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Kyrylo Fesenko signs with Warriors

Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:

Fifth-year center Kyrylo Fesenko has agreed to a one-year, $1.07 million deal with Golden State

Fesenko was my dream choice for a late signing. If the Pistons still want to sign a big man, their options are limited:

  • Yi Jianlian
  • Alexis Ajinca
  • Hamed Haddadi
  • Erick Dampier
  • Keith Benson
  • Francisco Elson
  • Joel Przyzbilla
  • Melvin Ely


  • Dec 28, 201112:43 pm
    by Patrick Hayes


    No thanks on Yi, Dampier, Elson or Ely. I wouldn’t mind the Pistons taking a look at any of the others though.

    • Dec 28, 20115:51 pm
      by druhouse


      I prefer the Vanilla Gorilla.

  • Dec 28, 201112:46 pm
    by BIG MARV


    This is crazy as Hell I cant belive this… GS got away with a steal. Im starting to lose trust in Joe why do this guy still work like he got a $32 budget? this aint white castle man get out there and get you some players! This team will not be going no where again this year becuse Joe dont know how to make the proper moves. So go ahead and bring in another perimiter bigman shooter like Yi Jianlian and wonder why in the hell he doesnt play in the post ie Charlie V
    Your best move now is like I said and i know it will happen now, Bring in Eric Dampier and Keith Benson and Send Benson to the D leauge for a the rest of the year and have Damp Play Center for the rest of the season on a one year deal. Then hopefully by next year they will have a young future big thats alredy groomed in Benson. Thats all I can see if they dont do that then I give up.

  • Dec 28, 201112:56 pm
    by inigo montoya


    Fesenko to the Warriors, with Biedrins and Kwame, will the Warriors be willing to part with Udoh?
    Udoh needs to rebound better but he did lead the Warriors in +/-.  I think Udoh would be worth a chance.

    Some other ideas:

    Przyzbilla appears to be leaning towards the Bucks.  The Pistons should investigate the availability of Larry Sanders, a mobile shot blocking center.  Sanders could develop into a Theo Ratliff clone, again worth a chance.

    Also, it appears Whiteside will not get much playing time with the Kings this year, Pistons should look into his availability.

    Finally from the 2010 draft, the Pistons should look at Kevin Seraphin.  He is a defense first banger that could thrive with the Pistons.

    • Dec 28, 20111:08 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      I would guess Udoh, Sanders and Seraphin are close to untouchable unless the Pistons want to give up someone like Knight or Monroe, which they wouldn’t. Their respective teams are all very high on those guys. GS is stocking up on bigs because they’d like to get out of Biedrins’ contract I believe.

  • Dec 28, 20111:11 pm
    by rick77


    Are you serious the Warriorsget Kwame and Fesenko and we get crap. Wow just when you thought things could get better(sike) you find out news like this. That lineup of bigs is very uninspiring. Heck I would bring McDyess  back if he wanted to play before any of these scrubs. It is a reason you see the same names year in and year out on the big man list. The only one I would consider would be Pryzbilla. Probably would go well with Monroe on a one year deal,but alas Hammond(Bucks) and company will outbid everyone including themeselves to get him. I would stand pat as much as it pains me to say that and take my chances at the deadline. If we look decent and have a chance at a playoff spot who knows what might happen. Someone needs to light a fire under Charlie V and that is all I have to say on that. He is too big and if he continues to play like a guard in a big mans body he will eventually end up on this list.

    • Dec 28, 20111:19 pm
      by Patrick Hayes


      It certainly is uninspiring, but I think Benson, Ajinca and Haddadi are young enough and cheap enough that they’d be worth a gamble. I’m not all that confident that any would pan out, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them a look. I’d rather watch any of those three play 15 minutes or so a game than Jason Maxiell.

  • Dec 28, 20111:22 pm
    by JT's Hoops Blog


    I thought Ely was with the Bobcats.  I guess they cut him a bit after I wrote my preview on the Bobcats.

  • Dec 28, 20111:38 pm
    by acr


    I see this more as “The Heat, Clippers, and Pistons all passed on Fesenko, and the perpetually inept Warriors are paying him too much money for even 1 year.”  Here is the rest of Hollinger’s analysis of Fesenko that conveniently gets left out of the discussion:

    “Despite his size, Fesenko doesn’t block a ton of shots or dominate the boards [...] Now for the bad news. Fesenko has been fairly disastrous offensively. He tends to bring balls back into shot-blockers when finishing at the rim, he’s a 39.8 percent career foul shooter, he’s clumsy, and he has no shooting range or ball skills.”

