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Pat Riley likes Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum, wondered whether Pistons could keep both

Michael Wallace of ESPN’s Heat Index:

I remember Pat Riley wondering aloud in an arena hallway not so long ago as to whether the Pistons would be able to keep both Stuckey and Will Bynum longterm. Riley is a fan of both. Some even say that Stuckey’s game makes him a poor man’s Dwyane Wade. I’m talking poverty-level poor. But he’s big, strong, athletic and knows what it takes to play with vets. He’s also out of the Heat’s price range.

Wallace, Tom Haberstroh and Brian Windhorst were discussing the Heat’s potential free-agent options, and all three agreed Rodney Stuckey’s cost would be too steep for Miami. Windhorst added a good point, though:

Stuckey recently signed with Leon Rose of CAA, the agency that brought Bosh and James to Miami.

I doubt that’s enough to get Stuckey to the Heat, but Riley’s fondness for Will Bynum could matter. After drafting Brandon Knight, the Pistons might want to shed a point guard, and Dumars has often helped his veteran players move to places where they’ll be happy. Minutes make Bynum happy, and he’d likely get plenty in Miami.

I don’t see a logical trade with the Heat for Bynum, though. Once Miami has filled its roster and Knight has developed, maybe a deal could emerge at the trade deadline.


  • Dec 1, 201111:29 am
    by Laser


    I gotta say, I’m interested in what the Pistons can and will do to be able in order to be able to look themselves in the mirror again. Time for Joe D to step up and prove somebody right. Probably me.
    Looks plainly obvious that we’re losing Tayshaun for nothing whatsoever, which essentially leaves the cupboard bare from our glory days. If Joe had succeeded in unloading Rip (along with a hefty tax) last season like he tried to, that would leave literally nothing to show for a roster that just a few years ago was the absolute best value in the league. As it is, maybe we can get something modest for Rip in the near future, but as far as rolling over assets goes, this has got to be the most pathetic display of squandering an elite team in history.
    Something’s got to give. This roster stunk before our best player walked. Now it’s positively horrifying. Very possibly the worst in the league, I’m thinking.

    • Dec 1, 201111:39 am
      by Patrick Hayes


      I absolutely cannot understand the fixation with Prince. So … they are going to most likely lose a player who has never been close to All-Star caliber, who is aging, who was only effective last year because he dominated the ball on every possession and that makes them infinitely worse somehow? I honestly don’t understand how bringing the guy back does anything good for the team. He’s old, his value is going to erode quickly and they have young players with upside who, with minutes, could maybe build their own value up. A case can be made that Prince should’ve been traded for a pick last year before the deadline if that trade was indeed on the table, but at this point? There’s absolutely no reason to bring him back.

      • Dec 2, 201110:22 am
        by Laser


        the thrust of my disdain is in failing miserably to roll over assets and continue the winning tradition dumars established early in the decade. we’ve dumped half a dozen very good players on reasonable contracts for absolutely nothing since 2008. we have nothing to show from the glory days but bittersweet memories and a banner to remind us how far we’ve fallen.

  • Dec 1, 201112:11 pm
    by Stephen


    I feel pretty ashamed for posting this and in all likelihood it’s total BS,but…
    On a Portland Traiblazers board(Blazers Edge),a commenter who is fairly new there mentioned in a discussion about Portland trades,FAs,etc. that he had talked to Stuckey recently and Stuckey told him he wanted out of Detroit,it was still a mess,that Stuckey had asked for a trade last season before the trade deadline and has told the Pistons he’s not re-signing w/them.
    I realize it’s completely unfounded and I’ll look like a massive a** once Stuckey re-signs,but if there’s a grain of truth to it,it could explain the no-amnesty claim for this yr,the continued interest in McGrady.

    If you think this is waaay over the line,I totally understand if you delete this.

    • Dec 1, 20112:14 pm
      by rob


      There could be some truth to it seeing that Stuckey is from that area. And with the drafting of Knight maybe Stuckey doesnt see his fit on this team anymore. We all assume he’s not a PG, and he’d rather play SG, but maybe he still thinks he is a PG. And now wants to go somewhere else to prove it.

      We also all assume that its up to the Pistons whether they want him back or not. But we never really consider maybe he doesnt even want to play here anymore. Its been nothing but bad for him since he’s been here. Media/fans always trashing him, myself included, and roster/coach’s have been a mess. If I were him I might choose a fresh start elsewhere.

      Add in the agent change to Leon Rose, who is probably working hard to get Rip out of here. And maybe that was Stuckey’s whole MO for signing with him – someone that is going to help get him out of here.

      • Dec 1, 20118:16 pm
        by Dan Feldman


        It is up to the Pistons. Stuckey is a restricted free agent, meaning the Pistons can match any offer he receives.

        • Dec 1, 201110:46 pm
          by Stephen


          If,if,what happens if Stuckey tells the Pistons he’ll take the Qualifying offer and next yr he’s gone? Obviously a trade,so why not try for a sign-n-trade this yr?
          Yes a mountain of speculation off a molehill of maybe info.

    • Dec 1, 201110:08 pm
      by Joe Dumars


      I came across a post recently from a member of a Pistons forum that was dated Jan 2010 that said Stuckey gave Dumars a ultimatium, trade me or fire Kuester. Obviously that didn’t happen but It was pretty interesting considering what happened a year later.

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