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Lawrence Frank’s consistent message means Brandon Knight shouldn’t start yet

Keith Langlois of Pistons.com on Lawrence Frank:

He’s also said that when he decides someone has earned a shot at playing time – either a starting job or a move into the rotation – that he doesn’t react to one- or two-game samples. Five games, more or less, is his litmus test.

To those criticizing Frank for sticking with older and higher-paid starters when he said he’d base his decisions on merit, I think he’s been fairly consistent. Just because Brandon Knight played better than Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon for one game doesn’t mean Knight is better than them.

Patrick made the case that Knight should start, and in many ways, I agree. Knight gives the Pistons their best chance at a star player, and minutes would help him. Against Cleveland, he looked great. And of course, nearly every fan would rather watch the budding Knight than Gordon and Stuckey.

But Frank has promised his starters a few games to prove themselves, and I think it’s wise he follow that plan. If Knight keeps playing as well as he did in Cleveland, he’ll get his shot.

According to Frank, it would come next week.


  • Dec 30, 20114:15 pm
    by Laser


    Well, the conversation gets a little dicey when we’re talking about “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” according to one man’s philosophy. I’d argue that Knight SHOULD be the starter because he should have been given the job outright because pairing Gordon and Stuckey in the starting lineup accomplishes nothing. We’ve seen more than enough of them to know they’re not a good combination, nobody wants to watch them play, and neither one is fit to run an offense.
    But Frank’s message doesn’t MEAN Knight “shouldn’t” be starting; it means that (if the message isn’t just lip service) Knight will get a chance to start if he continues to be our best guard for four more games. How much you want to bet that doesn’t happen?

    • Dec 30, 20119:03 pm
      by tarsier


      I would argue that Frank should have based his starting lineup on what he saw in practice, training camp, preseason, etc. If in those samples, Stuckey and Gordon were the best backcourt, they should be the starters until Knight proves otherwise. And as more reasonable Detroit fans have pointed out, playing time is way more important than starting.

  • Dec 30, 20114:52 pm
    by dvs


    Does it really matter if he starts so early in the season??
    As long as knight is getting minutes i’m happy. if he continues to play the way he played against cleveland he will be starting soon enough.
    Personally i think rookies should be eased into the game not just thrown straight in, especially when you have guys like stuckey and bg who are capable starters.
    I’m definitely liking our Stuckey/knight/BG line up. regardless of who starts they fit together well.

  • Dec 30, 20116:28 pm
    by Joe Dumars


    If he has 2 or 3 more like he had Wednesday, then yes he should start over Gordon.
    Knight isn’t ready to start just yet. So far hes had 3 good games against the Cavs, and didn’t really play that great against the Pacers. Knight needs to build up a better resume than 3 good games against the Cavs and a bad one against the Pacers before hes ready to start.

  • Dec 30, 20116:33 pm
    by Adam


    Why start Knight over Gordon instead of Stuckey? Gordon is averaging 19.5 points per game so far (even though its only two games). And I think the Pistons hope is to eventually make Knight a true point guard.
    If you start Knight and Gordon, then Stuckey can come off the bench and fill in for both spots. Stcukey doesn’t have anywhere close to a good enough jump shot to be a full-time shooting guard. Not saying that Ben Gordon is any sort of long term solution, but he is here, getting paid, and relatively productive so far this year–keep him in a position that is working.

  • Dec 30, 20119:40 pm
    by domnick


    another concern is lack of Bench production….. and right now…. Stuckey is 1-11 against BOS…. so i guess we need to put Stuckey off the bench

  • Dec 30, 20119:56 pm
    by domnick


    and another thing is… Jerebko… i think he should play SF instead of PF… and Tayshaun should be off the bench

  • Dec 30, 201110:20 pm
    by Micah Wels


    I see now Stuckey and Gordon won’t work because both need the ball in their hands to be effective.  And now the offense is all about Gordon so bring Stuckey off the bench.  It will make Knight grow faster and balance our rotation more.  I do think Knight and Stuckey would play almost as good or better together but it needs to happen.  Joe D these moves are killing our team its not the bad boys any more.  We can’t have the microwave, Joe D and Isaiah like rotation here.

    • Dec 31, 201110:18 am
      by tarsier


      Dude, Gordon is a catch and shoot player. He can iso, but doesn’t need the ball normally.

  • Dec 31, 20114:26 pm
    by Art Pedroza


    Kobe didn’t start his first year and neither should Knight – unless he earns it.

    • Dec 31, 20116:11 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      Well, Kobe was joining a playoff team and the Lakers had Eddie Jones, a borderline All-Star caliber player, at his position. The Pistons can’t claim those things with Knight. But I do agree … I would like him to start, but I would like it even more if he gets the starting job by proving that he’s clearly better than Stuckey over the next few games.

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