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Lawrence Frank’s goals went largely unmet by Pistons last year


51 seconds into this interview with Charlie Villanueva, a few banners in the Pistons practice facility are shown. Specifically, I want to assess how the Pistons did last season with Lawrence Frank’s “HOW WE PLAY” targets.


Hard? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

Smart? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no.

Together? Not at all.


The Pistons allowed opponents to shoot 67.6 percent at the rim, the fourth-worst mark in the league.


Detroit allowed opponents to shoot a league-high 52.3 percent on 2-pointers.


The Pistons ranked 10th in offensive rebounding and 23rd in defensive rebounding, but it wasn’t exactly a team effort. Greg Monroe grabbed 16.5 percent of the Pistons’ rebounds. Only David Lee of the Warriors led his team’s top five in minutes played with a lower percentage and had a bigger drop to the second-best rebounder in that group.


Detroit took 32.1 percent of its shots at the rim, seventh in the NBA.


The Pistons assist-to-turnover ratio ranked 17th last year.


HoopData measures this:

XeFG%: Expected Effective Field Goal Percentage: Measures expected effectiveness of shot distribution for a team, assuming they shoot league average percentages from every area of the floor

The Pistons ranked 16th.


  • Dec 5, 20113:13 pm
    by Jodi Jezz


    Frank might actually be a good fit for the Pistons…Hopefully Dumars can put a nice roster together before the season starts…

  • Dec 5, 20113:18 pm
    by omar


    I gotta say I love the values and requirements Frank has posted.

    I couldn’t care less what Charlie has to say though, lol. He fails at every one of those requirements listed.

  • Dec 5, 20113:33 pm
    by mingusAmungus


    What’s this mean?
    “Only David Lee of the Warriors led his team’s top five in minutes played with a lower percentage had a bigger drop to the second-best rebounder in that group.”

  • Dec 5, 20114:11 pm
    by omar


    The Glove Compartment says GS is trying to dump Biedrins’ salary in a trade. The tweets to the side are saying we should offer CV. That makes no sense as he would only save them $1 mil.

    The deal we should offer is for Bynum!

    He would give them $6 mil in cap savings, and we get a quality starting Center for nothing but our backup PG.

    If all they want is to clear space, then it shouldnt matter to them from a basketball standpoint that we get the better player.

  • Dec 5, 20114:31 pm
    by Levi Thieman


    i think omar is on to something

  • Dec 5, 20114:36 pm
    by Laser


    Look, with all due respect to all the stat cats and people who want to point the finger at individual pistons as to why this team was so bad last season, please take a moment and go to hoopshype to see what this roster looks like “on paper.” it’s horrifying. no amount of hard work, focus or game planning could carry this team as it’s currently constructed to the playoffs.
    the smartest thing a piston fan can do is just accept that the team is going to be absolutely embarrassing, win a record-low number of games, try to enjoy the small stuff like the time long from now when it’ll actually matter that we have two or three promising players, and hope joe dumars is ashamed enough about what he did to this team that he actually does something to fix it instead of lounging around in all the excuses everybody’s been making for him since 2008. amen.

    • Dec 5, 20115:54 pm
      by omar


      who peed in your cereal this morning? lol

      • Dec 5, 20116:40 pm
        by Laser


        get used to me if you plan on sticking around. this is what i do. i’m vocal and passionate and, at least this time, i’m not wrong.
        if you want to wave the flag and pretend everything’s peachy in piston land, that’s fine too. freedom of speech and all that rot. i’m just trying to keep things in perspective.

        • Dec 5, 20117:28 pm
          by omar


          ok, i’ll get used to ignoring your posts, lol

          Theres a big difference betweewn a realist and a pessimest, you seem to be the latter, and I have no desire to read that stuff. Thanks for the warning though.

          • Dec 5, 201111:53 pm
            by Laser

            at the very least, just watch the season play out and see how realistic i’m being. then start paying attention to me next offseason.

  • Dec 5, 20116:15 pm
    by jake


    i really like frank as the coach. he seems like a no-nonsense kinda guy. i don’t foresee any player-coach feuds this season. that’s great for the young players on our team seeing as how we should be going with the youth movement from now on.

  • Dec 5, 201110:03 pm
    by Jerry


    After all the greed of the players and owners who cares about professional sports anyhow. I like my sports as much as anybody but whats happening is the players make so much money that the owners just raise the ticket prices and that is paid for by the fans. OCCUPY WALL STREET,  HOW ABOUT OCCUPY PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

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