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Pistons watching Chris Kaman situation

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Spurs, Pistons keeping close check on Chris Kaman, but Clippers won’t move him until resolution on restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan.

This is why I wish the Pistons had traded Tayshaun Prince for the Mavericks’ first-round pick at the trade deadline.

Even if the Clippers want Prince, even if Prince want to play for the Clippers, and even if the Pistons want Chris Kaman in a sign-and-trade, that’s still not enough. If DeAndre Jordan doesn’t sign quickly, Prince could very well take another offer.


  • Dec 6, 20118:45 am
    by Tiko


    why isn’t Dumars offering DeAndre anything? not saying we can easily pry him away but at least an offer would give me some faith that he’s trying his best to find the right pair with Monroe.  

    is pride from the 08 draft getting in the way? Walter Sharpe was soo promising tho… SMH

  • Dec 6, 20112:50 pm
    by omar


    I think even if Prince does sign elsewhere first, the Pistons still have pieces to trade for Kaman anyways, after they re-sign Jordan. I’m guessing the Jordan signing will go rather quickly too. He’s apparantly best friends with Griffin, and they have a good young team there, so it seems that he would want to stay. If Jordan and the Clippers both want to sign, I dont see why it would drag out.

    When they say signing Jordan is the first priority, thats probably so they know exactly how much money they will have left to sign Tayshaun. And see if they even need to include Kaman in the deal, or can just sign Tay outright.

  • Dec 6, 20113:13 pm
    by omar



    Wojo just tweeted:

    “Clippers offer 5 years, $40M to keep RFA DeAndre Jordan, sources tell Y! Still, he’s destined to sign offer sheet and force them to match.”

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