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Meet John Loyer

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com:

While holdover Brian Hill will be charged with focusing on the defensive end, Frank is giving Loyer the task of being his sounding board on the offensive end.

“I want him thinking like a head coach,” Frank said. “See the game offensively first, be in my ear as far as play selection – the after-timeout ideas, different little wrinkles, but stay in my ear offensively.”

As with all assistants on Frank’s staff, Loyer will have scouting responsibilities for upcoming opponents and will work in player development. Toward that end, his specialty will be wing players – some shooting guards, small forwards and “stretch fours,” or power forwards with shooting range to the 3-point arc.

Loyer was lauded for his results in both Portland and Philadelphia for his tireless work with those teams’ young players.

“John is a star,” Frank said, matter of factly. “He’s really good. Total anti-politician. Doesn’t play the game. He’s just into getting guys better, helping the team.”

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  • Dec 7, 20113:22 pm
    by omar


    Do you think the Pistons will put a bid in on Richard Jefferson?

    They are looking for a veteran SF and will likely miss out on Butler and McGrady. Jefferson on a discounted contract could be a nice consolation instead. He’s also got the Frank connection from NJ.

    I think he’s still a quality SF, just not worth the $10 mil/yr the Spurs gave him, and didn’t fit there. If the Pistons can win a claim on him for about $3-5 mil/yr, I think he could be a solid  veteran starter and worth his contract.

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