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Pistons stats pick ‘em contest

Choose the higher in the comments before tonight’s game, and we’ll update standings throughout the year.

Remember, just 66 games on the slate:

1. Charlie Villanueva ppg OR total times Pistons suffer defeat by 15 or more?

Both will be in double digits, and both should be close. Might want to eye the schedule for this one.

2. Ben Gordon total 3-pointers made OR Austin Daye total free throw attempts?

Gordon made 173 in 08/09 in 82 games (over 36 mpg). In 09/10 he made just 75 in 62 games (nearly 28 mpg).

3. Rodney Stuckey 3pt% OR Will Bynum 3pt%?

We can only hope these stay N/A for as long as possible.

4. Jason Maxiell rpg OR Rodney Stuckey ast/gm?

Does Maxiell even get enough minutes for this to be close? Likely depends on Big Ben’s durability/effectiveness.

5. Jonas Jerebko total 3-pointers made OR Tayshaun Prince total blocked shots?

Prince blocked 41 shots while sleepwalking through last season. He blocked 71 in 04/05 with, shall we say, a slightly different cast of characters.

6. Home wins OR team’s leading scorer?

It’s going to be close, and thus depressing.

7. Ben Gordon 20+ point games OR Brandon Knight 6+ assist games?

Gordon had just nine 20+ point games last season. That number WILL rise.

8. Austin Daye mpg OR team’s regular season win total?

With Prince re-signing, there’s definitely a clamp on Daye’s minutes. However, Daye is capable of playing 3 different positions. Although, if he’s inconsistent with his shot and ball control there’s not much of a chance his mpg exceeds the mid-20’s.

9. Tayshaun Prince ppg OR Greg Monroe total 18 & 10 games?

Prince will average between 13 and 15 ppg. I might be babying Greg with the 18 instead of 20. Shoot, maybe the 10 as well?

10. Brandon Knight ppg OR Rodney Stuckey fga/gm?

Should bode well for the team if this race is within 1.0-2.0. But it probably won’t be. Rodney in 09/10 had 15.2 fga/gm, last season just 11.8. Expect it back near 15 this season.

11. Ben Gordon mpg OR Jonas Jerebko total double-doubles?

Jonas had 7 double-doubles during his rookie campaign, but nearly sniffed out about 15-20 more. If Gordon is finishing games this matchup will be tight.

12. Charlie Villanueva total blocked shots OR Vernon Macklin total DNP’s?

There’s a joke to be had in this one somewhere.

13. Austin Daye 3pt% OR total team losses?

Daye shot 40.1% from downtown last season.

14. Ben Gordon TO/gm OR Greg Monroe ast/gm?

Gordon will likely be more involved, so his TO’s will increase (1.7 last season).  Same thing applies for Monroe in the assists department (1.3 last season).

15. Damien Wilkins total 3pt attempts OR Ben Wallace total made free throws?

Ben played in 54 games last year at nearly 23 mpg and made 19 out of 57 free throws. We can probably expect very similar numbers this season.


  • Dec 26, 20115:18 pm
    by Ryan


    1. Pistons defeats by 15 points or more
    2. Austin Daye free throw attempts 
    3. Stuckey 3pt%
    4. Stuckey APG
    5. Prince blocked shots
    6. team’s leading scorer
    7. Knight 6+ APG 
    8. Daye’s MPG
    9. Prince PPG
    10. Stuckey FGA/Game
    11. Gordon MPG
    12. Macklin’s DNP’s
    13. Daye 3pt. %
    14. Gordon TO/game
    15. Wilkins 3PT attempts

  • Dec 26, 20115:26 pm
    by Steven D.C.


    1. Double-digit losses
    2.  Austin Daye FTAs
    3.  Rodney Stuckey
    4.  Rodney Stuckey Assists
    5.  Tayshaun’s blocks
    6. Leading scorer
    7. Ben Gordon 20 pt games
    8. Austin Daye MPG
    9. Greg Monroe 18/10
    10.  Stuckey FGA/game
    11. Ben Gordon MPG
    12. Charlie V blocks
    13. Daye 3pt%
    14.  Monroe Assist/game
    15. Ben Wallace made fts

  • Dec 26, 20115:39 pm
    by PistonsFanInOtown


    1. CV ppg
    2. BG 3 pts
    3. Stuckey
    4. Stuckey
    5. Prince blocks
    6. Home wins
    7. BG 2 pt games
    8. Daye mpg
    9. Prince ppg
    10. Knight ppg
    11. BG mpg
    12. Macklin dnps
    13. Daye 3pt%
    14. Monroe assists
    15. Wilkins attempts

  • Dec 26, 20115:41 pm
    by tarsier


    1) I’m guessing the Pistons lose about 40 games so about 15 by double digits. I’m expecting about 12 ppg from CV. So double digit losses.

