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Richard Hamilton bought out for $8 million

Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

Source confirms: #Pistons buyout of Richard Hamilton in the neighborhood of $8 million. Which is why no Amnesty Clause. $11M in savings

That’s a heck of a bargain. Richard Hamilton will count against the cap $4 million each of the next two years. That might even get the Pistons under the cap to the point they can bid on amnestied players, like Chauncey Billups.


  • Dec 10, 20113:58 pm
    by omar


    Thats an unbelievable discount. Great job by Joe.
    Can you guys figure out how this affects our cap now? Assuming Stuckey is re-signed for about $8-9 mil/yr.

    Would Stuckey’s contract basically just take up all that capspace created by the buyout? It seems we should still have $8 mil left. Because we could’ve signed Stuckey for $8 mil without the Rip buyout.

  • Dec 10, 20114:54 pm
    by Saul


    Rip counts against our cap by 4 million this season and next, so that’s not as much room available after all. Not sure on the math but would that maybe give the Pistons 4 mil extra or more?

  • Dec 10, 20115:06 pm
    by alex


    It gives the pistons 8 million more this year.  If we were to amnesty charlie v for instance, this gets us close to 15 million under the cap.  I believe stuckey has a cap hold of around 5 million.  We could try to sign gasol or west for 10 million if my assumptions are right.

  • Dec 10, 20115:18 pm
    by rahneej


    David West has already signed with the Celtics.

    • Dec 10, 20115:32 pm
      by alex


      Everything I’ve read says close, not final.  Probably will happen.

  • Dec 10, 20115:29 pm
    by alex


    Quick calculations for pistons salary in millions:



    c v


    stuckey cap hold









    Looks like we won’t have room under the cap.  We
    would have to use the amnesty on Gordon to have
    enough money to get a premier big.


  • Dec 10, 20115:43 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Rip signed with Chicago for two years for 10 milllion

    pencil in the Bulls as my favorite in the East despite Boston and Miami.

    • Dec 10, 20116:50 pm
      by gmehl1977


      You can’t root for the pistons and Chicago pcb. It  just can’t be done cause its like fcking your sister and knowing about it.

      • Dec 10, 20117:01 pm
        by detroitpcb


        not rooting for them. I’m picking them. very different. Miami, Boston, Knicks, Bulls – lots of good teams emerging in the East. Looks like the Lakers are going to get weaker. Dallas too. OKC will come out of the West this year. But the East will be interesting.

        • Dec 10, 20117:11 pm
          by gmehl1977


          Just playing pcb. I just read a blog on the Chicago Tribune and all the commenter’s are all taking Rip up like he is going to hit his 2004/2005 form which i think is unfair for Rip if they do sign him. I do agree that it will be good to see him succeed even if it is in our division. We won’t be doing anything this year or next anyways :-(

      • Dec 11, 20118:56 am
        by Murph


        “You can’t root for the pistons and Chicago pcb. It  just can’t be done.”

        There was a time when I would have agreed with that statement, but not anymore.  While I’m bidding my time watching the Pistons re-build, there’s nothing I’d like better than to see Rip win one more Championship in Chicago. 

  • Dec 10, 20116:07 pm
    by detroitpcb


    Better read what Chancey had to say about this process before you talk about bringing him back to mentor Knight or something. Chancey said he wanted no part of that role. He wants to choose where he  plays, he wnats to start, and he wants to win.

    it would be a very bad idea to bring him back.

    • Dec 10, 20116:48 pm
      by omar


      yeah, I almost take that statement as a message directly to Detroit media/fans, expecting him to come back here on a discount just mentor his eventual replacement, Knight.

      Besides, say we dont resign Stuckey, and had Billups-Gordon as our starting backcourt, rotating with Knight as the 6th man. Thats kind of what we did with Stuckey in ’08, in that 6th man role behind Chauncey. And it didnt seem to turn out too well for Stuckeys development. He was great that year, but then once Chauncey left, Stuckey was kind of lose with no direction and had too big of shoes to fill. I dont want to repeat that with Knight.

      Chauncey would be an awesome PG coach in a few years, after he retires. If he came back for that, I’d love it. Let him go try to win a ring now before he retires. Then try to bring him back to organization as a coach after he retires.

      I think Chauncey, Ben, and Sheed would be excellent ast/coach’s or trainers to have.

      • Dec 10, 20118:53 pm
        by ryan


        I read Chauncey’s statement as well and that’s exactly the Chauncey Billups I can’t stand. That’s the flip switching Paunchy Fillups at his worst overestimating his value comparing himself to players who’re on an entirely different level.

        I understand the frustration but get a grip Chaunce you’re not as good as Joe Dumars was and he was a step below Isiah Thomas and the all time giants.

    • Dec 10, 20118:54 pm
      by tarsier


      Now see that is a great example of unfairly trying to control where he ends up. Some team, like the Pistons, should claim him off waivers, and dangle him to a contender (like the Heat) for a pick.