    Wow!  A clumsy tall guy who can’t shoot, dribble, block shots or rebound! We missed out on that one…

    • Dec 28, 20112:24 pm
      by frankie d


      fesenko is not a great shotblocker but he was a decent one.
      his utah role didn’t allow him to “dominate” the boards.  he played the role that ricky mahorn played with detroit.  mahorn was the immovable force that took up space and kept offensive rebounders away from the boards simply by being so big and strong.  and while he was there, keeping guys away from the boards with his size and strength, laimbeer and rodman and salley would go after the rebounds.  they’d get the numbers, but his role was just as essential.
      fesenko did the same thing when he was on the floor.  he took up space, while boozer and millsap and and okur  kirolenko went after the boards and got the numbers.
      his biggest negative offensively is that he would occasionally try to get cute and do too much.  he’d try a dipsy-do move near the basket, when he should have been simply powering the ball to the rim.  that is when his “clumsiness” would be an issue.  he actually had a decent face-up jumper out to the free throw line, though his size and strength and ability to get the ball off the boards meant that he spent most of his time right near the basket.  
      fortunately, he played for jerry sloan for most of his career, which meant that he played the way jerry wanted him to play or he didn’t get on the court.  that meant playing defense, playing very physical basketball and limiting the cute offensive moves that would get him in trouble.  anyone who watched utah play knows that utah played no-nonsense basketball under sloan.   as a west coast piston fan who suffers from insomnia, i watched plenty of jazz games late into the night.
      fesenko would have been a nice addition to the pistons.  his size and strength would keep teams from dominating the boards, when he was on the court.  
      with him playing 25 minutes, ben playing 12-15 minutes and monroe swinging into the 5 spot the rest of the time, the pistons could have gone a long way towards filling the defensive hole in the middle that has become so obvious.
      joe’s refusal to even try to fill that hole is something i’d like to see a local sportswriter discuss with him.
      i would truly like to know what his logic is…

  • Dec 28, 20111:45 pm
    by frankie d


    if anyone had any idea that joe d was somehow competent, losing out on fesenko should do away with that delusion.
    1.07 million?
    and joe is sitting on a 5 million dollar MLE?
    are you telling me that he couldn’t – or wouldn’t – outbid GS, under these circumstances?
    my guess is that he has decided – for whatever reason – that monroe is his center and that all he has to do is be patient and bring in more “4′s”, who are similar to JJ – agile, mobile, can switch to the “3″ – and the team will be ok.  i don’t think he has an interest in a player that is strictly a center, as is the case with fesenko.   just as he’s decided that the team doesn’t really need a more “traditional” point guard, i think he has decided that the team really doesn’t need a more “traditional” big guy, and that monroe will eventually do just fine as his center.
    i agree with john thompson, the old coach who is the father of monroe’s old college coach.  he stated plainly that monroe was more of a “4″ than a “5″ and that he would hopefully get a chance to play his more natural position.  it looks like joe d disagrees with that view.
    this is the same dynamic that happened with stuckey.   he decided that stuckey was his point guard, and that was that.  no matter that there was a period where point guards were swapping teams like swingers at an orgy, joe had no interest in getting in on the action.  he had his guy – stuckey – and he was going to stick with him and be ultimately rewarded for his patience.
    he didn’t need a point guard with stuckey here; he doesn’t need a center with monroe here.
    now, getting back to the real world, it is clear that the team needssomeone to compliment monroe, someone with more  size in the middle.  a big man who can rebound, score, block shots,  occupy space and be a presence in the middle.   hopefully you could get all of those qualities in one player.  however, considering that probability is not likely, getting a guy like fesenko, who is big, who occupies space, plays good  post defense and is a decent rebounder, would have helped to fill the hole.  if the last 3 times the team has been on the court has not convinced any observer of the need for a guy who can provide those limited qualities, then i’d imagine that person is probably sight-impaired.
    of all the guys out there, none provide all of those skills.  and fesenko was the best of that bunch.
    pryzbilla is not an option.  he had knee surgury, then re-injured the knee during his rehab and when he came back, he was playing on one leg.  he has lost the excellent quickness and mobility that made him such a nice big man.  he still has lots of heart, but his body just won’t let him play the way he used to play.  too bad.  he may come back to portland, or he may stay in milwaukee.  i live in portland and one of the local reporters had been in contact with him and based on that contact reported that he would probably limit his choices in that manner.
    yi is an oversized small forward.
    dampier is just too old, and would basically provide what ben provides, though in a larger package and with less coverage defensively.
    elson is another guy who has lost a lot after a knee injury.
    not familar with haddadi or ely, so i cannot speak to their skills.
    ajinca is an intriguing possiblity.   he is a slightly smaller clone of thabeet.  kind of stiff like him, tall and skinny, with an amazing wingspan.  i saw him in the summer league one year when i watched a bunch of games that he played in and  he looked good.   he was someone who might be worth bringing in.
    he’s  a zero offensively, but he has a knack for blocking shots and he played with good energy. 
    benson should be a no-brainer.  according to reports out of atlanta, he’d shown a knack for blocking shots.  he definitely has intriguing offensive skills for a guy that big.   it looks like he might work nicely with monroe, though the team would still need more bulk.   but beggars can’t be choosy.  
    atlanta decided to go with vets, rather than young guys, in an attempt to go for a title, apparently.  so they let him go.  and you can’t ignore the fact that rick sund, one of the dumbest nba execs around, is making decisions there.  sund, if you all have forgotten was one of the main reasons the teal, grant hill pistons, went downhill fast, after a promising start.
    why joe won’t go after benson is one of those mysteries that makes you go,  hmmm.
    not much of what he does, especially his moves on big guys, makes  much sense anymore.
    it is still tough to believe that fesenko is now on a team with two other centers, for 1.07 mill, while the pistons sit here with a hole in the middle, 5 million of MLE money burning a hole in their pocket and two available roster spots.
    like i said, if this doesn’t convince you that joe d has officially lost it, nothing will.