    2) This had better be Austin Daye FT attempts. If not, I’ll be highly unimpressed by Daye/impressed by Gordon.

    3) Stuckey 3pt%. He is in a contract year and has more incentive to try to get this number up.

    4) I see no reason why Maxiell’s role would change considerably from last year. He might bounce back from 3 to 4 rpg. But Suckey’s apg should be higher than that.

    5) JJ will be playing most of his minutes at the 4. If they want a guy to shoot 3s, they can turn to CV. So I expect he gets another 40 or so. That seems on the low end for Prince’s blocks. So I’ll go with Prince.

    6) Team’s leading scorer has got to be over 15 ppg. I would expect about 15 home wins. I’ll go with leading scorer.

    7) Gordon will get more minutes without Rip. That means more inefficient points. I expect Knight to have a couple 11+ assist games, but mostly to be in the 2-5 range, especially since he won’t be a starter off the bat. I’m gonna go with Gordon.

    8) I expect about 25 wins. I expect Daye gets about 25 mpg. This is tough. I’ll take Daye’s minutes though.

    9) In the last 22 games of last season, Monroe had 4. That would put him on pace for 12. Minor improvement would bump him to 16. I can’t see Prince averaging 16 ppg. I’ll take Monroe.

    10) I expect Stuckey to get 1.0-1.5 points per FGA. So do I think Stuckey is more likely to be outscored by Knight or to outscore him by 50%? Give me Stuckey anyday for this one.

    11) Gordon will get at least 25 mpg (and that would be low). 25 would be about the maximum number of double doubles I could possibly imagine JJ getting in 66 games. BG in a landslide.

    12) If the past is any indication, CV will get about 2/3 bpg. Will Macklin play for more or less than a third of games? I think the odds of him beating out Maxiell for garbage time minutes are high enough to take CV on this one.

    13) Daye is expected to have an expanded role. Smart money says he is likely to make just under 40% on threes. I’ll take the losses.

    14) Gotta take Gordon here. I have yet to see any indication that the Pistons plan to really run their offense through Monroe’s allegedly strong passing abilities.

    15) Wilkins could get more 3pt attempts in a week than Ben makes free throws all year. I gotta take him.

  • Dec 26, 20115:44 pm
    by alex


    1. CHarlie V ppg
    2. austin daye
    3. stuckey 3 %
    4. stuckey ast
    5. jj
    6. home wins
    7. brandon knight
    8. austin daye
    9. prince ppg
    10. stuckey fga
    11. ben gordon mpg
    12. charlie v blockes
    13. Daye 3 pt %
    14. Gordon TO
    15. Wilkins 3 attempts

  • Dec 26, 20115:45 pm
    by tarsier


    You should make all of these into polls. You’d get more responses with conveniently tallyable results.

  • Dec 26, 20115:59 pm
    by PortuguesePiston


    1. Pistons defeat by 15
    2. Daye’s Free Throw
    3. Stuckey
    4. Stuckey
    5. Prince
    6. Team’s Leading Scorer
    7. Ben Gordon 20+
    8. Austin Daye mpg
    9. Monroe
    10. Stuckey
    11. Ben Gordon
    12. Vernon Macklin
    13. Austin Daye
    14. Greg Monroe Assists
    15. Damien Wilkins

  • Dec 26, 20116:04 pm
    by Micah Wels


    Not all but WHY PISTONS POWERED are you choosing negative comparisons like how many times are we going lose by +15?!?  Is site for or against the Pistons??  I have been a pistons fan for a long time and you guys just lowered your class a pistons fans representing Espn.  SMH…

    • Dec 26, 20119:24 pm
      by tarsier


      Well it’s just asking you to guess which number will be higher. It’s possible that you think the number of double digit losses will be really low.

      Anyway, more to the point, fans like me enjoy pistonpowered because it is more realistic than sites like pistons.com where you can go for all things with a pro-pistons bias.

    • Dec 27, 20118:15 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      When there is positive news about the team we cover it. Unfortunately, the negative has out-weighed the positive news of late. The roster isn’t good. There are certainly young players who are intriguing, but there’s zero point in putting a positive spin on everything just for the sake of being positive. If Dan and I didn’t root for the Pistons, we wouldn’t spend as much time as we do writing for this site. But we’re also not going to overlook current shortcomings just because we have a lot of positive memories as fans of the team.