  • Dec 10, 20116:58 pm
    by detroitpcb


    you know, it would be genius on Joe Dumars part to get Stuckey resigned and then go after that kid Jordon from the Clippers. He is restricted but i would be willing to make a real high offer for him so the Clippers really have to think twice about matching. If we waive Ben Gordon or even Max we would probably have enough room to make a substantial offer.

    Any cap geniuses out there? to me numbers are not real, they are just figments of logic.

    • Dec 10, 20117:14 pm
      by gmehl1977


      Yeah but you don’t want to overpay him like we did for CV or BG. He is not worth what the Clippers offered him already so to offer any more would be ridiculous.

  • Dec 10, 20117:11 pm
    by jack


    Okay Okay I am back on the Joe D bandwagon.  At least for now.  If the Rip buy out numbers are correct that is an enormous amount of savings.  And that also means we got rid of an enormous dick, I mean Richard.  Yes sir you read it hear first.

  • Dec 10, 20117:40 pm
    by BIG MARV


    I wouldnt want chauncey back and I wouldnt blame him for not coming back he needs to go to a contender either Miami, Lakers (if the paul deal dont go through) or even portland, chauncey still has alot of game left and he would just be wasting his time coming back, plus he dont want to mentor another guy thats gonna take his spot again. I really like the Idea of getting a vet like Gilbert Arenas or either Michael Redd fror the vets min. I think no winning team will pick those guys up unless they can prove that they can make a comeback on a mediocre team such as detroit and prob boost the pistons to a playoff spot or a fight for the 8th seed. By bringing them to detroit they will feel that they have something to prove and not be getting treated with the “silver spoon” effect. They both come at a cheap price and for a one year deal hell what do you have to lose what do yall think Gilbert or Redd?

    • Dec 10, 20117:48 pm
      by bball4224


      Except I’m pretty sure since Arenas was an amnesty victim that teams bid on him first.

  • Dec 10, 20118:42 pm
    by ryan


    People seem to be forgetting that Richard Hamilton had to agree to this buyout as well. This means he gave back a big chunk of cash probably much more than he needed to. I can’t believe I’ll be rooting for the Bulls in the playoffs this year.

    • Dec 10, 201110:58 pm
      by omar


      Who do you root for if Rip goes to CHI and Chauncey goes to MIA, and they meet again in the ECF?

      I hated the Celtics but rooted for them when Sheed went there. But its going to be tough to root for the Bulls.

       man, why do all our fav players have to keep going to our biggest rivals?

  • Dec 10, 201111:30 pm
    by Travis


    Rooting for CHI is blasphemy! You can always tell the Bad Boys era fans from the Going to Work era fans. Would any Red Wing fans root for the Blackhawks? Hell no!

    Do you want to know why?

    The NHL fan base is driven by supporting a team while the NBA fan base is driven by supporting superstars.

    • Dec 12, 201111:18 pm
      by Youssif


      During that era, a lot of us (and I’m guessing the guys who run PistonPowered fall under this as well) were in a stage of our lives where “Bad Boy” only meant that we refused to use the potty.

      I’ll be honest, Michael Jordan was a huge reason I got into basketball when I was younger. I can’t hold a grudge against them just because their star player proclaimed, before I could even wipe my own a$$, that the Pistons were bad for basketball. Add in the fact that that same player was a huge reason I (and I suspect a lot of us) got into sports in the first place, and it is difficult to be a Bulls-hater. There will be those 21 year olds who, just because they were born in 1990, act like they remember those days and borrow all their Isiah-era knowledge from second or third-hand sources. But let’s be real, a lot of us can’t genuinely hold that same grudge.

      Had the Pistons and Bulls been relevant during multiple overlapping time frames, I suspect it would be much different (see: Lakers and Celtics). But to still begrudge the Bulls because of what happened over the course of one to two years is a bit contrived, in my opinion.

      It’s nothing like hating the Pacers ;) 

      Long story short, I’m rooting for Rip to win another one. As I am with Chauncey. The latter represents the Pistons better than half our roster…

  • Dec 11, 201112:53 am
    by jack


    I am rooting for the Pistons to get the top pick in the 2012 lottery, and striking gold.  What happens elsewhere is inconsequential.  Because the alternative is making the playoffs as the 8th seed and getting bounced and having the 15th pick to show for it.  Right So there.

    • Dec 11, 20112:20 am
      by Max


      If the Pistons win the 8th seed then that means Monroe and Knight probably played great and if that happens, I don’t care nearly as much about next year’s draft.

  • Dec 12, 20111:50 am
    by MrHappyMushroom


    OMG! This is so great! We should have a ton of cap space now, unless we do something unfathomably stupid, like re-signing Tayshaun Prince to a long term eight million dollar a year contract!

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