on these guys like Billups, paul, Arenas… they dont want to play here! Our best bet is to continue doing nothing besides resigning old piesces of the puzzle that we already had for cheap because no one else wants the either! Dallas did want Prince last year and we messed that one up! Just develop our young guys and rebuild in the draft like the Lions did and lets start talking play-offs in 2013

  • Dec 12, 20117:05 pm
    by damian


    excellent. hoping to get a big body.  i wish we’d bring in a nice mentor point guard, and let stuckey and gordon play the second guard. i have confidence in that duo holding down that position.

  • Dec 12, 20117:22 pm
    by Adam


    In his article, he says the number is $11 million, which would make sense seeing that he basically said Hamilton was giving up $8 million.
    $11 million buyout is still a good deal. They would have been paying him $9 mil alone next year if they decided to cut him.

  • Dec 12, 20117:30 pm
    by omar


    $17 mil seems very high considering he’s expected to get $10 mil from CHI.
    So he ends up with MORE money out of the buyout, $27 mil over 2 years, instead of $23 mil?

    That doesnt seem right.

  • Dec 12, 20118:06 pm
    by Laser


    Zero percent chance his ass gets 17 of the 21 million he’s guaranteed. That makes less sense than anything I can think of off the top of my head. I just read it was 14 mil, which sounds about right… I guess.

    The whole thing galls me. Pay a still productive vet to go play for a division rival, because it’s the surest or only way to avoid a repeat of last season. Barf.

    • Dec 12, 20119:45 pm
      by tarsier


      Chicago is not a rival. They are so far ahead of Detroit. And who cares if they are in the same division? Sure, it means they play more games. But not enough to make a huge difference in either team’s fortunes.

  • Dec 13, 20113:45 am
    by Miknab


    Why do people think we should get Billups back.  Why don’t we just call Rasheed back from retirement and RIP can come back too.  2004 is long gone, awesome but gone.  I wish RIP a continued and good career but I am still a Pistons fan first, the same goes for Billups.

    • Dec 13, 201112:30 pm
      by Laser


      Easy answer is that nostalgia is all we have left right now. It’s certainly the only thing I can imagine is keeping Joe Dumars in anyone’s good graces anymore.

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