    • Dec 28, 20112:25 pm
      by rick77


      Not really hating your assessment but I haveto agre with the above posters about everyone else probably not wanting him after doing their homework. You know he could have went to Miami,but he did not and that should be a big indicator of what he really is as a player. Plus Kwame got 7million and he barely recieved a 1million. That alone says to me he has to earn his way back into a regular rotation before spending something like a mid level on the guy. I am mad about some of Joe’s moves but this would have probably been bad in hindsight. He will get it back together . We Piston fans are spoiled period point blank, and have to be happy that we are turning a new leaf.We had it good for quite some time before the last couple years. Give it some time and we will all see the improvements.

      • Dec 28, 20113:02 pm
        by frankie d


        who knows why he didn’t go to miami.
        anything any poster says is sheer speculation.
        i know what i know about individual players from watching basketball players play on the court. that is how i make my assessment of players.  if i haven’t seen them or haven’t seen them enough, i won’t speculate on what kind of player they are.
        i’ve seen fesenko play plenty of times.  he is a good role player who played for one of the toughest coaches in the league – jerry sloan – a guy who demanded that his big guys play tough or else they wouldn’t play.
        that is exactly the quality the pistons need now.
        and the idea that you can determine a player’s value from the relative size of their contracts is …sorry, but kind of dumb.
        anyone who follows the nba should know that.
        charlie v at over 7 million? another power forward, brandon bass, makes 4 million and i know which player i’d rather have.
        kwame at 7 million?  i’d rather have jason collins at a little over 1 million.
        guys get contracts of various sizes for all sorts of reasons, most of them having nothing to do with their quality as an nba player.  timing, their agent, a gm having a crush on them, wanting to stay in a particular market…plenty of possible reasons.
        (what detroit fans got spoiled about was the team’s salary structure during the best years, where every player was actually paid according to their value and contribution.  they had an amazingly solid salary structure that actually reflected the relative value of each player.  those days are long gone now.)
        and i would never have given fesenko the full MLE.  but i certainly would have given him more than the 1.07 million he got from GS.  even doubling it to 2 million would have been a good deal, considering what he would have brought to the team.

  • Dec 28, 20111:47 pm
    by Richard


    I say try benson… He was in the camp and getting him for cheap isn’t bad too!!

  • Dec 28, 20112:40 pm
    by Pete


    Man what is Joe D doing? This team is so weirdly put together its frustrating. Just about EVERY sports blog or website that talks about NBA basketball says the same thing about the Pistons(NO DIRECTION..) One TRUE big and hes NOT athletic. JJ, Daye, CV(yes hes more small forward than PF), Maxiell(he’s done..Joe D face it), Big Ben(I feel bad for him because he should be playing as many minutes as hes probably gonna play) and Macklin(I think he should be in the rotation soon). I’ll always remain a Pistons fan and WAS a Joe D supporter but it just doesnt seem like he has a plan. NO true shooting guards, a bunch hybrid forwards and no true go to scorer. Out of those available Big I would atleast try Earl Barron or maybe Keith Benson. I think where the Pistons are gonna be picking in next years draft the good big men are gonna be gone and we dont need another wing or point guard. I dont wanna start the FIRE DUMARS chants but after the Pistons start losing a bunch of games and the team stands pat its gonna happen..

  • Dec 28, 20112:57 pm
    by vic


    I’d hate to dis Joe, but I’d have to say I am growing frustrated too… For us to miss out on all the Centers including Fesenko, then let Benson hang out there – when that’s our biggest problem. Just doesn’t make sense.

    The only thing I can say is maybe he’s trying to “tank without tanking” and let this season fail for a high draft pick. Its probably easier to tank as a gm than have the players tank on the court.

    It does the Pistons no good to finish #10 in the East, miss the playoffs, and end up with a #7-10 draft pick. Maybe he sees the handwriting on the wall and realizes the only way for Detroit to get talent is through the draft. Maybe he sees Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond in the near future, and has no intentions of spending money to miss the playoffs. Maybe he just wants to see development in what he has, and hope for a high draft pick.

    • Dec 28, 20117:54 pm
      by gmehl1977


      You beat me to it Vic. This is exactly what i think Joe’s intentions are and i am both sad and happy about it. I just want our guys to compete every game and if that amounts to Drummond or Davis then so be it.

  • Dec 28, 20115:24 pm
    by jake


    i’d like dumars to look into trading for hassan whiteside. he could be a deandre jordan type of player, but he’s not getting much of a chance in sacramento.

  • Dec 28, 20116:58 pm
    by Pete


    I was thinking about Whiteside too or maybe Jason Thompson. I think Dumars might be waiting around for Kaman though.

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