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Pistons look for redemption in rematch with Pacers


  • Teams: Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons
  • Date: Dec. 31,  2011
  • Time: 6 p.m.
  • Television: Fox Sports Detroit Plus, NBA League Pass


  • Pistons: 0-3
  • Pacers: 3-0

Probable starters



  • Darren Collison
  • Paul George
  • Danny Granger
  • David West
  • Roy Hibbert

Las Vegas projection

Spread: Pistons +4

Over/under: 186

Score: Pacers win, 95-91

Three things to watch

1. Greg Monroe

Monroe had his best offensive showing of the season against Boston. If the Pistons are going to avenge their season-opening blowout loss to Indiana, Monroe will have to have his best defensive performance against Indiana’s big, deep and talented frontcourt.

2. The undefeated Pacers

Indiana comes into this game 3-0 with a good chance at a 4-0 start. Much has been made of Detroit’s tough schedule to start the season (see below). I know Indiana has improved from last season, but four games to start the season against Detroit (twice), Toronto and Cleveland doesn’t exactly tell us much about the Pacers yet.

3. 0-10 watch

After an 0-3 start, the Pistons next seven games are:

  • vs. Pacers
  • vs. Magic
  • vs. Bulls
  • at 76ers
  • vs. Knicks
  • at Bulls
  • vs. Maviercks

Tonight starts a three-game homestand for the Pistons. Although all three opponents — Indiana, Orlando and Chicago — are tough, this stretch probably represents their best chance to avoid a catastrophically bad start. Indiana has played a weak schedule and Orlando and Chicago will be on the second night of a back-to-backs.


  • Dec 31, 20117:16 pm
    by Micah Wels


    Finally Coach has got the guard rotation down. I like what I see Stuckey coming out at like 6 min Knight coming in.  Than Stuckey comes in @ 2q for Gorden.  Then Gorden comes in for Knight with 6 min left.  All they are finally trusting each other and that was a big problem especially with the guards.  Great half now finish the game!

    • Dec 31, 20117:18 pm
      by Shane


      Agreed its a smart rotation.. everyone gets playing time and they are working together when handling the ball. JJ is a freakin beast though dang

    • Dec 31, 20117:20 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      They are also both taking really good care of the ball — 8 assists to just one turnover and Stuckey shooting above 50 percent for the half after his 1-for-11 at Boston is a nice bounce back for him.

  • Dec 31, 20117:32 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    Jonas Jerebko would like to have a word with everyone who said he couldn’t play power forward.

  • Dec 31, 20117:41 pm
    by Micah Wels


    Great signs for JJ breakout game of his career!!!!  And he is not old folks!!  Chay

  • Dec 31, 20118:38 pm
    by Bernardo


    Yeah! Finally we win, it’s awesome to see Jerebko and Monroe that good! And the guards rotation was great! I hope this can hype the players and we start to win!

  • Dec 31, 201111:01 pm
    by TANNER


    who is the piston looking at to help them down low?

    • Jan 1, 20126:21 am
      by Sebastian


      Tanner, I think a trade that the Pistons should consider is: Maxey, Daye, and the rights to Kyle Singler to Houston for Thabeet and Terrance Williams. Thabeet and Williams are not even really being used by the Rockets. Thabeet would help in the middle and Williams can help at several postions (1,2, and 3; mostly 2 and 3) and he provides toughness.

      The Rockets would like this because Maxey plays a ruggid style that McHale likes and Daye will bring height to their backcourt, but I really believe that the Rockets would like Singler, as he continues to develop his game in Spain. Also, the Rockets still owe the Pistons for the Budinger gift.

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