  • Dec 26, 20116:08 pm
    by bg8


    1. cv ppg
    2. bg 3′s
    3. stuck
    4. stuck
    5. jonas
    6. wins
    7. bg
    8. wins
    9. monroe
    10. stuck
    11. bg
    12. cv
    13. losts
    14. monroe
    15. wallace

  • Dec 26, 20116:15 pm
    by Travis


    1. Pistons loss
    2. Austin Daye
    3. Rodney Stuckey
    4. Rodney Stuckey
    5. Prince
    6. Leading Scorer
    7. B.Knight
    8. Austin Daye
    9. Monroe
    10. Stuckey
    11. Gordon
    12. Blocked Shots
    13. Team Loss
    14. Monroe
    15. 3 Pt

  • Dec 26, 20116:57 pm
    by Kevin


    1. CV
    2. Daye
    3. Stuckey
    4. Stuckey
    5. Tayshaun
    6. Team’s Leading Scorer
    7. Gordon
    8. Daye
    9. Tayshaun
    10. Knight
    11. Gordon
    12. Macklin
    13. Team Losses
    14. Gordon
    15. Ben Wallace

  • Dec 26, 20117:04 pm
    by Dan Feldman


    1. Charlie Villanueva ppg
    2. Ben Gordon total 3-pointers made
    3.  Will Bynum 3pt%
    4. Rodney Stuckey ast/gm
    5. Jonas Jerebko total 3-pointers made
    6. team’s leading scorer
    7. Ben Gordon 20+ point games
    8. team’s regular season win total?
    9. Tayshaun Prince ppg
    10. Rodney Stuckey fga/gm
    11. Ben Gordon mpg
    12.  Vernon Macklin total DNP’s
    13. total team losses
    14. Greg Monroe ast/gm
    15. Damien Wilkins total 3pt attempts

  • Dec 27, 20111:43 am
    by Pacman


    1. Charlie Villanueva’s ppg: I think Frank will prevent the Pistons’ from getting blownout too often and Villanueva averaging around 12-13ppg (hoping).
    2. Austin Daye free throw attempts. Even though Daye doesn’t seem to get to the free throw line that often, you would think with more minutes he would be guaranteed at least 2-3 free throws a game.
    3. Stuckey 3pt%. I think Stuckey is a bit more selective with his three point shots even though Bynum is possibly a better three point shooter.
    4. Stuckey APG. Whilst we need rebounders, I really hope Stuckey is averaging around 7-8 apg.
    5. Jerebko 3pts made. Should be pretty close, but I don’t think Prince will be quite as active defensively especially with all the back to backs.
    6. Home wins. Surely we can win close to 20 home games.
    7. Knight 6+ APG. Probably easier for Knight to get 6 assists a game.
    8. Regular season win total. Even though Daye will play more, I think we can get 26-28 wins.
    9. Greg Monroe 18&10 games. I don’t think it will be good for the Pistons’ future if Prince is our leading scorer, so Monroe getting above 15 of these games is not out of the question.
    10. Stuckey FGA/Game. Knight’s not scoring 15ppg in his rookie season, I don’t think.
    11. Gordon mpg. Gordon should get around 30-35 mins a game.
    12. Macklin’s DNP’s. Can’t really see Macklin seeing the court much.
    13. Daye 3pt. %. I expect Daye to stay around 40%.
    14. Gordon TO/game. I think it’s hard to expect Monroe to drastically increase his assist totals, but this should be close.
    15. Wallace free throws made. Wilkins will barely play, and Wallace will have a few games where he gets fouled late.

  • Dec 27, 20118:13 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    1. Pistons suffer defeat by 15 or more

    2. Austin Daye free throw attempts

    3. Will Bynum 3pt%

    4. Rodney Stuckey APG

    5. Jonas Jerebko 3-pointers made

    6. Team’s leading scorer ppg

    7. Brandon Knight 6+ assist games

    8. Austin Daye mpg

    9. Tayshaun Prince ppg

    10. Rodney Stuckey fga/game

    11. Ben Gordon mpg

    12. Charlie Villanueva total blocked shots

    13. Total team losses

    14. Ben Gordon TO/gm

    15. Damien Wilkins 3-point attempts

  • Dec 27, 201110:46 pm
    by Ryan P.


    1-  Suffer defeat by 15+

    2- BG total 3 balls made

    3- Stuckey 3pt%

    4-  Stuckey apg

    5-  Jonas total 3 balls

    6- Home wins

    7- Gordon 20+ pt games

    8- Daye mpg

    9-  Monroe 18 and 10 games

    10-  Stuckey fga/gm

    11-  BG mpg—  too easy here…

    12- CV blocked shots

    13- Daye

    14- BG TO’s

    15-  Ben’s made free throws—DW wont play much

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